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My favourite pub
Started by: i-spy (14278)  Report abuse
Back in the day it was the White Horse on Standish gate and it's good to see that the old pub's name is back and the sign of the White horse is above the door again

Posted by: jarvo (28939)  Report abuse
I will always have fond memories of the Old Still in Wolverhampton. Situated in King Street in the town centre, this was the first pub that I ever went in as a young 16 year old with 'Som', way back in the early seventies.

UTM: You remember Som. How's he doing these days?

Posted by: i-spy (14278)  Report abuse
Great name for a pub. Can smell the whisky

Posted by: custard (6927)   Report abuse
I spy. .The White Horse as only recently changed back to it's original name..
Everyone knows it as The jampot..
It's been Hartley's for quite a few years..

Posted by: mortarmillbill (428) Report abuse
Park Hotel near the old market square. Ideal for courting couples.

No distractions from mobile phones in them days

Posted by: i-spy (14278)  Report abuse
I was terrified of Mrs Brown

Posted by: roylew (3003) Report abuse
Upstairs in the Clarence

Posted by: broady (14055)   Report abuse
I went in there Roylew every Tuesday and Thursday at least. Eight pints of DD for a pound.

Posted by: gideonfel (299) Report abuse
Crofters in the sixties. We'd all be wearing suits, and for the first half hour on a Saturday night we'd all sit round with a pint of Walker's Bitter reading the 'Pink' which always had the report of the Wigan game we'd watched that same afternoon. Then off to the Clarence, then the Bier Keller, finishing off in the Pacific Ocean for a Special [with fried rice and the egg on top!] Happy days!

Posted by: mortarmillbill (428) Report abuse
From the young ones on here the DD that Broady refers to is Double Diamond not Direct Debit

Posted by: roylew (3003) Report abuse
Good times...m6 breakdown band in the bier keller

Posted by: basil brush (10560) Report abuse
Norley, now part shop

West ward, now housing

White lion, now a kids nursery

Posted by: baker boy (14120) Report abuse

dont come any better than walshy closes every pub he has frequented and little wonder.
he probably bored the landlord and customers to death.

Posted by: builderboy (2034) Report abuse
British Queen, Pemberton Legion, Travellers Rest, Jem Lowes and Miners Lamp are all just memories

Posted by: baker boy (14120) Report abuse
i missed the eckersley,s arms in poolstock when i moved away,frank makin a teller of many tales and anecdotes,marvellous landlord.

Posted by: basil brush (10560) Report abuse
I bet it was a bonus when you moved away kipling

Posted by: jarvo (28939)  Report abuse
The old White Swan was the best, when Ken and Eileen had it. But it could never beat the Trav's for quality. I can still hear Bernard's scouse tones...

"Ok, Dad, what yer havin'?"

Posted by: basil brush (10560) Report abuse
Brilliant times

Posted by: i-spy (14278)  Report abuse
I feel sorry for most landlords these days. They're not there long enough to get to know their customers

Posted by: jathbee (9199) Report abuse
There are just three pubs left in the centre of Pem. It's any ones guess how much longer they will hang on. Takeaways have far more customers than these pubs. It's a shame really but a sign of the times.

Posted by: mindar (1077) Report abuse
Not been in a pub for years, I wonder how many pubs in pem still offer their customers after hours?

Posted by: whups (3155)  Report abuse
a mate of mine used to go in some of those pubs like jem lowes .miners lamp .jack turner , does anyone know him . and john waites went in the travellers rest .

Posted by: basil brush (10560) Report abuse
Don't need after time, just apply for a later license.

Agreed with I-spy

Posted by: aitch (5487)   Report abuse
My first pub was the Amberswood hotel known as the little hole, there used to be around a dozen of us frequented this before we went on the Wigan trawl and never had trouble after that when a few of us started courting we went in different pubs ours was the Lancashire union now known as the la cava many happy days or nights spent in that watering hole


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