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Started by: kathpressey (4762)  Report abuse
when living in Billinge Road as a child in the 50s we would often go out the back and climb over a wall . i remember lots of bricks lying around and i would hunt for bits of pretty tiles. This was behind the Railway pub wit Enfield Street on the left and the Blwling Green on the right. Where was I ?

Posted by: cordyline (4708)   Report abuse
Most likely at what is now 269 Billinge Rd
A small industrial building set in a fenced yard

The Company that occupy the premises now are Fire Equipment Services Ltd

In the 60s I remember it had some old wooden gates that had Magee Marshal painted on

The property got to be really derelict before it was bought in 1973 and developed

Look here
The houses that are in the photo are the backs of Enfield Street just further up from what was the post office

Did you know Dick Aspey he lived a couple of doors away from what was the Co-op shop -- now a sign-maker is in there

Tom - can't remember his surname- may have been Simm - lived at the other end of the block of houses

Next door to the shop Lived Fishwicks

Ken Gee the Rugby League player was Landlord of Railway pub in the 1970s

Posted by: kathpressey (4762)  Report abuse
cordyline - I lived at 259 which was next door to Aspeys. I remember watching Mr Aspey kill his chickens! Tom Simm lived at the bottom of Queen Street. My auntie who lived at 259 with us [the end house] was his other woman. I don't remember Fishwicks but I can remember playing witha boy who lived at the Railway.

Posted by: kathpressey (4762)  Report abuse
tanks for the link cordline. The place I remember was pretty derelict. i never saw workers in there. just an old res brick building and lots of bricks and tiles scatterec about.

Posted by: cordyline (4708)   Report abuse
Somewhere - not sure where - I have a photo of the property when it was in a derelict state

If I ever find it I will post it here
The house that you lived in is now flats
look on streetview

Posted by: dennis dickinson (1131) Report abuse
My sister got married in 1960, they moved into a new semi-detached house in Alexandra Crescent off Billinge Road.
It was a new subdivision then.

Posted by: dennis dickinson (1131) Report abuse
By the way, I think they paid 1995.00 for it -how prices have changed in the past 57 years .....

Posted by: kathpressey (4762)  Report abuse
A couple of years ago I saw 259 online for sale. It had been done up but was still a family home. It was a cold and draughty house when I lived there and there was a hole in the kitchen floor going into the cellar. I'd lve to see it now,

Posted by: cordyline (4708)   Report abuse
Kath have you seen the house from the outside ?
Type the address in on Streetview

Posted by: kathpressey (4762)  Report abuse
On my last visit to Wigan in May I drove past 259 with my cousin . I was surprised to see the backs all gated off or we would have stopped and walked down.I'' have a toot on google earth

Posted by: cordyline (4708)   Report abuse
Just found a couple of photos of the wall that you scrambled over

Will try to scan them in later

Posted by: cordyline (4708)   Report abuse

That's where a lot of rubbish was dumped
photo taken in 1973
The shop on the front next door but one to Aspeys was a Co-op

The land in photo was originally stables for the delivery horse

Posted by: cordyline (4708)   Report abuse

Another photo showing an old van dumped there by Harry Woods a glass merchant
The house to the right was attached to the Bowling Green
Occupied at that time by Jack Shepherd and his wife
Their daughter - might have been Mary would be about 77 years old now
Did you know her ?

Posted by: k.parkes (6) Report abuse

Can you help? My Grandad lived on Billinge Rd in front of the station, he was called William Orme and his wife named Mary? I never met him as I didn't know that he existed, i was told that he died. Did you or your family know them, i believe they had 2 daughters.


Posted by: k.parkes (6) Report abuse
Sorry should have said he lived at 255 Billinge Rd until 1971.


Posted by: cordyline (4708)   Report abuse
K Parkes
Sorry, I only knew the families that I mentioned

Oddly enough, the derelict land shown in the photos was until 1973 owned by Brian Parkes a builder who lived in Swinley, Wigan near to Dicconson St

I believe he died a few years ago

Posted by: Anne (3389)  Report abuse
That's the way to teach them, hands on.

Posted by: cordyline (4708)   Report abuse

Posted by: kathpressey (4762)  Report abuse
cordyline - thanks for that photo. I remember it well but not with the weeds growing. I think the wall was higher too but then I was smaller.I remember Aspeys and the Coop - a proper old fashioned shop that was. I don't recall people at 255

Posted by: cordyline (4708)   Report abuse
Kath, yes the wall would have been higher in the 50s
It must have got further vandalised

Posted by: k.parkes (6) Report abuse
Thank you anyway, was worth a try!


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