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co2 and global warming
Started by: baker boy (14070) Report abuse
global warming seems to be concentrating on fossil fuels and car emissions.fair enough,but what about the billions of plastic fizzy drinks bottles packed with the gas and the use of the gas as a food preservative in another billion packages .
does anyone know the tonnage of gas used in just these two examples of co2 usage. perhaps a rethink on all use of the gas must be considered.

Posted by: broady (14004)   Report abuse
I know they canít be avoided but the volcano in Hawaii and the fires all round the world must be negating everything gained by all the measures to curb emissions.

Posted by: chris southworth (563) Report abuse
There is no such thing as man made global warming. What you say Broady is correct.
A small size volcano emits more CO2 in 36 hrs than the whole human race does in an entire year.
So considering that there are probably about 30 plus volcanoes erupting at any one time on the planet, it puts our miniscule contribution into perspective.
However there is now a complete industry built up around the man made global warming myth and a lot of people are making vast sums of money from it

Posted by: MarieM (5218) Report abuse
What caused global warming to end the ICE AGE nearly 12,000 years ago.

Posted by: MarieM (5218) Report abuse
Does anyone have any idea.

Posted by: broady (14004)   Report abuse
There is a message for you on WR.

Posted by: MarieM (5218) Report abuse
I've just seen it broady. Thank you

Posted by: chris southworth (563) Report abuse
MarieM, the ice age didn't just end 12,000 yrs ago. It reached a peak about 60,000 yrs ago and gradually the climate got warmer until the last glaciers left the British Isles about 12,000 yrs ago.
The climate has slowly and steadily warmed since then with one or two relapses such as the "mini Ice Age" in the 17th,18th and early 19th centuries.
We are actually in a warm phase between Ice Ages, and this is the only reason why mankind has been able to flourish so well.
During the last ice age, the very small human population was concentrated in a narrow band around the world roughly between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
Only since the retreat of the glaciers has mankind been able to expand north and south to what we have now.
Contrary to what the global warmists tell us, it will be the return of the ice sheets that seals the fate of mankind as we know it.
However, it won't happen like a disaster movie, in a few weeks or months, it will be over many tens of thousands of years.

Posted by: MarieM (5218) Report abuse
Thanks Chris. Very interesting.


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