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Started by: ann-spam (3378)  Report abuse
Anyone got one of these new gadgets for christmas

Posted by: lectriclegs (3615) Report abuse
Wouldn't have one in the house, Ann.

Posted by: PeterP (6929) Report abuse
are we getting that bone idle we need a box to do our jobs for us

Posted by: i-spy (14349)  Report abuse
Most definitely

Posted by: priscus (7241) Report abuse
I got one, but only use it as a voice operated alarm clock.

Have blackout curtains in bedroom.

Have smashed two alarm clocks, knocking them over in the dark, as I fumble to cancel the alarm! It is pitch-black. Can't see a thing. Maybe my co-ordination leaves something to be desired, when I have only just, and only barely, awakened!

So, I am much better served by being able to cancel, reset, snooze or whatever, by using word of mouth only. It works just as well in the dark.

Posted by: PeterP (6929) Report abuse
Priscus invest in a plug in night light(dusk till dawn). Just gives off enough ambient light to see with

Posted by: i-spy (14349)  Report abuse
I think mine could be considering strike action because she's so busy

Posted by: derek (369)   Report abuse
A couple of years ago the market was flooded with the Nintendo Wii, what a load of rubbish most will have gone to landfill to now and Alexa will go the same way.

Posted by: admin (526) Report abuse
I have one just to play music and the radio BRILLIANT no need to buy anymore CD'S and you can listen to radio stations from all over the world

Posted by: mindar (1271) Report abuse
Alexa, when will the new wigan world arrive?

Posted by: jarvo (29089)  Report abuse
...When you have your sex change reversed...

Posted by: roylew (3029) Report abuse
I have one...for playing music....itís fantastic for that...

Posted by: orrellite (2345) Report abuse
Just be aware it is listening all the time, for interest ask what information is stored and how is it used.

Posted by: surfer_tom (25) Report abuse
hi ann spam treat alexa like sombody listening to evertyhing you say, so watch what you say. tom

Posted by: mindar (1271) Report abuse
Posted by: jarvo (28711) View jarvo's page10,000+ Report abuse

...When you have your sex change reversed...

Replied: 3rd Jan 2019 at 00:50

Alexa, is jarvo paranoid?

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
My son has one. He leaves the radio on for company for the dog and when I go to his house to meet my grandchildren from school I am supposed to say, "Alexa....turn off". However, I couldn't remember the damn thing's name at first and kept calling it "Alice".....of course without its correct name it won't obey and I kept shouting, "Alice.....turn off.....Alice Ö..be quiet!.....Alice.....shurrup!!" Even our Wilson, (the dog), looked at me as if I was nutty and Alexa was totally confused with "shurrup!".....

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
maybe its the stornaway accent irene

Posted by: momac (9744)  Report abuse
Happy New Year Billy.xxx

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
Happy New Year, Billy! How lovely to hear from you!! xxxxx

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
irene and momac.......i wish you both all the very best this new year may your health be all you wanted it to be.i guess winning the post code lottery would help a lot..but like john lennon said....i used to dream of wealth,now i have it..whats the big deal????????????

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse

Posted by: jouell (4587) Report abuse
I guess my age and lack of technology regards Alexa, makes me wary of them, as I don't like them..

Regards the John Lennon , When you are wealthy , wealth isn't a big deal, but when you have nothing, like so many millions, wealth is huge... Just my thoughts...

Happy New Year to you All...

Posted by: momac (9744)  Report abuse
Keep posting Billy, Wigan World isn't the same without you.xxxxx

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
awwww, momac....you say the nicest things

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
She does, Billy.....and the truest! Happy New Year to you both, and Jouell! Happy New Year, Alexa....or is it Alice?! xxxx

Posted by: priscus (7241) Report abuse
Just been reading a few articles on Alexa.

Seems that folk are using them to listen to music, and to set alarms.

Answering simple questions seem to be a bit of a gimmick. Fine if you are asking a question that has been anticipated, and the answer provided by a human. Falls flat on its face with other questions. Less useful than Cortana or Google Assistant for actual information retrieval. (Though links to weather, travel and suchlike seem OK)

In spite of all the hype from Amazon, it seems that people are not, in any great numbers, using them to control internet enabled devices by means of voice.

That could change. I am of the opinion that their efforts to lock users in to their family of devices in a manner incompatible with their competitors is a huge disincentive.

That will change overnight if cross platform standards emerge to counter the 'lock-in'!

Big opportunity there for the Chinese manufacturers if they reach out for it.

Posted by: roylew (3029) Report abuse
Uhh ?

Posted by: i-spy (14349)  Report abuse
The technology is here to stay but there's plenty tweaking to come.
I just envy my grandkids who seem to take all this change in their stride.

Posted by: ashtonman01 (118) Report abuse
I think envy should be the last thing to worry about. I think people who have "smart" devices should be more worried about the issues of privscy, as these gadgets can be used to spy on you and record and database (harvesting is the more correct term) your voice. We're such a lazy, convenienced driven society now, were people are quite happy to let Big Brother intrude on their privacy, have their private emails snooped on, have smart meters installed in their homes and 5G installed on street lampposts (not only a privacy issue there but also health issues from EMF emissions), using contactless payments, which is all traceable and open to theft. A see a very bleak, Orwellian world with all that.

Posted by: mindar (1271) Report abuse
Alexa V Siri

Posted by: roylew (3029) Report abuse
Just be thankful that we are WHERE we are in time....just think of our grandkids grandkids....the mind boggles

Posted by: jouell (4587) Report abuse
It's the same with voice control for changing channels on the TV and Security that lets you see your children inside the house when you you aren't home...
If the TV hears and responds to you commands, how do you know others can't hear. Same with Security cameras, if you can see inside your house, how do you know others can't...

As I said, I'm older and don't understand all the new Technology, but it bothers me, I don't want it...

Posted by: priscus (7241) Report abuse
Whilst these criticisms may indeed be true, nevertheless, it is social media, and loyalty cards which have already delivered us into the Post-Orwellian Society, where people will elect to be governed by parties who act against their self interests.

Posted by: broady (14291)   Report abuse
As far as I can read it isnít compulsory to buy any of the gadgets mentioned so there is an easy solution. Leave them on the shelf. If you already have one and are concerned regarding what it does, take it to the nearest skip.

Posted by: jouell (4587) Report abuse
I don't have any Broady, don't want any and manage quite well without them...

Posted by: broady (14291)   Report abuse
There you go but are we not using ďnewĒ technology to have this discussion?

Posted by: jouell (4587) Report abuse
Yes,we are, but I don't feel as it is as 'invasive' as someone able to look into my home, or listen in on private conversations.. .. As I said, these are just my thoughts.. warranted or not, I don't know.. just how I feel, for me..

Posted by: broady (14291)   Report abuse
Understand fully. If some wants to listen in to my mundane conversations they are welcome. I donít think they will come back next day.

Posted by: jouell (4587) Report abuse


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