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Have a look with on comments
Started by: dougie (4286)   Report abuse
Thinking I was uploading to many links and using to much of WiganWorld web-space I e-mailed ADMIN about it his reply is here. Don't worry about it we have plenty of space
--A collection of Videos,Tricks,+ new things I keep adding--
(0) --Audeo--Story books for Children why their off school, thanks

(1) --View-- The butcher that makes you laugh(go full screen)

(2) --View-- as it maybe the best illusion you've seen (go full screen)

(3) --View-- A card trick that makes you think

(4) --View-- all sorts of Smile's play around and have a look you may like them

(5) --View-- Have a look would it have made you join in

(6) --View-- Some may not have been to a Fiesta in Spain this is part of one I attended

(7) --Video's-- Hundreds for everyone by a local man over the last 13 years,Loads of Wigan area

(8) --Video's-- Toms Plumbing Tips for all D.I.Y,men from a local now retired Plumber

(9) --View--16 peace jigsaw starter have a look round you can change things yourself

(10) --Video-- 8mm film I made in of Reeds/SCA cases at Goose Green, on the A49 by Salisbury's

(11) ---Click--- The History of A-in-M, I found it interesting other links at top of page more facts

(12) --Video-- Titan the Robot remember him he was good in Wigan

(13) --5 Tricks-- I wouldn't try the first one,but keep looking to show your friends

(14) --Video-- This is one I made, no trick too this video try it

(15) --Video-- Just to pass your time but can you do it's easy

(16) --View-- Pick any type of animated card, have a look round it's free this is Christmas one

(17) --View-- electric shock machine game,I've played it in a pub with strangers down Coventry

(18) --Video-- my low maintenance garden to make things easy for O.A.P.

(19) --Video-- Making thing safer as we grow older by adding a few things

(20) --Photo-- See if you can find,2 cats & a dog on the photo easy time yourself

(21) ---Facts--- A bit of Ashton area history taken from their website, Hope O.K.to upload

(22) --Video-- Fans making their way outside the J.J.B.stadium to a big match day

(23) --Video-- 1/2 an hour boat trip with two men on a narrow boat,well wreath watching,

(24) --Video--Going up the Wigan flight's 23 locks interesting nice views about 1/4 an hour

(25) --Videos-- Best 4/5 minute clips from the Sharpe cerise the chosen men

(26) --Chess-- Play the computer 1- 10 levels learn but don't try to win watching the computer

(27) --Board-- Can you place eight on a standard Draughts board like this, so as no two are on the same line in any direction, easy time your self under 1/2 hour is still good

Posted by: momac (10743)  Report abuse
Brilliant Dougie..I would have fell about laughing if I'd been there.

Posted by: tomplum (6188)  Report abuse
well done Dougie, We must do our best to keep this site a HAPPY PLACE TO COME,,,,

Posted by: nanajacqui (2928)  Report abuse
Brilliant keep um coming

Posted by: FAT MICK (1094) Report abuse
It didnt make me laugh, but Bennie Hill or Tommy Cooper would have made me laugh by just doing the same stunt fully dressed.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4777) Report abuse

Posted by: jathbee (10135) Report abuse
Miserable Mick strikes again. 😂😂😂

Posted by: PeterP (7640) Report abuse
Fat Mick Everbody to their own. I never could laugh at Tommy Cooper. Dont understand that people would fall over laughing when he said "just like that"?

Posted by: FAT MICK (1094) Report abuse
LOL Peter, you cracked me up when you said, Just Like That, Im still laughing now.

Posted by: Joe Maplin (338)  Report abuse

Posted by: dougie (4286)   Report abuse
Thank's for the comments but I was hoping just to upload others on the first page for people to maybe pass a few minutes have a look, I've added others have a look you may get my meaning better,

Posted by: dougie (4286)   Report abuse
Bumped up added three more

Posted by: tonker (21366)   Report abuse
Click here for the San Diego Firebobby!

Posted by: Anne (3779)  Report abuse
The fiesta human tower seems to be a worldwide thing. It happened a lot in Mumbai (Bombay when I was there) a rope strung across the street with a pot containing money. When the climbers reached and smashed the pot out came the money and also something unpleasant drenched everybody. I have recordings but only on super 8 film. Must get them all converted one day.

Posted by: FAT MICK (1094) Report abuse
They do daft things like this in China but they will have a goat climb to the top with a monkey on its back.

Posted by: dougie (4286)   Report abuse
Bumped-up someone may look if anything new they've not seen

Posted by: dougie (4286)   Report abuse
Bump up

Posted by: dougie (4286)   Report abuse
Bump--Added the link Peter uploaded on here, Story books for children it will work like a STICKY

Posted by: basil brush (13865) Report abuse
Good idea, that way all the "new members" that cry baby Terry as recruited can see it.

Posted by: dougie (4286)   Report abuse

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4777) Report abuse

Posted by: dougie (4286)   Report abuse

Posted by: John Peters (490)  Report abuse
He's a Mardy Arse !!!
(too nice a word, for the moron).

Posted by: tonker (21366)   Report abuse
Dougie, did you know that "Reeds OF Wigan" expanded to a multinational, multi £billion, concern? And
WIGAN Put 'em on the Map!

Posted by: dougie (4286)   Report abuse
Thanks again for the link , before I go into looking any farther,


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