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How should we help people on our streets?
Started by: jo anne (31759)   Report abuse
Advice from The Brick operations director, Louise Green - Link:

"We all feel a need to help, but giving someone cash can hold them back from turning their lives around ... people in Wigan can ‘earn’ about £60 to £100 per day.

If you give food instead, any money can be used to fund self-destructive behaviours.

The Brick can’t compete with the money people may make, but we can help give non-monetary support which can give a person their life back.

So, it's better to take a minute to stop and ask if someone is engaging with services and pass on your knowledge of The Brick to set them upon the right path to rebuilding their lives."

* The Brick's first ever fundraising appeal - Rebuilding Lives *

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Posted by: mortarmillbill (353) Report abuse
Jo Anne

Slight error.....any money can't be used

Posted by: jo anne (31759)   Report abuse
Sorry, Mortarmillbill, it's my poor paraphrasing, the actual quote is:

"If you give food instead of money, this can also be a hindrance, as people can then use any money donated to them to fund self-destructive behaviours that may provide short term relief but hamper chances of a long-term recovery."

Posted by: jathbee (8744) Report abuse
I would urge the same. Some of the people begging are not genuine and we have no idea if we are funding a lifestyle or not. If we give food or funds to the Brick at least we know that the Brick will help the homeless in practical ways.

Posted by: aussie94 (1646) Report abuse
this really frustrates me . The so called west allows some of its citizens to be sleeping on the streets . Whilst other folk live the life of Riley including the so called Royals . DISGUSTING

Posted by: section 8 (2875)  Report abuse
Equally people should be wary of what charities they donate to. I cannot find a mention of what percentage actually goes towards helping the homeless on the website.

Remember the CEO, office supervisor will take a weekly wage out of your donation. Many "charities" are businesses 1st with often high paid directors.

The "help for heroes" scandal is a prime example, which if correct had around a 2% of donations actually going towards aid.

Posted by: PeterP (6350) Report abuse
Sometimes with charities it pays to buy material items for the charity instead of giving money which can keep some fat cat well paid

Posted by: aussie94 (1646) Report abuse
As I have said before I give direct to the street people. And God bless them.

Posted by: Stardelta (6129) Report abuse
The problem is.....if charities want results ie to generate large amounts by whatever methods, they need high calibre and experienced people making the decisions and coming up with the strategies needed to achieve this...... Unfortunately people capable of such things don't come cheap!!

Posted by: priscus (6030) Report abuse
Wherever there be money, you can be pretty sure that there will be dishonest people trying to get their mitts upon it.

So, yes we have the destitute living on our streets: there are holes in our system of support and security, through which they fall.

We also have those not in need, who choose to mimic them to divert funds into their own pockets: a form of fraud which they continue to get away with.

It is however, the same with the charities. There are those who perceive a need, and pitch in to help, and there are those who pose as helpers in order to get their hands upon your dosh. Some on here are singing the praises of their contributions to THE LATTER!

So, not much different from what you find elsewhere in life then.


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