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Go West/East you Wiganers
Started by: John59 (409)  Report abuse
Clowncil Con #2017

I see they're finally putting forward details of The Road to Nowhere


and cue the PR false information machine rolls into action !

and this from the organisation which brought you the seamlessly efficient Marus Bridge Enhanced, Traffic Light Controlled, Accident Blackspot
... and the simplified, efficient danger-free, free-flowing
'New' Saddle Junction.

... now, what could possibly go wrong ?

Wgan Clowncil strikes again
Over-confident people
Ruining Places ... as usual

(Small Print ... you see it's all part of The Deal, you know the one you pick up litter and we'll bulldoze tons of new traffic through your backyards - it'll not make a blind bt of difference to the traffic (except increase it !) but eh, we can't turn a government grant down when it's forced upon us can we, and it'll help us keep your poll tax bill down , honest)

Posted by: basil brush (9764) Report abuse
already been mentioned

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2420) Report abuse

Nimby Nimby Nimby

Posted by: John59 (409)  Report abuse
doesn't go anywhere near my place TTS, but I, like thousands of others will be affected as we while away the hours in the further jammed up roads, so your right it's Nimby but I care enough to try to object to it.
The enormous problems of congestion & pollution we have on roads all over the country can only be solved by limiting traffic, not trying to push EVEN MORE through !!!!

Just like the so-called(originally) 'relief road' proposed for the Landgate development, which would be no relief at all (becasue it would simply move an already critical - proven by GM traffic study - junction (Bryn lights), to an even bigger critical bottleneck half way up Rose Hill !!!! Interestingly, the current application just received re-configures that planned 'relief road' bypass into a 'spine road' cul-de-sac. Nice touch that, nice touch. And of course as they say in the article 'it won't compromise further development' .... well that's all a load of ballcocks as any respectable plumber might say !

Posted by: tomplum (4617)  Report abuse
yep, this plumber will agree with that,,

Posted by: Stardelta (6209) Report abuse
For once I agree, limiting traffic is the only sensible answer.

If you recall Lord Smith himself said something similar around 9 years ago but unfortunately 64% of the population of greater Manchester didn't agree with him and the proposal was rejected.

Posted by: tomplum (4617)  Report abuse
I would make these suggestion,
1. no skool runs
2. only use a vehicle for getting to work if public transport is not available,
3, if no off road parking is available, then a car is not allowed
4.disabled people would be issued free taxi passes all day every day,
5. women drivers are to be supervised at all times,
6, anyone who can't change a wheel, is not allowed a car

add your own to this list,,,

Posted by: laughing gravy (3569) Report abuse
get a motorbike then you wont get stuck in traffic

Posted by: nyce horse (3352) Report abuse
64% of the population objected to a CONGESTION CHARGE not a reduction in traffic.

Just another cash generator for WMBC.


Posted by: John59 (409)  Report abuse
what was this exactly that Lord Smiffy, on his rise towards a gong, said 9 years ago then StarDelta ?

PS - nice change of avatar btw, very appropriate.

The traffic problem can be solved easily - bring back trams ! with spaces for loading bikes on !

If people read what planners write about traffic and travel plans in planning applications the world would be a happier place.
Standard fare is ' people will be encouraged to use bicycles for journeys up to I think it's 2km (that's a mile n a quarter in real measurements) or summat like that, so we will splash out the cash (sic) to giv you lots of cycle-ways in our new Skemersdale style ... err ...high class development. They even hypothesis that people will use bikes and buses to go to the supermarket !
I mean, yiou couldn't mak it up - but it's in the central government Planning Polict Guidelines, so it's alright innit ? Well no it's not actually.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2420) Report abuse

Have you never heard of the 2008 referendum on introducing a congestion charge in Manchester, our Lord Smiffy was in favour of this, but the voters said no.


How will bringing back trams ease traffic congestion, unless they run on their own lines away from traffic, which they do already, but they are not called trams, they are called trains and yes open up the old railway lines and build new ones, it looks like Skelmersdale is getting it's old railway line back

The Marus Bridge junction, for me works, in that at peak times traffic now moves a lot faster through that junction and I would be interested to see the statistics for traffic flow through that junction, in comparison to when it was controlled by a roundabout, gobbins don't like it, because at quiet times you have to wait on a red light now, when in roundabout days you didn't, but if you use that junction at peak times, the new junction is a blessing, because at busy times that roundabout was a nightmare to get through.


What are you are wittering on about, everybody using a push bike, suppose you are an old lady or you are loaded up with shopping or it is peeing down with rain or snow and ice, if you tried to ride a bike in those condition yoo would fall off it

On about pollution it looks like the switch to hybrid duel electric/internal combustion powered vehicles, will bring pollution down and eventually when the technology allows it, all vehicles will be powered by electric and then you will be looking at zero pollution produced by vehicles


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