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Saddle Junction traffic to get worse
Started by: basil brush (11430) Report abuse

Posted by: baker boy (14339) Report abuse
so what walshy, no one,s interested who posts on here about the traffic chaos at the saddle or any where else for that matter in WMBC land.

Posted by: momac (9755)  Report abuse
Thanks Basil.

Posted by: basil brush (11430) Report abuse
Your welcome, momac

Posted by: PeterP (6938) Report abuse
If you can avoid it do soWe have started using B&Q at Warrington and can use any supermarket instead of Asda Wigan. We can get into Wigan via Platt Bridge or go via Poolstock there are ways of avoiding the Saddle if you put your mind to it.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3307) Report abuse
Go down Poolstock Lane...

Posted by: tomplum (4975)  Report abuse
no left turn

Posted by: nyce horse (3437) Report abuse
I saw a bike on to last week.



Posted by: baker boy (14339) Report abuse
why did the smart people? who run ? this borough just leave well alone.WMBC MASTERMINDS DO IT AGAIN.

Posted by: Stardelta (6684) Report abuse
Why Brainless?

Because the government is ordering councils to encourage cycling, to make more provision for cyclists and to make the roads safer for them.

Suck it up, bleating about it won't change a thing. You are just making yourself look dafter than usual.

Posted by: tomplum (4975)  Report abuse
Sledge, I welcome the idea of cycle lanes but, The Clowncil win awards on this for overkill, we already have shared paths/cycle lanes with traffic light controls to get across the roadway, why spend zillions and destruction of the ways in and out of Wigan ?

Posted by: Stardelta (6684) Report abuse
You may see it as destruction, others see it as a much needed addition to the town's infrastructure. On that basis who is right and who is wrong?

It's all about opinion, yours is obviously negative.


Take it up with Westminster, Wigan is just doing what it's told

Posted by: tomplum (4975)  Report abuse
As a Wigan resident I see it as a money spending spree, or rather money wasting spree, lets look at whats been spent that was not needed and whats not spent, that is needed,
negatives first, Marus bridge island, bus station, galleries,saddle junction, there may be more but I do not make an index of negatives, these just pop out and scream wasted money,
Now what do we need ?
Town centre clean up, the building opposite the station, the closed shops,the homeless in doorways, public transport, bins emptying,parking restictions out of town, more police, the summer church walking days,
give us what we want, not what you want,

Posted by: Stardelta (6684) Report abuse
I think what you should do is go and tell someone who cares what you think and pick an argument with them instead

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3307) Report abuse
Well at least they have started to build the new road

But as regards the Saddle Junction, the council had said that there would be some disruption due to a couple of cycle lanes being added

What they left out was the fact that the entire junction was being rebuilt, remodeled, whatever you want call it, with every kerb being moved, every island reshaped, so which comedian in the council decided to omit that fact in the press release....

Posted by: basil brush (11430) Report abuse
The council are asking motorists and businesses, to be patient

Posted by: thaknows (401) Report abuse
As TTS say.it seems to me the cycle lane installation is just a cover for the rebuilding of the roundabout, rather than admit they got it wrong again.

Posted by: tomplum (4975)  Report abuse
I also agree with that, Wigan has morons on top money planning our roads, Evidence to that is all over the borough,
Marus bridge island was a super mistake, they've had several attempts at making it better but its so badly planned it can't be put right, the planners forgot to give hawkley Hall residence a way to go round, so now they've made a mish mash U turn to allow them to get home, Its the only place in the World where a driver has to 'give way' to a U turner,

Posted by: baker boy (14339) Report abuse
all,s well in star spangled banner town.if you dont want an argument sad dog why go steaming in like you where personally responsible for the madness of the saddle.
WMBC is just doing has its told,wonder where we have heard that excuse previously.i,m just obeying orders.
why go to the time ,trouble and considerable expense of having 76 councillors whose hands are tied.

Posted by: PeterP (6938) Report abuse
Had to go to Kwik fit this morning and it took 25 min to get from Skew bridge to Kwik fit car park,This was at !0-00 am

Posted by: tomplum (4975)  Report abuse
tip for you Peter, Go to DP tyres top of Landgate, cheaper and he's a good lad,

Posted by: priscus (7267) Report abuse
Only once used Kwik Fit, decades ago, Polo exhaust blew on my way to work, and they were first option I came across.

They made such a lousy job fitting a new exhaust, I had to remove it and refit it myself!

Next time (same car) needed a new exhaust, took it to a main dealer, and guess what? They charged LESS than Kwik Fit, and product lasted about four times longer than did Kwik Fit's.

Will not ever be a returning customer to that lot!

Posted by: PeterP (6938) Report abuse
Tomplum had to go to Kwik fit because they are the localy designated garage for VW Motability cars and I needed the car tracking sorted plus a new tyre Otherwise I could go to any garage I wanted.


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