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Started by: custard (6917)   Report abuse
Anybody growing any tomatoes this year?
Some kind lady in Wigan market gave my fellow a "few" tomato plants he said..
Monday evening a few weeks back after work he said..Our plants are in shed..
So..I had a look and he had got 24 small plants!
24...Had to go to Range and get bamboo sticks and took me ages to pot everyone of them in grow bags..
Now my shed is full of tomato plants.They are at least 3 feet tall now and doing very well..

Posted by: madamehmurray (6144)   Report abuse
wish I could get Bryan to eat any fruit or veggies.

Posted by: custard (6917)   Report abuse
I love fruit and veg but alot of people don't like it Erin..

Posted by: i-spy (14226)  Report abuse
Why are there so many different kinds of tomatoes and why does the price vary so much

Posted by: custard (6917)   Report abuse
No idea I spy. There is alot..I am not buying any now because we have lots of free ones..

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
nothing beats a home grown tomato

Posted by: momac (9446)  Report abuse
I always grow my own,but wish my greenhouse was bigger, Gardeners
Delight is a favourite.

Posted by: PeterP (6806) Report abuse
Growing 5 "tumbling tom red "tomato's which is a bush tomato and grows to about a foot in height. Plenty of small tomato's on the stems

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
I'm still experimenting, I like money makers cos you get good value, big juicy and reliable, I've had various success with others too but money makers always grow, as do cherry toms,

Posted by: priscus (7019) Report abuse
Only growing 'Tumbler' this year, which is a cherry tom. Also only one plant. Did have five, but the intense wind a few weeks back destroyed four of them. (They did well last year)

The heritage variety: 'Ailsa Craig' is the one many gardeners say has the best flavour, but I have tried three times with them, and loss them to blight, blossom end rot, and splitting.

Posted by: custard (6917)   Report abuse
Love growing my own plants..Lucky enough to have a large shed with a corrugated roof, so it's good for growing stuff..
Also from seed I have a few radishes..beetroot..cauliflower. .cherry tomatoes. .and lettuce..
So looking forward to see if they can make it..

Posted by: priscus (7019) Report abuse
Out of all home grown stuff, I think growing own herbs is where the superiority over shop-bought is most marked.

Posted by: broady (14004)   Report abuse
Was on a site in Barry once and right outside the tea hut was a fine, strong tomato plant laden with fruit. All we could surmise is that someone threw the remnant of a tomato “butty ” out of the door and wallah, it grew.

Posted by: priscus (7019) Report abuse
Sewage works tend to get chocked with tomato plants which have grown from the seeds we 'pass'!

Posted by: custard (6917)   Report abuse
I now have small shoots from my radishes..
Not took long..Nothing else popped up yet but really pleased with growing things from seed..

Posted by: custard (6917)   Report abuse
I can't wait to taste my very own tomatoes aswell.. They're little marble size green balls at the moment but they are doing really well...I can't wait..
Really pleased with myself..

Posted by: momac (9446)  Report abuse
Custard,do you know what sort they are..your tomatoes I mean

Posted by: priscus (7019) Report abuse
Try growing French Beans: real Jack and the Beanstalk experience. Only in June, was I planting out 2-3 inch high seedlings, and already they have climbed the full height of the 12 foot canes. Today, the first pod reaching harvesting size, and a whole mealful likely to be on my plate by Monday.

Posted by: custard (6917)   Report abuse
Momac.I know I have quite a few plants and just a few were labelled as cherry tomatoes..quite a few mixed ones actually..I.ll check the labels next time I water and prune them..

Posted by: madamehmurray (6144)   Report abuse
didnt help with the garden this year. My mom had bryan helping till yesterday a bit


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