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Homeless People in Wigan
Started by: Tommy Two Stroke (2884) Report abuse
Just recently I have noticed several people sleeping outside, rough in Wigan Town Centre, with their sleeping bags, cardboard, scruffy clothing etc and not forgetting there begging cup, a plastic drinks cup out of a vending machine ...

Town Hall Leythers staff have got sick of em in Leigh and have sent them packing, back to Manchester, they cleared their tent village and kicked homeless folk out Leigh, during their dinner hour, they asked binmen to do it, but binmen told them to sod off, because had they had a darts match on, back at depot ...


Homeless have been coming here, because Andy Burnham is getting on their backs in central Manchester, by giving them somewhere to go in the daytime and somewhere to sleep at night, getting them off the streets, but in doing so he is taking their living off them, now that sounds stupid doesn't it, but remember, many a true word is spoken in jest, this is exemplified by the 'ex leper sketch in Monty Pythons Life of Brian'


So that is why Wigan is becoming overrun with beggars and homeless folk, its Andy Burnham's fault ...

And there is a chap who sits on the pavement outside of McDonald's in Standishgate in Wigan, he has a begging cup and a white stick, he says and acts as if he is blind, but he is not blind, he is putting it on, so folk will give him more money and I know that is a shocking thing to say

But it is true though

Posted by: ayrefield (4465) Report abuse
There was a bloke sat at the lights outside of Tesco Wigan a few weeks back with a collecting cup and a cardboard written message, he's now gone, but the other day a woman was sat at the lights at the end of Gower Street in Newtown with a collecting cup and a written message on a piece of card. I suppose the reports of them making quite a good living out of it may well be true in some cases, Arthur Conan Doyle in his Sherlock Holmes stories wrote about the wealthy man living a very profitable double life as a beggar, The Man With The Twisted Lip, so the rumours must have been rife back then too.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2884) Report abuse
They are cheeky beggars I can you that ...

Posted by: jathbee (9171) Report abuse
There is help in Wigan if they choose to take it. It's difficult to know who is and isn't genuine. I just donate food to the Brick Project.

Posted by: upthetims (6505) Report abuse

Alkies and smack rats.People offer them food and get loads of abuse.They only want money to feed their habits,getting sweet fa off me

Posted by: jathbee (9171) Report abuse
Nor me. They are a plague on society.

Posted by: PeterP (6715) Report abuse
Which is worse in the centre of Wigan the beggars or the chuggers

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2884) Report abuse
Wots a chugger

Posted by: Stardelta (6428) Report abuse

Those annoyingly keen individuals who stop you in the street and try to get you to make a charity donation.......on a commission basis.

Posted by: peter g (2057)  Report abuse
Stardelta just ask them are they working for nothing or do they get paid you won't get an answer.

Posted by: Stardelta (6428) Report abuse
They take a cut from every donation and a fixed amount if you sign up for a direct debit.

Posted by: Stardelta (6428) Report abuse
The council could I suppose ban them from the streets but then there would be a huge public outcry and accusations from people like Hossy that they were 'anti-charity'.

Posted by: linma (2434) Report abuse
The police are moving the beggars on on Fishergate in Preston they are now continually giving them 5 minutes to go. It appears that 80 per cent of them are not homeless.

Posted by: peter israel (587)  Report abuse
[They take a cut from every donation and a fixed amount if you sign up for a direct debit.]
yes its called a job?? there cut is 10%
All charities take up to 35% for administration... and that is after the 10% the only people who dont under stand this is the ones who give small amounts 1 pound or 2 pound.. so what is better the beggar or charities????

Posted by: peawapp (4968)  Report abuse
A homeless person in Leigh passed away last weekend ,a group of kind folk have been busy collecting money to give this man a decent burial, also collecting Clothes and blankets for other homeless in leigh, one of which is the deceased's Brother, this is indeed a very sad atate of affairs ,although not I'm afraid unusual in May's Britain, it is ever thus when the evil Tories are in power, also I do find it strange that someone has attempted to blame Mester Burnham for the homeless in Wigan ,they remind me of about 4 People on the Absolute Leigh site who whenever anything has occured in the fair Town of Leyth that isn't to their liking for instance the Bin men haven't been ,or the Town centre make over is taking too long they dive on the site to tell us all that it's Andys fault, very much in the manner of whenever a brawl or a fight broke out at the Leigh match it was alway's Gareth Hock's fault I'm getting bloody sick of it

Posted by: PeterP (6715) Report abuse
Was the last part of your comments true though

Posted by: peawapp (4968)  Report abuse
of course it wasn't he was alwaays the target of the refs ,especially the worst Referee ever the Soldier from Wiggin

Posted by: jathbee (9171) Report abuse
I totally ignore chuggers no matter which town I'm in. Their hard faced approach annoys the life out of me and I'm definetly not signing up to a monthly amount. I have no intention of giving them 10p out of every pound I give to charity. The executive's of these companies earn fortunes on the back of people's generosity. I will decide where my donations go and it won't be coinage. Sick of seeing how some people abuse the charity of others. The goods donated to charity shops are picked over before they even reach the shop shelves. Cynical, yes I am and it comes from experiencing how low some people will stoop to get a sticky finger in the pie.


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