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Started by: admin (472) Report abuse
Do people still whistle tunes? My dad was always whistling various tunes, but I can't remember the last time I heard someone walking along whistling a tune Maybe it was Ronnie Ronalde

Posted by: watchalot (967) Report abuse
every time i start to whistle a tune my misses says shurrup

Posted by: momac (9522)  Report abuse
My Dad was a brilliant whistler,I still have a tape of him whistling a song in
1970,I started to copy him,but my Grandma who was Irish said "A whistlin'
woman and a crowing hen brings the devil out of his den.

Posted by: admin (472) Report abuse

Posted by: momac (9522)  Report abuse
Apart from the bird sounds,it reminded me of my Dad..I wonder why we
don't hear whistling nowadays..it's so comforting.

Posted by: Anne (3428)  Report abuse
Could it be because today's pop music doesn't lend itself easily to whistling and humming. Don't really know because I don't listen nowadays.

Posted by: momac (9522)  Report abuse
I think people are more stressed generally nowadays than they used to be.
it's only my opinion.

Posted by: kathpressey (4800)  Report abuse
out shopping last week and wearing my new hearing aids. I thought someone was behind me whistling but he was a builder up the scaffolding. It was very cheerful and nice to hear. Coming back te same way he was still whistling the same tune so I bet his workmates get a bit fed up of it!

Posted by: irene (2895)  Report abuse
You always heard whistling when I was a little girl in Ince.....the milkman, the coal-man, the paperlad and even men just walking along the street whistled a tune. It was such a cheerful sound.

Posted by: ayrefield (4465) Report abuse
Nowadays folks are too busy talking constantly into a phone to be whistling, and I'm sure half of them are talking to themselves at that.

Roger Whittaker was an excellent whistler.

Mexican Whistle aka Too Much Birdseed

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
dont whistle on board any ship ya may be on.....old superstision you are whistling up a "GALE"

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
i paid two and a half grand for my hearing aids kath.....they are useless. are yours private kath?

Posted by: ayrefield (4465) Report abuse
billy, I got fitted with a hearing aid at the Linacre Centre and that was good, surprising the sounds you can hear again, though I've lost it now and searched high and low but it can't be found and I'm wondering if our dog has buried it somewhere. The initial one was free, though for a replacement I'll have to pay.

Posted by: billy (26053)  Report abuse
what kind of loot are they asking forAYRE?any idea?

Posted by: mortarmillbill (428) Report abuse
I think swmbo paid 90 for her replacement.


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