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Drivers using mobiles
Started by: roylew (2731) Report abuse
I am sure in this day of technology we can block signals when a car engine is running..at the moment it seems to me that all car manufacturers are advertising their communication availability in cars...should be the other way round...we can block all mobile signals

Posted by: Stardelta (6209) Report abuse
Why should the car manufacturers have to do anything?

Its the drivers responsibility, same as it is for speeding, drink/drug driving, licencing requirements and a whole myriad of other offences that can be committed while driving.

Posted by: copperhead (1414)  Report abuse
Analogy with seat belts.Yes it's the drivers responsibility to wear them but the manufactures responsibility to fit them.

Posted by: spiderwoman (856) Report abuse
I agree Roylew. It might be the drivers responsibility, but we all know that there are plenty of drivers out there prepared to break the law and carry on using mobile phones whilst driving.

I was nearly killed by one such person, who was texting and ploughed into my car. If car manufacturers blocked signals, as you suggest, then these sort of accidents can be prevented.

Posted by: mollie m (6223)  Report abuse
Knowing the law, car manufacturers should perhaps have the responsibility of disabling phones when the engine is switched on so that drivers can only speak on their phones when the engine is switched off. Don't know how this could be achieved exactly. I haven't had a mobile phone for the last 6 years and, quite honestly, my life hasn't depended on one. When I did have one and it went off whilst driving, I responded to the caller when I'd reached my destination. Yes, it is the driver's responsibility, but if that option is taken away from them, then there would be fewer deaths on the road because of them.

Posted by: linma (2394) Report abuse
When you see the after effects of an irresponsible driver using a mobile phone whilst driving (son is a firefighter), and that driver causing an accident resulting in someone's loved one being injured or killed, it makes my son's blood boil. And they are still doing it today.

Posted by: aussie94 (1648) Report abuse
I agree ban them.

Posted by: lock lass (107) Report abuse
I agree with nearly all the above comments. I see quite a lot of drivers still using their mobile phones whilst driving and only the other day my OH was on the main road approaching traffic lights (therefore slowing down) and a woman came straight out in front of him out of a side street with mobile phone to her ear, not even hands free. He slammed the brakes on and all she did was speed off. My OH is 78 years old and the last thing he needs is a car accident.

Posted by: priscus (6035) Report abuse
I have posted on here before of how I almost got hit by a driver failing to give way entering a roundabout. She was reading whilst driving.

Whilst all drivers are likely to make an error at some time, those who completely flout responsibility, and expose others to risks of significant harm as a result, should be completely and PERMANENTLY removed from our roads.

If they need to make a road journey, they need to pay a competent and responsible driver to convey them.

Posted by: priscus (6035) Report abuse
About 5% of drivers exhibit a marked and polished proficiency/competence at the task.

About 95% of drivers believe that they belong to this 5% group.

It is almost impossible to find a driver who identifies themselves as worse than average, though by definition, at least half of them are.

Hence we have drivers on our roads who are dangerous mainly because they do not acknowledge their own fallibility.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Having been in total agreement with you all ,then if as you say there could be ways of blocking signals, then how's about using technology to stop you from driving your car if your drunk. something for you to blow into and if its over the limit make it so the engine does not start ,only an idea.

Posted by: Stardelta (6209) Report abuse
Erm..... There is a big hole here GB. What if the anti-drink/phone systems developed a fault and did allow someone over the limit to drive or to use a phone....who would then be responsible if there was an accident?

The car makers?
If they have to carry the responsibility for the acts of the drivers they simply wont fit these devices, and if they become a legal requirement they will add huge costs to cars and people simply wont buy them, and of course someone will ultimately find a way round them.

The drivers? If they are going to be held responsible despite the fitment of these devices in their cars, the question then is, why fit them in the first place.

It will become a legal minefield and everyone will be blaming each other.Therefore personal responsibility should never be taken away from drivers and placed on the car makers or anyone else for that matter. Consider this, just about every car sold in the UK can top the legal limit of 70mph. Is it the car makers fault if someone is caught speeding? Another consideration, if someone is caught using bald tyres is it the tyre makers fault?

More emphasis on driver education and tougher penalties, both as punishment and a deterrent, its the only fair way and if you notice that is exactly what has happened recently with mobile phones. Furthermore if the incident rates related to mobile phone use behind the wheel don't drop the penalties will be increased again


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