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(Back) Margaret Street , Ince
Started by: pieman (48) Report abuse
I have been trying to trace a census of my wife's grandfather who I believe lived at 2 (Back) Margaret Street, Ince in 1911.He has an unusual surname, Aindow, and I have tried every variant I can think of but can't find him on the 1911 census. Margaret Street used to be where the entrance to Chatsworth Fold estate is now. Has anyone got a relative that they know lived on (Back) Margaret Street in 1911 ?

Posted by: ian c (441) Report abuse
dont know about the address you said, but a family with the name you're after lived here in the 1911 census:-

3 Marsden St Lower Ince

James Aindow Head Married Male 38 1873 Colier Coal Hewer Underground Rodstock Lancshire
Martha Aindow Wife Married Female 36 1875 - Wales Lancs
John Aindow Son - Male 15 1896 Haulier Underground Billing Lancs
Henry Aindow Son - Male 12 1899 School Ince Lancs
James Aindow Son - Male 3 1908 School Ince Lancs
Martha Ellen Aindow Daughter - Female 6 1905 School Ince Lancs
Mary Aindow Daughter - Female 3 1908 - Ince Lancs
Edith Aindow Daughter - Female 0 1911 - Ince Lancs

Posted by: pieman (48) Report abuse
Thanks for the post Ian c
I should have been more specific. I am looking for Joseph Aindow born 1903 he is the nephew of the James Aindow at the head of the house in Marsden Street. I recently obtained a birth certificate of Joseph's younger brother John who was born in 1911 in order to trace the address but their name must have been badly mistranscribed. If I could find anyone who lived on (Back)Margaret Street I might be able to find Joseph.

Posted by: mygriffiths (1145) Report abuse
On Lancashre BMD the name is Joseph Indow born 1903 mother's maiden name Ward.John's baptism in 1913 1, Back Margaret Street shows his mother's name as Mary Ellen.John's birth 1911 shows Hindley(Ince) but Joseph's birth 1903 shows Wigan.Perhaps the family moved in 1911?

Posted by: pieman (48) Report abuse
Hi mygriffiths thanks for the post.
The family were known to move about a bit. Joseph was born on Addison Street but John was born at 2 (Back) Margaret Street, Ince in 1911. My idea is to try and locate someone who lived on that street in 1911, look them up on ancestry and scroll back or forward to find Joseph and family. I have used this tactic before to get results but it is only recently that I found the right address.

Posted by: winnie (1213)   Report abuse
ive found Margaret street but no Back Margaret Street

Posted by: pieman (48) Report abuse
Hi winnie thanks for the post.
I found that as well but that's what it says on John's birth certificate with back in brackets. I plan on going to the history shop to check maps there, will post any info'

Posted by: ianp. (552)  Report abuse
It is quite possible, that the (Back) in the address is the location of the family and not the address. In other words, the living quarters were at the back of the house - in this case, number 2 of Margaret Street.
Due to extreme poverty, people lived in part of somebody's house - sometimes, just one or two rooms at the back of the house and using the back door as entry and exit.

Posted by: pieman (48) Report abuse
Hi ianp thanks for the post.
I never gave that a thought. That gives me something to look for on ancestry. I have found the name of a possible neighbour on an old post, will post any relevant info' if I find any.

Posted by: pieman (48) Report abuse
update, possible neighbour turned out to live on Margaret Street off Woodhouse Lane. Checked house No2 anyway and it was just a married couple.

Posted by: ian c (441) Report abuse
its great seearching all over and getting know where fast, i'm used to that myself. i did a check on the 1911 census for margaret st ince and wigan, no names just the street. all the address's came up but none with anything like the name you are after. do you have any other names and dates that might shed some light on who you are searching for

Posted by: mygriffiths (1145) Report abuse
I agree with ianc with the back of house living as it would explain John's baptism at No.1 . This is also evident on the census for Kay's Houses Ince with front of houses numbered 1 to 37 and back 2 to 38. Incidentally an Aindow family lived at number 3 my mother used to live next door.
Could these be Joseph's brother and father?
Aindow John 27 yrs 154, Upholland Rd. Billinge ... of 17-Dec 1938 Kays Houses, Ince C 491* C of E
Aindow John 68 yrs Billinge Hospital 14-Nov 1946 Little Westwood, Ince C 833 * C of E

Posted by: pieman (48) Report abuse
You're right ianc it is frustrating. mygriffiths, the Aindows lived at N03 Kay's Houses I found them on the 1939 register. This also threw a spanner in the works as I thought John had married a different 'Mary', because I can't find them in 1911 I didn't realise Joseph had siblings but I now believe he was one of nine children.

