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Eateries in Wigan
Started by: Platty (126) Report abuse
Hello everyone. Can anyone suggest an eaterie in Wigan for old people? Our family, now in our 60s (brothers and lots of sisters) and beyond like to meet a couple of times or more a year. We've been to the White Crow, The Beeches, The Owls, etc., but as the driving for some becomes less we're looking for something more central. Anything on the lines of the White Crow, etc., i.e. not italian, mexican, ethiopian, mongolian, etc., but more central and accessible. Any ideas people?

Posted by: tonker (19597)   Report abuse
Have you tried This Place?

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2884) Report abuse

Posted by: jathbee (9171) Report abuse

Posted by: Platty (126) Report abuse
Tonker: They don't serve Guinness.

Jathbee: Thanks for that.

Other suggestions welcome.

Posted by: PeterP (6715) Report abuse
Brocket arms

Posted by: jathbee (9171) Report abuse
Fat Olive.

Posted by: SoniaB (68) Report abuse
Tonker, so hilarious......not

Posted by: Verlaine (15) Report abuse
Where is the best place to eat for a night out in Wigan and district ?

Years ago, my wife and I used to love going to the Mawdesley Arms for a special occasion - no more. We had a good spell going to the Beeches, but again things went downhill there, adn that has shut. One of our favourites places was Churchills at Dean Wood Golf Club, and the Fox at Roby Mill. Real good times at these places, aslas no more...

Posted by: tomplum (4847)  Report abuse
tonkers link,,,I have to say that, If macdonalds was bad, why has it got so many branches in the world, there are 5 in wigan that I know, each are busy when you go past, the drive ins have loads of cars queueing for their meal/snack, So the drivers are not kids, So it speaks for itself, I've took my wife out many a time and told her, " I'm taking you to a World renound restaurant that has eateries in Paris,NewYork,Sydney,Honk kong and many other major cities of the World, " I got her a meal deal of cheese burger,frys and a tea with a flurry ice cream for under a fiver, So , whats not to like ?

Posted by: tonker (19597)   Report abuse
There's only 2 McDonaldses in Wigan!

Mawdesley, Dean Wood and Roby Mill are neither in Wigan or Wigan district!

Owd mon sorry, I caun't speyk, tha knows nowt, yo' men!

Posted by: tomplum (4847)  Report abuse
Marus Bridge, Newtown,Town centre,greenhurst St, Platt Waz all in the boughour of wigan

Posted by: tonker (19597)   Report abuse
There's 10 McDonald's in Wigan 'borough' (that means there's 10 McDonald's which come under Wigan council administration). There's 2 in Wigan.

Posted by: Verlaine (15) Report abuse
what an enlightening comment tonker, will enhance my future comments knowing the geography police can correct me ......

Posted by: roylew (2942) Report abuse
Sadly Wigan in decline in all things “English “.....Sainsbury’s cafe do a decent sausage and mash....but even that’s only a ready meal

Posted by: cordyline (4649)   Report abuse
Not too far from Wigan
The Cornerhouse is an excellent Restaurant

Went there this afternoon for 'Sunday Lunch'

Large car park too

Posted by: peawapp (4968)  Report abuse
in Astley Applewood farm ,for Christ's sake dont go there it's crap

Posted by: nanajacqui (1733)  Report abuse
I know it's not in Wigan but we go free on the bus to Amelies 311 Preston Rd,Coppull 01257 792222 & can thoroughly recommend this family Restaurant

Posted by: Platty (126) Report abuse
Thank you everyone who has responded to this request, some good suggestions, never been thought of before. It's nice to try somewhere new.

It's certainly given us some food for thought and something to chew over.

Posted by: tonker (19597)   Report abuse
Many say the Lymewood Farm in Haydock is good. I wouldn't know, because I've never been, but I think it's the same as the one in Astley that Peawapp reckons is crap!

Posted by: spiderwoman (856) Report abuse
I have been trying to think of restaurants in the town centre apart from Gallimores and Fat Olive. I don't think there is any more. Am I right in thinking Chinese Buffet closed down?

Although there appears to be an abundance of cafes that are open during the day, I think the lack of restaurants for such a large town is very odd.


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