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Question for Tom Plumb
Started by: priscus (7112) Report abuse

First off, apols for my absence from here for last six months: my arthritic fingers not been up to using keyboard.

Anyhow, my Qu.

Having a nackered bath tap, have decided to replace with a batth filler/shower mixer.

Should I place a double check valve in the cold water feed to this?

I would have thought such devices would have incorporated some such function, but nowt int description informs me that they do!

My cold water pressure normally delivers around 13 litres per min, but on rare occasions will disappear completely. (Not being caused by any other water draws within the property) When this happens, should the mixer be in use, I am concerned that hot supply from a header tank will feed through the mixer to the cold supply.

Thanks in advance, and regards to all on WW.

Have looked in from time to time, and my thoughts are with you, even though I have not been joining in.

Posted by: tomplum (4932)  Report abuse
hello priscus, and yes, a check valve on the cold would be need to stop any back pressure getting into the cold,
I feel your pain Priscus with the arthritis in the hands, I too have had to stop work because of that very reason, I've also had to end my dreams of joining the rolling stones for their next gig,

ah well,,

Posted by: priscus (7112) Report abuse
Thanks, tom.

I had tried googling my Qu.

There is an incredible amount of disagreement amongst plumbers in the post concerning when NRVs needed, and over the interpretation of the meaning of the Water Regs. But I figured in said situation is desirable to have one. There is alrady an NRV protecting supply to Kitchen and B room on this storey, (not sure why) but this does not stop contamination of my own drinking water supply if said backflow occurs.

Sympathies indeed, tom. My most prized possesion: my grand piano is about to be contributed to a music school. boohoo

Posted by: tomplum (4932)  Report abuse
my hands can still play piano/keyboards as I still have enough knuckle movement and wrist movement, its the grip motion that has become impossible, I can't close my fingers to form a fist or grip things and this means pressing strings against a fret, non do able, So now my time is spent practicing boogie Woogie,

Posted by: priscus (7112) Report abuse
What about your Dobro? Is that any easier to play? doent need grip round the neck, but I suppose sliding the strings is then challenging to grip?

Posted by: cordyline (4781)   Report abuse
Tom, I'm in a band

..called The Taxpayers

We've supported Queen and Prince for years.....

Posted by: tomplum (4932)  Report abuse
cordyline, yea, I'm in that band too, they told me,
" everytime you play a song, they get the 'royaltys' , thats just how it works i'm afraid,'s


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