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Started by: Anne (3452)  Report abuse
My philosophy is anything that doesn't get done in the morning doesn't get done. After 1 pm is my time, apart from summer evenings pottering in the garden. Do all retirees think along these lines?

Posted by: jathbee (9402) Report abuse
No. Usually after tea.

Posted by: fred mason (2783)   Report abuse
Just the opposite, Anne. The mornings are my time...cup of coffee and my pipe...watch tv or read or work on computer. Afternoons are where I get my jobs done. Very interesting thread though. Just shows the differences between us.

Good one, lass.

Posted by: momac (9755)  Report abuse
I agree Anne,but I come alive again as the evening comes along.

Posted by: Anne (3452)  Report abuse
Nice to see you back again jathbee.
Fred, I like pipe smokers, reminds me of my dad.
Momac, When do you paint?

Posted by: jathbee (9402) Report abuse
Thanks Anne,nice of you to say so.

Posted by: momac (9755)  Report abuse
Anne,it's usually after tea,because I know I probably won't be disturbed then.
Fred,like Anne I always think men that smoke a pipe are so laid back.I love
the smell,remember going for my Grandads when I was a youngster.

Posted by: kathpressey (4876)  Report abuse
I'm retired. I regard all day as my time. Jobs have to be done but if on any given day I don't fancy doing it then I don't [apart from doing dishes which I don't like leaving.]

Posted by: PeterP (6938) Report abuse
Only job that must be done is to tidy the garden and get stuff into the Green bin before that bin day every thing else gets done some time or other.

Posted by: dja (81) Report abuse
Since I retired some sixteen years ago,i decided that after fifty years of work,retirement was going to be one long holiday,with that in mind I found myself a good cleaning lady a good gardening girl,and a handy man,i even have a young lady who calls to groom the dogs,int life great.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5661) Report abuse
Mornings are for 'domestics', cleaning, gardening and the like.
The afternoon is for walks, either local or around Rivington.
The evening is for sitting with my laptop literally on my lap.
I have just upgraded my laptop with new Dell machine, a Dell 17 5770 Inspiron.
17.3" screen size, Intel i5 processor, 8 gig RAM. one terrabyte hard drive, a cracking bit of kit.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
...I want a Mellotron.

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, housework in the morning, pick up grandchildren from school afternoon. Thursday to Sunday at the caravan. Anne and Momac, my Dad smoked a pipe and I love the aroma, You never see them now. Jarvo, what is a Mellotron?! xx.

Posted by: baker boy (14339) Report abuse
KP i,m with you,i take a lot of stirring these days before jobs get done.

Posted by: joemaplin (153)  Report abuse
Jarvo,as used at the start of
strawberry fields forever?
Me too

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
I have to get stuck into physical jobs in the morning. As a rule before I even eat. Can't shop etc. and then start serious gardening.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse


More Mellotron...


Posted by: roylew (3030) Report abuse
Up by 6.30...cuppa and weetabix...make bed general tidy round...go for my walk at 8...back for 10...have my shower.. then the day is mine ...go shops if needed...go for a coffee or glass of wine 2 or 3 times a week with a friend...have the odd game of golf...meet up with old school buddies for a meal...watch black and white film...part of my morning walk takes me to my wifes resting place so I stop and tell her what Iím upto on that day...sounds boring but Iím in the groove and enjoying it....

Posted by: kathpressey (4876)  Report abuse
It sounds like a good life roylew. Simple pleasures and contentmet mean a lot. a 2 hour walk a day is good!

Posted by: irene (2896)  Report abuse
Sounds lovely, roylew.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3307) Report abuse
According to David Icke, time does not exist

Posted by: roylew (3030) Report abuse
Yeh kath..I do 5 to 11 miles each day depending on weather etc...minimum 5 around haigh..canal..and Gidlow cemetery...itís lovely


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