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Mr Blair
Started by: Platty (127) Report abuse
I see that Tony Blair has produced a 32 report backing his reasons for remaining in the EU. He doesn't mention how much he and his family would benefit from remaining. He is calling for an election and referendum on staying/leaving the EU on a reformed EU. Cameron put forward reforms which were rejected, they're not mentioned either.

I wonder if, had the referendum result been that we remain in the EU, he would be calling for another referendum on a reformed EU, to see if we were in favour of leaving the EU.

Posted by: builderboy (2024) Report abuse
The man has a skin thicker than a crocodile as he appears to have no idea of the contempt in which he is held by all right thinking individuals.

Posted by: jathbee (9179) Report abuse
Yet again he is trying to override the will of the people of this country. The arrogance of him and most politicians in this country is astounding.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2930) Report abuse
The man is a delooded monster...

Posted by: roylew (2963) Report abuse
A rich one

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2930) Report abuse
Yes, he's done alright for 'his' self, so much for socialist principles,

Posted by: jathbee (9179) Report abuse
There is nothing wrong with the socialist principles. Just that Tony Blair and a lot more labour politicians don't have them.

Posted by: billy (26047)  Report abuse
this new leader(a Marxist among other farrrrrr left goons along with his other Marxist buddy,will beat the hell outa this country if the young uns fall fall for all all his promises?????


Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3040)  Report abuse
Well after doing a bit of browsing on T.Blair, i was shocked ,i have to admit that i have only just found out the the Labour/EX.P.M, M.P IS ACTUALLY SCOTTISH BEING BORN IN EDINBURGH ON 6th MAY 1953 , Well i always thowt he were English. This toe-rag has also a coat of arms ::

So this staunch socialist has blooish blood running thro him ,he is no more a socialist than marg thatcher ( his mate) Thus back to the main point if you care to cast your mind back to the start of his dsecond term in office, well over items concerning the E.U. he consistantly kept on repeating that we (BRITAIN) had to meet 5 important test's before we could and should stay/remain/go/ or what ever, as we all know now they were never met those 5 items ,i have to admit i was washed up by the tide of Blairism i have to confess, i don't think i should be hanged drawn quartered for it! I suppose after all thos bloody awful yars of thatcherism /and the stinking tories that is probably my reason for doig that, yet what sticks in my gullet that he has the gaul to now attempt to interfere with a DEMOCRATIC VOTE BY THE BRITISH PEOPLE . And is trying to undermine this truly democratic vote. MY message to him and all his remainers is quite simple accept democracy or if not JUST PACK UP AND LEAVE . OH and take the jumped up tory tony wi ya !

Posted by: peawapp (4978)  Report abuse
Jezza has captured the Hearts and minds of the young. and as the young are the future of this Country His time will most definitely come and when it does I wish him all the good luck in the world, it always amuses me when People know what is going to happen if Mr Corbyn gets in, it was the same with Michael foot, it was the same with Neil Kinnock ,and it was the same with Ed Miliband ,some People always know what's going to happen ,what I want to know is how do they know this ,Peawapp suggests too much reading of the Scum .I hesitate to call it a Newspaper

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2930) Report abuse

Did you ever watch a most excellent TV series in the late 1980's which was called

"A Very British Koo"

It was about what happened when a left wing Labour government came to power

Posted by: stacker lee (291) Report abuse
Tommy Two Stroke, That wasn't a documentary it was fiction. You need a Father Ted-like figure with his toy cows to explain the difference to you (Dougal, these are small, those are far away)!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2930) Report abuse
Where does it say that hiit was a documentary


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