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When Wiganers had holes in their new shoes
Started by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
...how long ago was that

Posted by: ann-spam (3381)  Report abuse
I see a few with holes in there trainers .

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
And their jeans

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
You pay much more for jeans with holes in!!!! Work that one out. Faded with holes in and you need a mortgage.

Posted by: beep54 (1009) Report abuse
Thrown better stuff away

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3307) Report abuse
Hole in my Shoo

Posted by: builderboy (2061) Report abuse
Was it when they were tied together and hooked over a rail? Stewart Paul's in Pemberton used to do it. The holes were at the heel end of the shoes.

Posted by: tomplum (4975)  Report abuse
famous Wigam saying,

whats do when thee shoe lets water in in ?


purr hole in fort let waiter owt

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
Spot on builderboy but I was thinking Tommy Ball's. Folk used to hire coaches to get there.
Wonder if it's still open

Posted by: priscus (7267) Report abuse

Posted by: priscus (7267) Report abuse
Set out a couple of times to go to Tommy Balls. I lived in Littleborough at the time, so route to blackburn took me past Owd Betts.

As Poo Bear used to say, always time for a little something!

Did not get any further towards Blackburn!

Posted by: priscus (7267) Report abuse
When I lived in London, next-door neighbour was Swedish, and every year, brought me a pair of Scandi Clogs.

I used to re-sole them with car tyre, as you see in some style of Indian Sandal.

Can't do this any more. I still wear clogs, but the wood is of such poor quality these days, it wears out from within prior to any need to re-sole.

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
I'm glad they weren't inflatables priscus. You might have popped your clogs
You can't beat the oldies

Posted by: dja (81) Report abuse
In the forties mi dad would go to the tip for old bike tyres which he cut into strips and nailed em to our clogs,the good old days eh.

Posted by: r.fisher (589)  Report abuse
no tommy balls long gone


Posted by: kathpressey (4878)  Report abuse
Prince Harry had holes in his shoes at yesterday's wedding

Posted by: spud1 (inactive) Report abuse
Clogs with irons were great for making sparks,when they wore out we took them to Hurst's to have new irons put on,the shop remained the same until it closed decades later.

Posted by: priscus (7267) Report abuse
One day, I ran down West Hill (SW 18) trying to catch a London Bus which was pulling away from the stop.

It was going fairly fast, but I leapt through the intervening space, grabbing the vertical hand rail, and managed to swing myself around it, to land on the bus platform.

I looked back, to see, on the pavement, my footwear disappearing into the distance.

I had jumped clean out of my clogs!

Posted by: kathpressey (4878)  Report abuse
Did you get off and go back for them priscus? I would have!

Posted by: priscus (7267) Report abuse
Absolutely! London pavement painful for bare-footing, had to walk about 400 yards to retrieve them!


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