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Strange, how you never get....
Started by: chatty (6581)  Report abuse

Posted by: tomplum (4975)  Report abuse
Its all got to do with, the luck of the draw chatty,
they will never know the satifaction from doing a hard days graft and enjoying the taste of a hard earned pint when you've gone off shift, never eaten chips and fish from paper, never got excited about going for a fortnights holiday on a cheap package holiday in Spain, getting drunk and singing whilst walking down the prom in shorts and Tee shirt and not afraid of the newspapers taking photos,

We don't know how lucky we are, their life is miserable, they can have all they want and never have the fun we have, We are the lucky ones, not them,

Posted by: PeterP (6938) Report abuse
Tomplum we may work and play without many cares but they can do it away from the press and WE pay for it

Posted by: tomplum (4975)  Report abuse
I can't remember what year it was but, The Queen came past our house in Wigan Road Bryn to see the three sisters pit rooks, She looked at us in the front garden waving our flags, she waved her white gloved hand and smiled, It was a false grin, in her eyes I saw sadness and jealousy , she had not slurrred down those pit rooks on corrugated tin sheets like most of us had, It was plain to see she wanted to but was not allowed, and because of that she never came back, moody buggers them royals,

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3307) Report abuse

It was 1969 and I was there and Her Maj wore a pink dress and as her car turned into Landgate Lane, she waved at me and she was on her todd in that limo

Posted by: chocker (80) Report abuse
It was 17th May 1968 when the Queen visited Bryn

Posted by: chatty (6581)  Report abuse
Absolute scandal.
After years of austerity measures with cuts to public services, libraries shutting, police numbers cut...enough money to fund 100 nurses pay for a year is being spent on security for one couples "special day" (Apparently there's a chapel in her dads back garden at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park that could have held the ceremony and not cost the tax payer a bean)
Yet there will still be people who have spent the night on the pavement in sleeping bags (that's not the usual homeless of Windsor though they've been carted off and hidden for the day, oh the irony) so they can get a good view and wave their little flags!
The world's gone officially mad!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3307) Report abuse


Thank you

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3307) Report abuse

So you don't like the cost of the Royal Family.

So what about the argument which says that the Royal Family bring in far more money into this country, than what they cost, in terms of trade and tourism etc because the world loves our Royal Family, but you obviously don't.

And there is absolutely no point whatsoever in arguing with someone like you about it, because you just hide behind your big words and arrogant, dramatic sentences.

With you it's your way or no way.

Well that is not 'My Way' I listen, I listen to all points of view and then make me mind up to which I think is right, something which you would find impossible to do and I think by having that attitude, you actually miss out on a lot of life experiences, because you are in constant 'battle' with people over your one sided and in many cases misguided view of things, instead of enjoying those things.

Posted by: Anne (3452)  Report abuse
Cost to taxpayers and London councils of policing and security of club football in London alone last season was £6.7 million. Clubs pay for stadium policing separately themselves. No estimates for any cleanup operation. Can't find any figures for the rest of the country.

Posted by: mindar (1275) Report abuse
And don't even mention cleaning up King St every Sunday morning.

Posted by: kathpressey (4876)  Report abuse
I'm with chatty on this wedding today. total waste of tax payers money to a scrounging family.

Posted by: chatty (6581)  Report abuse
Tommy I am quite happy for people to believe what they want,it isn't about me, all I have done is state some facts and expressed an opinion.
The 'tourism' red herring we've had before and I pointed out France ditched their royal family hundreds of years ago and still pull in a lot more visitors than the UK does.(something you felt free not to believe)
I think I live an enjoyable life by the way and dont consider i am missing out any life experiences but no one will convince me spending the thick end of 3 Million pounds of tax payers money on a wedding for someone who does no official royal duties is money well spent.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3307) Report abuse
France as got history and that history is the French Royal Family and what happened to them, so it is legacy of the French Royal family which attracts a lot of visitors to France, Marie Antoinette and King Looey and how they got their heads chopped off

Today's wedding is from the most least popular part of the Royal Family, Prince Andrew and his Ex two very dodgy characters and I am not particularly happy about the cost of it, but I think to condemn the whole institution of the Royal Family, is also to condemn as irrelevant, British History and the rich heritage we have in this country and like it or not, the Royal Family are central to that History and Heritage and it is alright comparing it to the policing of a football match, but you have to quantify how much the Royal Family earn for the country, which maybe impossible to find the figure of, but overall the Royal Family bring money into the country, far more than the cost of the Civil List and security costs and as regards to Kath's scrounging comment (but at least she is straight to the point) some of those Royals work hard at being a Royal and some are no doubt lazy and do indeed just scrounge

Posted by: chatty (6581)  Report abuse
Yes unquantifiable, just how the powers that be and the people being kept in clover like it.
No reason whatsoever she had to be married in that chapel today (only the fact that her cousin had got married there earlier in the year)
Once born into it their sense of entitlement knows no bounds.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3307) Report abuse
Well in my opinion they are using Windsor Castle, instead of Westminster Abbey, because of the security and cost aspect of it, if you think about it, if they marry in a castle, it is going to be harder for a terrorist to get at them, mind you a comedian once got through the security there

In Royal terms it is probably a cheep wedding

Posted by: chatty (6581)  Report abuse

Dads back garden was the "cheepest" option
But the plebs are paying so it doesn't matter!

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
I am normally in the Royalist corner but not today. I find this cou0le despicable especially “ Air miles” Andy. Not a penny of public monies should have been used.

Posted by: grimshaw (1614)  Report abuse

Absolutely spot on.


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