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oliver summers
Started by: lezgee (717)  Report abuse
hi can any one find the pic of oliver summers gun shop with tim mcavoy in it i cant find it i ant to send it to tim thanks les

Posted by: annefair (1131) Report abuse
Try putting Oliver Sommers in the search box at the top of the page. It brings up a few links.

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
I think you are getting Oliver mixed up with Ann Summers. From memory I think the correct spelling is Oliver Somers. As Annefair says put it in the search engine at the top of this page and you will see some results.

Posted by: cordyline (4402)   Report abuse
Do you mean this

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Hi there someone has put a good photo on "album" today if you care to look i think that will satisfy you.

Posted by: aussie94 (1648) Report abuse
I can remember Oliver Summers it was a sports store in markett street before it was taken over by JJB

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
Not quite right. It was Oliver SOMERS on Market Street and I think it was J.j. Bradburn's sports shop that was taken over hence JJB Sports. I think J.J. Bradburn's shop could have been on New Market Street but not 100% sure.

Posted by: gaffer (5972)   Report abuse
Originally JJ Broughton then JJ Bradburn. Johnny Bradburn was a teacher at the Grammar School. The shop next to the last shop on Market Street.

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
I can still picture the shop on New Market Street next to Battye's the gents outfitters. Must be losing it.

Posted by: gaffer (5972)   Report abuse

New Market Street is round the corner. It becomes Frog Lane farther down.
Battye's was next door to JJB.

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
Thanks Gaffer. Getting my streets mixed up. You wouldn't think I was going next to that street for five years.

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
By coincidence Gaffer a photo has appeared on Album showing those two shops. This would be later and the two end shops are John O'Niel's TV shop and Boardmans ( who also had a shop in Ashton) Brian Boardman taught me Commerce and Book-Keeping at WGS in what I believe was the first year of those subjects being taught there (1963)

Posted by: gaffer (5972)   Report abuse

It was Dennis Boardman who owned the shop. The manager was Steve Sherrington.
I'm positive you're not losing it. It would have been a senior moment.

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
I got to know Steve well as I went into the Ashton shop on a regular basis. He actually sold me my wedding suit in 2006. He was an avid golfer if I remember correctly.

Posted by: aussie94 (1648) Report abuse
Well thanks for a great conversation , its over 50 years a go since that moment in tine and you all brought it back , Thank You.

Posted by: antar (700) Report abuse
I bought my first shotgun a 12 bore from there I was 13 yrs old no licence
no adult with me and they wrapped it up in brown paper told me when I get home nip round post office get a licence ( cost 10 bob ) how times have changed .

Posted by: elizabeth (5313)  Report abuse
if it helps opposit OliversSummers shop was a Dress shp and on the corner was Nimans Jewellers sho going round into Standishgate then there was think a baby shop then UCP tripe shop then Mitchinsons flower shop and going back to P Summers next door was a Cycle shop later became a Pram shp ah well memoriesyes I am that old

Posted by: Perkin Warbeck (1448) Report abuse

Was Dennis Boardman involved in local amateur operatics (tenor)?


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