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Old Pottery Road Wigan
Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (3049)  Report abuse
I am making this enquiry on behalf of my sister she has a friend at the week-end they were talking about older days down pottery rd in the 1930s. The woman's husband 's name was FISHWICK . We would like to know how may house's were actually down there?? Also what cropped up also was this woman was dead sure that area was known in Wigan as the
"THE POTTERIES" now i'm getting on and from that local but i never heard it referred to as the " POTTERIES" Can any W WORLDERS know anything related to the above. I recall my dad struggled to buy me my first ever car from MRS.TURNER (TURNERS GARAGE) she was an owd fox robbed us blind she was on the right-hand side going down opposite NISSAN'S now, would really appreciate any feedback thanks.

Posted by: momac (10172)  Report abuse
Golden Bear..there was if I recall in the fifties about twenty houses down
there..my Mam used to have my coats made by a lady in one of them..(I
had long arms growing up) and yes it was called the potteries but have no
idea why...but G.B..I got my first car from .Mrs Turner and she couldn't have
been kinder..Id picked a Ford Cortina but there was a few bad spots on it..
she said leave it with me..which I did..went back a couple of weeks later
she'd had it sprayed and wouldn't take any money for it.

Posted by: erontquay (inactive) Report abuse
"For Susan,The potteries were inbetween eckersleys mill and the bus depot off pottery road, the shop was on the corner of pottery street and pottery terrace the owner being maggie Mathews"

From here


Posted by: gaffer (6170)   Report abuse

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3049)  Report abuse
Again the people on wigan world never fail you are truly great thank you helping me with my question.

Posted by: kathpressey (5008)  Report abuse
my Irish ancestors settled in "Pottery" so I suppose it could have been any of those 3 streets. Great map!

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3049)  Report abuse
Hello Kath ,G.B here when i brought this up at the request of my sister i myself in my ignorance never knew that area was reffered to as the " POTTERIES"She knows some one who was a land/lord down that quarter he owned 6 house's if that;s the right name for them ,for he would never fix thing's but would always take yer money eh! Nothing's changed on that front has it?? nice to hear your ok Kath byeee!

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3049)  Report abuse
HI MOMAC My first car was a FORD POPULAR 100E ENGINE
A FORD ANGLIA DE LUXE 1.2 ENGINE THE SLOPING ROOF BACKWARDS WHAT A CAR .Getting back to the house's does or did any one know of a bloke name FISHWICK????

Posted by: momac (10172)  Report abuse
G.B..I absolutely loved my car and was heartbroken when it went for next
to nothing..again,getting back to the houses..did anyone know. Mary Scully
both her and her hubby emigrated to Australia..she had the most beautiful
voice and both her and hubby used to write their own songs ..they had
guitars and play their own background music..they had two Bulldogs which
we're both named "baby".

Posted by: baker boy (15026) Report abuse
try the library or history shop for a full list of the potteries families.

Posted by: antar (710) Report abuse
scroll down to swan meadow cotton mills pics and quite a few aerial pics of potteries .
it was known as the potteries I used to have relations lived there .

Posted by: gaffer (6170)   Report abuse

Posted by: antar (710) Report abuse
thanks gaffer much appreciated

Posted by: marken (370) Report abuse
Does anyone know the name of the pub on Pottery Rd.I can't bring it to mind and I went in a few times

Posted by: gaffer (6170)   Report abuse
The Swan Meadow.

Posted by: marken (370) Report abuse
Thanks gaffer.

Posted by: potterieslass (14)  Report abuse
I lived in Letterewe Street and can remember playing in the potteries and walking to my grandmothers house she lived in Eleanor Street. Our house was pulled down in the mid 60s but there are still cobbled streets off Pottery Road.
If anyone has any photos I would love to see them

Posted by: ayrefield (4465) Report abuse
Billy Boston once lived in one of those streets, can't remember which one though, my friend at the time delivered newspapers for the Newsagent on Wallgate and he called at Billy's house, I didn't believe him so I went with him on his round one day and sure enough he did as he opened the door and thanked him.


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