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Started by: hurricane (57)  Report abuse
Anyone noticed there has not been a word on the news about D-day, i think it's disgusting.

Posted by: grimshaw (1405)  Report abuse
Spot on hurricane .

The longest day eh.

Bravery beyond belief.

Posted by: dave© (3472) Report abuse
BBC4 is currently showing a documentary on it.

Posted by: peebee (275)  Report abuse
No offence to any one, or the brave and courageous people who fought to keep this country free and in doing so let me ask this question without getting locked up or worse, but is there a time limit to when we stop celebrating the second world war. I am NOT saying forget about it , maybe when the last person involved passes away there won't be any disrespect to any ex soldiers. What's your thoughts please.

Posted by: peter g (2148)  Report abuse
What about the relatives of those killed then.

Posted by: kathpressey (4801)  Report abuse
I think celebrating is the wrong word.Our wars should always be remembered as a form of respect I think. Which we do on 11/11 each year.

Posted by: peebee (275)  Report abuse
I understand about the relatives, but where if anywhere do you draw the line. The Boer war, the battle of Trafalgar, and so on how far along the family tree do you go. I am not being flippant or anti war, I just wondered how other people felt about this topic.

Posted by: jathbee (9199) Report abuse
I think the OP says it all. People who died to defend this country's freedom should always be remembered. My husbands's grandad was blown to pieces in WW1 and his own dad spent a lot of time in a POW camp in Gremany in WW11 and was starved to the point of near death, it left him with a heart condition that eventually killed him.
Our children and our grandchildren know of their sacrifices and I have no doubt that their stories will be past down through generations to come.

Many others have and are still losing their lives still, in other countries. So I'm of the mind that no war and the people who fought in them should be allowed to slip into oblivion.

Posted by: mindar (1077) Report abuse

Forgetting the past makes us repeat the same mistakes over and over. Never forget, always remember and remind

Posted by: upthetims (6505) Report abuse

Disgusting that kids nowadays not taught history,mind you I had 50 odd yr old neighbours who didn't know WW2 was 1939/45.Education system gone to pot

Posted by: roylew (3003) Report abuse
Just remember the people...not the wars

Posted by: TerryA (9) Report abuse
We must always remember what those brave men and women fought and died for. If we donít then their ultimate sacrifice will have been for nothing.
If we donít learn from history then we are doomed to make the same mistakes in the future.
If we ignore history then we have no future.

Posted by: jathbee (9199) Report abuse
We remember Monarchs from the past and the battles that they fought, so it is right that we remember more modern wars and the men and women who fought for this country. We do them a great disservice if we don't.
And the atrocities that were perpetrated against some nations.

Posted by: grimshaw (1405)  Report abuse


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