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What did you achieve by the age of 19
Started by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
That was a phone in question on the radio today and after thinking it over all day I realised I'd done nothing apart from passing my driving test

Anybody do anything exciting

Posted by: momac (9755)  Report abuse
Not really I-spy..but I did get pregnant lol..exciting things came later.

Posted by: berylh (1747) Report abuse
I had embarked upon my nursing career and was a year into my training.

Posted by: berylh (1747) Report abuse
I had embarked upon my nursing career and was a year into my training.

Posted by: Anne (3452)  Report abuse
Got engaged on that birthday.

Posted by: jathbee (9403) Report abuse
Was engaged to my soon to be husband and having the time of my life.

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
Those were the days

Posted by: roylew (3030) Report abuse
I played rugby at Twickenham

Posted by: Bradshaws Girl (62) Report abuse
At the age of 19 I was working full time and running the family home looking after my Dad and younger sister..... my Mum had died suddenly and unexpectedly. When I look back now I don't know how I did it.

Posted by: kathpressey (4878)  Report abuse
O levels and A levels

Posted by: dja (81) Report abuse
Spent those years drinking and chasing girls.x

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
Nothing much has changed then

Posted by: raymyjamie (5661) Report abuse
I was in 'the middle' of my apprenticeship as a draughtsman in the drawing office at Irlam Steel Works.
Using an old fashioned drawing board and tee square, happy days.
How times have changed, when I retired in 2011, I was using a computer and 'modelling' in 3D parametric solids.

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
it was my birthday,i was on a deepwater trawler outa fleetwood..the russians had just opened the white sea to foreign trawlers....because the vessel was rigged with all the up to date gizmo"s..this aroused the suspicians of the reds....they came along side us and ordered us to pull our nets back aboard...an officer and a kid who"s hat was a size to big for him, armed with a machine gun which the rascal had trained on my mid-rifhe wanted to know everything about the equiptment on top of the bridge(the officer)we readily informed him what each piece of equiptment was used for.meanwhile the kid with the automatic kept shifting his gaze from me to the officer....he waqs satisfied with the explanations, and asked for a couple of baskets of cod fish,which we dutifully gave him, then and only then the nervouse kid lowered th automatic, much to my relief.

Posted by: fred mason (2783)   Report abuse
In 1965, I was just 19 years old, married with a beautiful daughter, living in a two up and two down on Ellesmere Rd in Pem, Just half the house and share the bathroom and kitchen,.....I emigrated to Canada...

What an adventure....!!!!


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