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Leigh railway station
Started by: cindy (5616)   Report abuse
Can anyone tell Me where Leigh railway station was, I remember a railway bridge on the road not far from the Sportsman pub.

Posted by: spud1 (1724) Report abuse
The main one was at the top of Bradshawgate,the other one was at the top of Railway road,they were on different lines though.

Posted by: roylew (2942) Report abuse
When did they close down...the Beecham years?

Posted by: spud1 (1724) Report abuse
I don't know when they closed Roy,I left Leigh in 1958,the line near Railway Rd was where Atherleigh Way is now,the bypass is built on the old track,we went to Blackpool North from the main station.

Posted by: roylew (2942) Report abuse
I used to go to Leigh baths every Saturday morning from Golborne on the bus but can't remember seeing the stations...would be 1961/62

Posted by: spud1 (1724) Report abuse
The baths were in Silk St,if you only went to there by bus you wouldn't see any station,the main one was where Travis Perkins is now,a couple of the railway arches are still there at the end of the building,there are no signs of the one at the end of Railway Rd,there was a third station in Leigh,Atherleigh station.

Posted by: ashtonman01 (103) Report abuse
I'm not aware of a Leigh station as such but there was Atherleigh station and Atherleigh Bag Lane station, both of which are listed on the disused stations website:


Not every station in the area was closed as a direct result of the Beeching axe. A lot of stations were in decline many years prior to the 60s, with quite a number of stations being closed to passengers and goods even in the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

Shame we don't have these stations now.

Posted by: baker boy (14070) Report abuse
west leigh?, pennington 1953,leigh 1969.

Posted by: MarieM (5155) Report abuse
I can't believe a town like Leigh has not got a railway station. I love Leigh. It puts our Wigan Market to shame.

Posted by: cindy (5616)   Report abuse
Thanks Everyone

Posted by: tonker (19599)   Report abuse
'Leigh' is a big area. Stations close to Leigh include Westhoughton (2), Atherton (2) Newton le Willows (2) and Glazebrook.
There are parts of Leigh that are closer to those stations than they would be to a station in Leigh centre.

Posted by: baker boy (14070) Report abuse
think your geography has fell flat on its face this time tonks.
1960's leigh council must have been on something wacky to allow closure of its railway.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2892) Report abuse
baker boy

Members of Leigh Council might well have been on Wacky Bakky during the 1969's however the station closed in 1954 and that would have been at the behest of British Rail and as such would have had nothing to the doo with Leigh Council

Posted by: spud1 (1724) Report abuse
Leigh's main station closed in 1969,Westleigh station at the top of Railway Rd closed in 1954,but it was a small station,Atherleigh Way is where the rail tracks used to be.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2892) Report abuse

You are right I am getting mixed up with Westleigh Station

Posted by: roylew (2942) Report abuse
So the railway ran behind Hilton park between the ground and the collieries

Posted by: spud1 (1724) Report abuse
It did Roy,where the traffic lights are now at Kirkhall lane there was a level crossing and an overhead footbridge.

Posted by: roylew (2942) Report abuse
Wow..as a youngster I would go to Hilton park and stand at the other end...I was only 12 so I didn't take notice of the railway but I remember the pit....so interesting....when did that pit close down then?

Posted by: spud1 (1724) Report abuse
The pit was Parsonage and it closed in 1992,i used to sell programs when Leigh were at home,in the early 50s,and made more money than I did when I started work in a week.

Posted by: roylew (2942) Report abuse
My first game leigh 14 featherstone 28...probably 1963...think rod tickle played

Posted by: priscus (6794) Report abuse
The Leigh-Bolton Railway was one of the earliest. It was steam hauled BEFORE the Liverpool-Manchester.

Notwithstanding the name, it initially did not run from the two towns named, but from Chequerbent Collieries to the canal at Kenyon.

Posted by: baker boy (14070) Report abuse
tts you can apologise to me sometime in the next millenium.
the bolton kenyon line shut to passengers early fifties not the tyldsley penningtron junction bit

Posted by: roylew (2942) Report abuse
One of the benches from Kenyan station is onleigh golf course...in culcheth

Posted by: gaffer (6015)   Report abuse

Posted by: baker boy (14070) Report abuse
kenyon junction station and goods yard where so big its breath taking, you find it hard to know why railways fell from grace,apart from the usual idiots in the civil servic and succesive 50's and 60's governments.
they where the ones who thought railways where old hat and could be replaced by cheap ha ha shiny new roads.


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