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Physic Reading in the wigan market
Started by: ann-spam (3333)  Report abuse
Who beleives in this tarot stuff

Posted by: peter g (2103)  Report abuse
Not me

Posted by: laughing gravy (3992) Report abuse
load of bullocks ask um why they have telephone numbers if they were truely psychic they would know you wanted THEM!!....

Posted by: admin (457) Report abuse
A sign outside says "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY" I'm sure I could get better 'entertainment' for my 10.

Posted by: broady (13942)   Report abuse
Certainly not me.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2930) Report abuse
Yoo have spelt it wrong, it should be Sikick Reading 📖

Posted by: jathbee (9179) Report abuse
No chance of me parting with a tenner for that kind of (entertainment)

Posted by: chatty (6281)  Report abuse
Go in intending to do a runner, if they ask for the money upfront you know they're are kosher.

Posted by: jathbee (9179) Report abuse
I can't run 😂 Too old 😂 I would have to pay.

Posted by: billy (26047)  Report abuse
theres one on leigh market....charges 30 for half hour....psychic and or spiritual...ya takes ya pick.all reports say he"s very good.

Posted by: jathbee (9179) Report abuse
30. A fool and his money comes to mind.

Posted by: whacker (618) Report abuse
There is no such thing as a psychic, only people who call themselves such. It is a total fraud. Any magic shop will sell you a book on how to become one. Richard Webber, a woman named Rothschild, and a man named Nelson, are but a few of the authors.

Davenport's Magic Shop in London, is online. Look for publications on psychics, or cold reading, as it is properly called.

When fortune telling became a criminal act, these charlatans began calling themselves psychics. Why this scam is not illegal, I shall never know.

Posted by: billy (26047)  Report abuse
i consider myself very fortunate to have had more proof of the genuine article than all the knockers out there
sure i agree theres a helluva lot of frauds out there and
not only in the psychicworld.....i have travelled the lenghth and brath of this great country, and i was amazed at the fine structures called churches?some massive som medium sme small...all there in their own plot of land..where did all that money come frome to erect such fine structures??>?another thing i learned, alll the farms painted cream and green belonged to who?????yup, the church....a very well healed business considering they are alledgedly repreenting a man born in a stable??look at the number of charities going the course? anothwr fraudulent business if everthere was one....tugging at your heart strings for you to part with your money?frauds there are "MANY"but the real thing is out there believe me..........thats me finished on the fraud post, i would be here forever to make ya see the light..

Posted by: tomplum (4891)  Report abuse
that one in Blackpool shut down, on the door it say


Posted by: billy (26047)  Report abuse


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