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Started by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
Hi Trixie. We are sailing up to Lisbon after 12 days in the med.I have been in bed for 9 days with suspect heart. The want to take me off ship when we reach Lisbon but I am going to object. I want to get home.

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
, Not trixie, but just saw your post.. Sorry to hear that bentlegs.. Hope everything works out for you..

Posted by: mollie m (6223)  Report abuse
Hello Bentlegs, owd pal. I am so sorry to hear you're having heart problems. If you need medical help then please let them take you off the ship to get the help you need in Lisbon. Don't have the stress of waiting for transport - a flight, ambulance, hospital. You don't need that. I know you want to get home, but please wait until you're strong enough to travel again. Take care lad.

Posted by: momac (8768)  Report abuse
Hello bentlegs, here's wishing you all the very best..just listen to the experts

Posted by: dougie (3594)  Report abuse
Tumtingle--keep us informed of your progress and do the best to sort things out the way you see them as we can't comment on the way you feel just now,

Posted by: bert (619) Report abuse
HI Bentlegs just mind what your doing and listen to what the doctors say.just be safe and get home .will say a prayer for you,good luck my friend.

Posted by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
Thanks for all your kind comments, Got home on Sunday & was i glad, The medical team on the ship were fantastic but they let me go home, was in A&E one hour after getting home, It turns out that i have a slightly Dickie heart but not life threatening i also have conjestion of the lungs but that is the main problem so i am laid up in this lovely weather,

Posted by: tonker (19283)   Report abuse
Drink plenty water and don't stop shouting for "Roy Darbyshire" as that's good exercise for your lungs!

Posted by: trixie (4900)   Report abuse
So sorry to hear your problem,pretty worrying.
We got back today. We left a woman in Gibralter she fell and had a bad knee and hurt her head.
Then a few hours later we had to call back inCadiz to drop 2 very poorly ladies off but I never heard what was wrong with them ,quite a few people on the ship taking videos and photos.awful thing to do.it happens quite a lot..the Arcadia cough was going round.we had a great time ,
Hope you are on the mend very soon,this weather will help insure.

Posted by: dougie (3594)  Report abuse
Welcome home, I wouldn't worry to much about a little thing like that, you know what they say only the good (*) young Tumtingle and I know you've seen a lot off in your time old man

Posted by: Anne (3260)  Report abuse
Sorry to hear about your experience. I know what it is like to spend time in the ships hospital. Hope your health improves for the better

Posted by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
I am inproving as the days go by bu stll confined to bed, i hope to be up and going soon,

Posted by: bert (619) Report abuse
Glad to see you are getting better.been a bit worried but feel good now.i take medication for my congestion and it does me good .so get better soon then i can have a good chat with you and your good wife as you pass our house.

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
Just to let you all know. ' bentlegs' was taken into hospital this evening.. Quite poorly at the moment.. So I a asking for Prayers and or Best wishes from all his friends, for a complete recovery for him and his wife Molly who is also poorly, but at home.. Thank you x

Posted by: trixie (4900)   Report abuse
Thanks for the info Janet.

So sorry ,hope they get well very soon.
Please keep us informed.x

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
As soon as I hear, I will post..x

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
Trixie, everyone, I posted on the D Greeners site..

Posted by: trixie (4900)   Report abuse
Thanks Janet.
Just hope he pulls through.good job he was home at least.

Hope Molly is okay.my Mam used to work with her mum for years at Comptonís.xx
I will watch for your posts on DG site.

Posted by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
Thanks to you all for the concern, back home now but not A1, but will be back posting soon, thanks again,

Posted by: trixie (4900)   Report abuse
Very good .welcome back ,but I bet no more cruises.
My husband has had a chest infection and still not very well since we got back.

Posted by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
It will be a long time before i go cruising again, i will get a rowing boat on the canal,

Posted by: trixie (4900)   Report abuse
You sound better already.😀
My husband has got a viral infection from the cruise we came of,
Had it 4. Weeks now got 8 course pills .no better yet.

Take care hope Mollie improving.x

Posted by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
Bothimproving slowly , Hope your husband is OK,

Posted by: trixie (4900)   Report abuse
Pills only made him worse and violently sick so stopped taking them but he seems a bit better.

Our 4 month old great grandson had bronchialitis phnemonia viral infection on holiday and was very poorly in hospital and apparently it attacked his organs and it will take 4 years to recover from it so alway getting infections now.
So many bad infections about.

Posted by: Anne (3260)  Report abuse
The Danube cruise I had booked for July seems to be in jeopardy, one of my travelling companions has had a quite serious operation which will take some time to get over.

Posted by: trixie (4900)   Report abuse
I hope you can still go Anne? Pity about your companion,worrying time and a big disappointment for you all,if your not a relative you could loose you money couldnít you if you donít go this late on,
Hope your friend makes a good recovery.

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
Trixie.. so sorry about your Gt Grandson, poor little thing.. Hope things work out for him and your hubby.. x

Posted by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
My wife was taken to hospital Sat night with all the infections that Trixies Grand son has plus a clot on her lung, I have been told i cannot visit because i have only just come out & may get the infections again,

Posted by: bert (619) Report abuse
hi Trixie sorry to hear about your Grandson,things never change,you cant wait to retire and things never stop making us worry about our families.hopee things improve soon.

Posted by: bert (619) Report abuse
Hi Bentlegs sorry to hear about Mollie i thought she was improving.not seen Peter for a little while and he said she was better than she was and you where getting better.I hope she gets better soon,please give her my regards and i hope she is home soon.

Posted by: trixie (4900)   Report abuse
Sorry to hear about Molly Bentllegs.our great grandson is ok now I went to see him on Friday..5 days he was in,my Grandaughter said the hospital in Callela was filthy blood up the walls and over the floor.she could not even leave him to get food for herself had to wait for her partner and family to bring her food..cost them £300 in taxi fares to visit..
We are both not 100% yet ,canít explain how we feel.
Hope you are feeling better Bentlegs.

Posted by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
Glad to hear you Grandsonis better Trixie, Molly is expected to be in for a week,

Posted by: trixie (4900)   Report abuse
Yes thank you.
Hope you both are soon getting back together and home.
Sounds like Molly should have gone in hospital when you did.


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