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Iím leaving home
Started by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Well Iíve sold my house on the A49 Marus Bridge and moving to the A49 on the other side of town...expected to move on 25th February...my 67th birthday

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3040)  Report abuse
I sincerly all goes well Roylew it's a pity we never met i live down CARR LANE, so are you moving onto a49 that will be the road going up to the hospital and boar's head?

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2930) Report abuse

Have you ever heard of a John Smith who lived/lives in your present vicinity.

Posted by: Anne (3389)  Report abuse
Never too late, all the best in your new home.

Posted by: PeterP (6771) Report abuse
The stress of moving is getting rid of the items which you have never needed but you know will only clutter up your new homeGood luck in your new home

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
We moved into this house in 1985..it was owned by the Smiths then TTS..they had a bakery in Bryn...I donít know if his first name was John...they had a daughter

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
GB...moving into an apartment..Thornhill Gardens about 200 yards before boars head on the other side of road....will be de cluttering definately

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2930) Report abuse

No it will be a different Smith, he was around there as I know of until about 1988 but thank you for answering me and on about Thornhill Gardens I know some one who lived there for a while and they complained about the lack of parking spaces, inconsiderate parking and stand offish neighbours and they also have one of these car park companies there, who enforce parking regulations and give out penalty notices, if you don't park in a space, but all the best though, that comes from about three years ago

Posted by: irene (2888)  Report abuse
Good Luck with the move, Roylew. You may be moving house but make sure you stay on Wigan World. xx.

Posted by: nyce horse (3396) Report abuse
I remember changing the brake pads on Mr.Smith's Rover 2000 at that house, back in the sixties.

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Nice horse..yeh there was a double garage at the back with a pit in there..I had it all knocked down ages ago but you accessed the garage from Hawkeye Avenue which is a small unadapted road

Posted by: cordyline (4707)   Report abuse
Have you ever been to Singapore ?

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3040)  Report abuse
ROYLEW: Hope all goes well i don't know if you have done a move before but all i know it is a stressful time we moved from Hindley Green in 2008 to Carr Lane downsize from a large 3 bed/semi to a 2 bed bungalow. I'm just getting over it(haha) wish you all the very best ROY! OH by the way i will be passing you almost every other day as my daughter lives just round from where you will be , she lives in Chorley Road in house just over railway bridge on the right she like 's it up there!

Posted by: jouell (4504) Report abuse
I am toying with the idea of downsizing, lived in this house for 30yrs.. The house is at a time when more and more things fall apart, money going out hand over fist, to fix and repair.. The garden, ( we're on a quarter of a acre ),though not huge, is getting difficult for me to maintain in this Florida climate..
I have heard so many people telling of how stressful removing from your possession personal items and de cluttering is, I am already stressed out....

Posted by: PeterP (6771) Report abuse
Jouell when we downsized from a 3 bed terraced house with all the glory holes -under stairs -pantry-attic plus a garage and shed to a 2 bed bungalow I vowed to get rid of things we never used or had know were to put them. I must have done at least 20 visits to the charity shops +skips and got rid of every thing from book cases to lava lamps.You have to have a mind set of well I have not used them for so long I am not going to miss them. The only thing I have in the attic is the Christmas tree/decorations and 2 suitcases(with retractable handles and wheels) which may be the next items to goWe bought these suitcases for holidays abroad but now tour round the uk and only need 1 suitcase which we keep in the bedroom.If the mind set is right you don't miss anything that has never been used for years

Posted by: xenon (95) Report abuse
I wish I could be like you PeterP,it would be a nightmare if ever I decided to move!I find it very difficult to throw anything away.Things I have had for years like books,paintings,ornaments,(even clothes) etc. I keep purely because I HAVE had them for years and can't bear to part with them,especially if someone has given me something as a gift,then I would feel really guilty.

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Cordyline..yes been to Singapore in Dec 1974...care of the RN...and again in Feb 2013 as part of a cruise

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
Only had it on the market for 6 weeks...all the credit for that must go to my dear departed Jean...she kept the house and gardens beautiful but homely

Posted by: jouell (4504) Report abuse
xenon, that is my problem.. It is the personal things like, as you say, books, gifts, I have things my Mam and Dad gave me as gifts, years and years ago, things like that.. Clothes and house things I donate to Salvation Army.. But personal things I can't part with.. Of course when ...you know... I won't have any choice, til that day though, I have to keep them...


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