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142 Wallgate 1875
Started by: macwil48 (302) Report abuse
Does anyone have any info about this place at that time?
I have a burial record showing a possible ancestor living there at time of death but it doesn't correlate to any known family abode.

Posted by: stevemul (402) Report abuse
Found where it was but not what it was ....
coming up Wallgate towards Wigan centre , Grapes pub was on left on the corner of Wallgate and Clayton Street .
Grapes was No154.
Same side of Wallgate , maybe another 20 yards up , corner of Lyon Street and Wallgate .... was 142 .
Almost directly across from 142 was start of Caroline Streeet.

Hopefully someone can put this in as a link please .....

Posted by: daveŠ (3465) Report abuse

Posted by: molly (309)  Report abuse
mac that could have been prices cake shop . or on the opposite corner of Lyon was Sherringtons hardware

Posted by: annefair (1136) Report abuse
This is from the 1869 Wigan Directory if it helps Calderbank Richard, joiner, 17 Addison street
Calderbank Thomas, shopkeeper, 8 Whelley
Caldwell George, shopkeeper, 142 Wallgate
Caldwell James, shopkeeper, 38 Vauxhall road

Posted by: macwil48 (302) Report abuse
Thank you one and all.

Looks like I'll have to send for the certificate to definitely confirm (or otherwise) that he's mine. I hate gambling, the age in death index/burial record is at least 5yrs. out compared to census info.

Posted by: momac (9243)  Report abuse
I came from Great George St..and right facing the bottom of Caroiline St was Sherringtons hardware and Theresa's fish shop.

Posted by: momac (9243)  Report abuse
Hubby just been looking under Wigan Streets 1909.. Lyon street was after
140 Wallgate which makes 142 the butchers..next door to the fish shop.

Posted by: mygriffiths (1115) Report abuse
1871 census 142 Wallgate
Henry Taylor Butcher age 42 b.Ormskirk
wife Elizabeth age 38 b.Liverpool
children Robert ,Sarah E., Peter,Thomas and Alfred.Edwin died 1870
Ann Robinson mother in law age 63 b.Rainhill
by 1881 this family had moved to 88,Frog Lane .

Posted by: mygriffiths (1115) Report abuse
1881 census 142 Wallgate
Martin Morris Fishmonger age 57 b.Ireland
wife Sabina ,children Cornelius,Michael,Patrick,John,Peter,Joseph,Mary and Ellen.
Lodgers Bridget and Ellen Cooper.

Posted by: macwil48 (302) Report abuse
Thank you momac & mygriffiths, you've provided some useful info. confirming that my GGGg'dad was unlikely to have been living there at the time of his death. I have sent for the cert. as there was only one adult Arthur Wilson who died in Wigan between 1871 and 1881 census. and contrary to my belief stated in my 7th Jun 2017 at 19:21 post the ages are in fact consistant, (I rechecked my FT data).
In 1861/71 he was at 44 Vauxhall Rd.. His widow was with her daughter at 9 Longshoot for 1981 census and with her son at 45 Vauxhall Rd. at her death on 30th Oct 1881.

Posted by: macwil48 (302) Report abuse
Just got the Death Cert. and it is my GGGg'dad. The only address given is 142 Wallgate.(Place of Death)
The informant was his son James living at the same address as 2 yrs previous (son's birth cert.), although it is now Stanley Street rather than Row.

However Arthur died from Lupus Exedens, which can be a disfiguring disease, so I'm wondering was part of the building containing No.142 used as an Hospice? I believe the practice was to disguise such places by using a general address rather than an Institutional one.

Any ideas on how to check this?

Posted by: kathpressey (4700)  Report abuse
fascinating stuff macwil48! did they have hopice care in those days? I don't know.it's what I love about genealogy - all the myseries and life stories

Posted by: kathpressey (4700)  Report abuse
the first person who thought of hospice care was an american in the mid 60s. Most people 19th century died at home with families doing the best they could . Last week in Totnes I went in the museum there and they had copies of the local lady's home remedies. one was squeezing liquid from horse manure and drinking it. 2 of my grandparents died from stomach cancer and died at home and that was in the 40's and 50s. life was hard.

Posted by: stevemul (402) Report abuse
Just by coincidence a photo has appeared on Wiganworld ....
photos of wigan....albums ....latest photos .
Not the best angle ever but looking down lower Wallgate ,
Pitt Street is mid photo on right , No. 142 is next corner
on right .... the one with British Savings poster .


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