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How and when did we get so lazy..........
Started by: i-spy (13885)  Report abuse
went veg shopping today and just about everything is available ready prepared.
There were sliced mushrooms, peeled spuds, carrot and turnip, carrot batons etc.
Knives no longer required

Posted by: priscus (6637) Report abuse
You might be glad of them if you find your hand functioning becomes compromised.

That said, I do endeavour to prep my own veg, even though it is frequently a challengingly painful experience.

Posted by: irene (2844)  Report abuse
Yes, but they don't keep long when they are ready-prepared.

Posted by: PeterP (6588) Report abuse
Ready prepared veg can be handy if there is only one person eaten it

Posted by: irene (2844)  Report abuse
I agree, Peter P.....I wasn't knocking them; I just said they don't keep as long. I am the frozen mash Queen! It is wonderful, and, with a bit of hot milk, butter or cheese spread, every bit as good as doing from scratch, in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the gas/electric..... it is nothing like dried, constituted potato, eg Smash, at all....it is brilliant. I am all for saving time and money. x.

Posted by: Anne (3341)  Report abuse
I must be the laziest I buy frozen. I do so because I read there is greater loss of nourishment/vitamins in 'fresh' because they start to deteriorate from the moment picked. How long are they on the road before they reach your plate, three days, a week? Frozen stop deteriorating a few hours after picking owing to the speed of processing.

Posted by: grimshaw (1197)  Report abuse

Its also nice with a little apple sauce ,i often boil the potatos with an apple or add apple sauce pre mashing ,

Posted by: irene (2844)  Report abuse
Thankyou, Grimshaw! xx.

Posted by: momac (9144)  Report abuse
Anne,I agree,there is a great loss of vitamins by the time they get to the
consumer..I read up a lot on healthy eating and frozen veg is top of the list.
carrots,sprouts and green beans are lovely from the freezer.

Posted by: SoniaB (63) Report abuse
Yes, I agree. Frozen vegetables are brilliant.Carrot and swede mash is delicious, no need to add anything at all except maybe a pinch of nutmeg.

Posted by: daveŠ (3456) Report abuse
Carrot and swede/turnip mashed, bit of black pepper with a little margarine/butter! Tastes great. Think it was old WW2 food idea.

Posted by: kathpressey (4656)  Report abuse
mum always liked to look for dirty potatoes in the market. She said they kept better. messy peeling though!

Posted by: priscus (6637) Report abuse
Yes, when I have grown spuds, towards the end of their keeping period, I have observed the preserving effect of a layer of clayey soil clinging to skin.

Not sure if I would apply the same criteria when buying them though. After all, I am paying for that weight of potato, not wishing to buy a few ounces of soil along with them.


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