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tens of 1000s will die in the US
Started by: laughing gravy (5906) Report abuse
because of president fart mark my words...

Posted by: priscus (8257) Report abuse

Posted by: laughing gravy (5906) Report abuse
top US doctor recons 100,000 to 200,000 will die in america..

Posted by: tonker (21366)   Report abuse
0.009% to 0.019% ?

Posted by: gaffer (6336)   Report abuse
Around 2.8 million people die in the US per year.

Posted by: laughing gravy (5906) Report abuse
tonker i bet you'd be skrikin if you were 100% guaranteed of being in the 0.009%

Posted by: mollie m (6312)  Report abuse
I must admit, from what I've seen, people here are sticking to the social distancing rules which I'm glad about, but I was reading about a bunch of American college idiots flocking to Tampa for the Spring break to hold a "coronavirus party" on the beach, if you can believe it.

Well, you know what they say about karma. One of the crowd so far as contracted Covid-19, and has apologised to everyone with the sudden realisation of what it actually means.

Another idiot, in America, joined a "coronavirus challenge" during which he licked a toilet seat and, although it can't be proven, after doing so, he contracted the virus!

Now, I know Americans aren't up there in the brains department, but if those two young men survive (and I hope they do) they should be arrested and put into jail for a few months for potentially endangering the lives of others. But, then again, they have an idiot for President who "assured" everybody that it was nothing to be concerned about.

It really does beggar belief that this isn't being treated seriously, especially by the younger generation who appear to think this is a fun time.

Posted by: TerryW (4136) Report abuse
Police are 'in absolute shock' after finding 25 adults and children at karaoke house party despite virus lockdown.

No further action taken, so what happened to fines if caught breaking lockdown rules? Mixed messages like this will just allow folk to do as they wish.


Posted by: laughing gravy (5906) Report abuse
terry i think you get advice 1st and sent home then fined if you do it again starting at 60 doubling each time to a max of 920..

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
i support the efforts of Governments in the UK and AUS. Trying to keep us safe. The restrictions are a pain but we should all benefit in the long run.
I cannot help feeling that there is an element missing. Who started all this and why WHY are they not being given the bill for the misery they have caused.
Dig up Winston , get him to tell the current crop to grow a set and go after China . Make them pay.

Posted by: TerryW (4136) Report abuse
Shouldn't be any need for advice after the amount of TV coverage warning people. Make the rules clearer with no chance of mixed messages being put out.

Posted by: Domino (80) Report abuse
Iv'e been reading about a bloke who was stopped by the police on the M6,he had been to Salford and had some windows he had bought on Ebay,the car was full,the police opened the boot,and his missus was in it.I can't do links.

Posted by: PeterP (7640) Report abuse
There was a story yesterday about an idiot in his range rover with a trailer tent trying to get round the back of Bala Lake stopped by the locals . He had travelled 115 miles to get there, It is idiots like this who should get fined and penalty points put on his licence.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4778) Report abuse
What about this mon

Stephen Kinnock

"Stephen Kinnock targeted by police for visiting father, Neil"

Posted by: meleager (172)  Report abuse
I saw that Domino a 200 mile round trip for 15 windows folk just dont listen.


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