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Work in progress - Small coffee table
Started by: cordyline (4309)   Report abuse
Here is my latest effort; my first Lathe and Bandsaw attempt

Started off as 4" x 4" redwood

Oak base pieces: 3 mm thick steel squares for top of legs to underside of table

Base pieces shaped provisionally with new Bandsaw; my first bandsaw cuts -- only bought B/S last week

Provisional mock-up

Walnut table top is 40 pieces of 0.8" sticks
With some water sprayed on to give idea of finish

All parts will get a thorough sanding/filing etc before some stain and finish

Posted by: tomplum (4549)  Report abuse
nice work cordyline,

Posted by: momac (8606)  Report abuse
That's raw talent cordy....lovely work.

Posted by: Anne (3214)  Report abuse
I do enjoy Cordy's posts, always something of interest going on.

Posted by: turbo (2123) Report abuse
Nice work Cordy, the natural gain will come out lovely when it's stained

Posted by: Anne (3214)  Report abuse
cordy..... is the embroidery someone's handiwork?

Posted by: cordyline (4309)   Report abuse
No Anne we are not into embroidery

Posted by: cordyline (4309)   Report abuse
Mixed Fiddes Mahogany dye with Tung oil and thinners

The top will be the underside of table; testing mix ratios

The metal plates may be an overkill but the top sits on level

Pocket holes and Domino Dowels secure the base

Posted by: cordyline (4309)   Report abuse
Progress, the uprights and base have Morrells red Mahogany dye followed by Tung oil/White Spirit
Table top likewise but Mahogany dye

With a small Goblet they helped me to make at Wigan Woodturners Club last night

More like the actual colour in this shot

More Tungoil/Thinners tomorrow then finish off with Briwax

Posted by: lectriclegs (2985) Report abuse
Very nice, Cordy.

Posted by: irene (2752)  Report abuse
It won't let me see the pics! Just got little squares with crosses in, How frustrating! Am I doing something wrong?

Posted by: cordyline (4309)   Report abuse
Pics are still there; you may have a blocker on your computer
The photos are on Imgur

Posted by: dave b (1215)  Report abuse
Hi cordyline heres a Lamp table i made for my brother a number of years ago, top is Brazilian mahogany mdf,with moulded lippings, all the rest is Brazilian mahogany.
I made a full size template, out of hardboard for the legs a profile shape of half the leg, as to get all the legs the same on the lathe, all the rails are mortised and tenioned by hand.
Then clear varnished.

just sorting photos out

Posted by: dave b (1215)  Report abuse

Posted by: dave b (1215)  Report abuse

Posted by: dave b (1215)  Report abuse
Asked my brother to send me the photos,as i didnt have any on my laptop, thought it might be of interest to you,and give you some ideas.cheers dave

Like your table ,looks a sturdy solid job,grain always looks good when you cut curves,like on your table feet,nice choice of colour too well done

Posted by: cordyline (4309)   Report abuse
First class workmanship there Dave
A gradely job !

Posted by: dave b (1215)  Report abuse
Thanks ,it still looks good after all this time,

Posted by: dave b (1215)  Report abuse
This was an strange one someone ask me to a make casket for ashes,so i looked online to get a few ideas and was surprised how much these things cost.
So i had some yellow pine in my workshop, the casket wasnt going in the ground ,it was going one of those concrete boxes with a fixed top.I made the lid a tight fit to be glued on after ashes were put in.
My boss always said ,"if it can be made of wood we can make it"
Think he was right

made in 2013

Posted by: irene (2752)  Report abuse
They have appeared now. Very impressive! Well done! x.

Posted by: cordyline (4309)   Report abuse
Practicing wood-turning
Small Beech goblet

Small plate is Poplar

This fruit-bowl is a failure so far;
jumped off the lathe while turning
A lump was knocked out on impact with the concrete floor
It's about 7 inch diameter by 4 inches high

Might try to fix it on Monday

Posted by: cordyline (4309)   Report abuse
Result.... sort of

Posted by: laughing gravy (3330) Report abuse
looks good enough to eat your dinner off...

Posted by: momac (8606)  Report abuse
They all look beautiful..you're very talented Cordyline.

Posted by: Anne (3214)  Report abuse
Cordy.... if you ever have too many I would gladly relieve you of them..... beautiful.


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