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Dentil Moulding
Started by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
On Saturday morning I'd never heard of Dentil Moulding
So looked on the internet like you do

Made this jig

then made this DM

Not much idea about woodwork; I'm a retired gardener

Planning to make a book-case -- will design it as I go along

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Left a comment when you placed this ont tuther thread.

Deleted and moved it here:

Nice looking router table.

What brand?

Only have a cheapy from NETTO, so looking for replacement. Open to recomendations.

Bosch router, which is probably also due for replacement.

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse

Just a cheap Trend router table that I bought on eBay
It has a fence - not shown

It's OK, not brilliant, certainly not a level surface but I manage
Gave a Bosch quarter inch router away a couple of weeks ago

In table is a Hitachi half inch which is quite good

got the idea of Dentil from this youtube; but used router in table rather than free-hand
The lower part of his piece looks good (at about 4 minutes)
but I can't work out what shape of cutter he used
On my own test piece it is round-over top and bottom

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Not as necessary in these days of World Wide Web,but I have a couple of excellent books by Patrck Spielman:

"Router Handbook"
"Router Jigs and Techniques"

Poor eyesight, and arthritic fingers increasingly pose limitations on my using the stuff, but the local joinery, who had a spindle moulder, and had produced a lot of stuff for me in the past has recently ceased, so my need may well now be greater.

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
P Spielman wrote books on Scroll-saws too
Here are some of my efforts

Got an old Hegner scroll saw

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
Priscus: or anyone -- know if good quality plywood is available in Wigan area
They call the good ply Baltic Birch Ply
I need some quarter inch and half inch sheets

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Sorry, been away from Wigan & its environs since 1965, so I am of no help on this one.

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
More Dentil

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Have you had any success sourcing the plywood that you were searching for?

Gaffer and Tonker are often good sources of information on trade suppliers in the area, so maybe they will see your request.

If you started a thread with your question as title, I think answers would be more forthcoming.

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
Not found Baltic Birch Plywood yet

The stick perched on our wheelie bin will be used for book-case; planing side panels now - about 6 ft tall

I'm a slow worker, might get finished late July

Wanda don't tell Mrs C about the green words

Posted by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
Cordyline, Go onto Sherman & Young Bryn, Web site, They stock several types of plywood,

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
bentlegs, Is this the same Sherman family that had the woodyard on Whithill Street (Bryn Road) in 1950's?

Posted by: gaffer (5972)   Report abuse
It was. It's now owned by Frank Phillips.

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Thanks, gaffer.

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
Rebate on table router to take rear of book-case

Preparing for glue-up, the loose tenons are done with Festool Domino; an excellent tool

PVA glue applied and clamped together

The wood clamp thingies I made I believe are known as cauls
Just need to wait 4 hours before I do the other side

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
Found a use for Dentil/M test piece
Made this Window-box and stuck D/M on top

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Do you use any preservative for the wood?

For troughs which I made for strawberries, I used a paste of Beeswax, real turpentine and raw linseed oil, the intention being to have it 'food safe' should any of the components migrate into the fruit.

Seems to have been effective, but hard work to apply the stuff.

Boxes in which I have grown tulips, (bought locally from eBay advert) which were finished with a brown (fence type) preservative, have over the same interval fallen apart. They appeared to have been reasonably well constructed, all the screw-heads sitting in cup washers. however, the screws soon lost their hold in softening and deteriorating wood.

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
Just used the fence type stain that you mentioned

It's a present for my 9 year old niece so will be Shevington bound soon

Posted by: madamehmurray (6039)   Report abuse
at first I thought you meant this the stuff the dentist use to put that stuff in and motuh to a a molding of your teeth. I looked it up so I know what you mean now

Posted by: Anne (3263)  Report abuse
I do enjoy seeing your projects cordy. Makes my imagination go into overdrive which brings me to ask a question. Would it be possible wth the right blade to cut an oval out of tin with a jigsaw?

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
Should be possible Anne, securing tin to work-table might be tricky

Can't find any YouTube videos showing cutting shapes in tin

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
Saw this, not sure where

Made this from off-cuts

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
Turns out that the above is Kokopelli

..... a fertility symbol

Search will throw up much info

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
More use for D/M -- made a French Cleat to fit on back of frame

Present for 10 year old [on Monday] Niece

Posted by: cordyline (4401)   Report abuse
Not wanting to start another thread..... but

I'm thinking about getting some of this paint

Fast forward to 1 minute to cut out the boring bit

Tartan paint

Posted by: Anne (3263)  Report abuse
Can I come and see the finished job, I may be interested in that?....😳😂🤣😂

Posted by: tonker (19298)   Report abuse
They've got hardwood sleepers at 'North West Timber Treatments', near Three Sisters in Ashton, for 16 each.

They wood (bum-bum!) saw it to your requirements, various thicknesses and sections if you want.

You'd get a good supply from one of those, for 16 !


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