Posted by: pieman (48) Report abuse
I have managed to locate 2 Margaret Street in 1911. Living there was a widow and two adult children but no Aindows ! John was born in November 1911 so its possible they only moved in after the census was taken. The only thing I noticed was in the box on the census for number of rooms in the house there were just two ? Most of their neighbours had four rooms so it could be that the Aindows were using the back of the house but for whatever reason didn't fill in a census form so I might be looking for a record that doesn't exist. Mostly lodgers were added to a census after family members but not in this case.

Posted by: ianp. (552)  Report abuse
Firstly, my pleasure. I am very happy you found my information useful; it also seems to be true.

It seems that the widow living in the house did not want to disclose too much information about the property and probably about other things. It is possible, the family (Aindows) was living in a back room or two; realistically for a strong reason.
Only talking of the past for the reasons above: the census was not only a means of counting how many people were living in a country (town, city etc), but also to collect information about them for official purposes.
Of course, like many industrial towns, there were a large number of immigrants in Wigan due to the growth of industry etc and the need to find employment.

pieman, you stated that: 'The family were known to move about a bit.'
Is it not possible that the family moved address frequently to avoid the authorities?

Why not try to trace the Aindow family tree to an earlier date than 1900. It may be useful to look at the years between 1845 and 1895

Posted by: pieman (48) Report abuse
I have traced back to 1881 for Joseph's father John who was born in Flintshire in 1878 but lived at different addresses in Wigan every time. John's father Richard was born in Bootle and his ancestors lived in the Formby area where Aindow is a fairly common name. It's my wife's granfather Joseph who I wanted to trace as he would have been an 8year old boy in 1911. I'm thinking his father may have been giving rent money to the tennant instead of the landlord, who knows ? Maybe I'll find him in the 1921 census when that's released.
Thanks all posters for your help.

Posted by: ianp. (552)  Report abuse
You're welcome.
I just thought of you trying another angle - as said, coming through the back door.
I thought, rather than keep trying to get hold of information on Joseph Aindow by looking at his early years - which seemed to be leading you to a blank end - why not come from a date around 1845 and move forward through the information you find. It is possible, information about relatives and their movements may help you to get a better picture of the family and how things progressed.
Good luck with your search.

Posted by: winnie (1213)   Report abuse
My Second great grandfather lived here
Name Edward Charnock Age in 1911 43
Estimated Birth Year abt 1868 Relation to Head Head Gender Male Birth Place Bell Green, Lancashire, England Ince in Makerfield Street Address Back Anderton Street] Occupation Stoker In Boilers Household Member
Edward Charnock age 43
Sarah Jane Charnock age 43
Annie Davis Charnock age 18
Mary Ann Charnock age 15
Jane Alice Charnock age 13
Thomas Charnock age 11
Margaret Charnock age 9
Rachel Charnock age 6 James Charnock age 5 weeks says they are living in 3 rooms and they went on to have 2 more children

Posted by: winnie (1213)   Report abuse
Also ive looked for years for my great grandma on the 1911 censers i have never found her Margaret Bennett
BIRTH 16TH JAN 1894 17 Birkett Bank, Wigan
DEATH 19 AUGUST 1958 136 Hardybutts, Wigan, Lancashire

Posted by: pieman (48) Report abuse
Hi winnie, it never ceases to amaze me how many familys crowded into two or three rooms, it must have been very hard. You are in a similar position to me with your great grandma and sometimes it is a simple misspelling of the surname that makes it impossible to search for.


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