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Flickering led lights......
Started by: Anne (3231)  Report abuse
When TV is on. I have a pair of wall lights each with two bulbs. For many years I have used energy saving bulbs (candle shaped), over the past week or two I have needed to replace one bulb but was unable to find the make I am using so decided to replace all four bulbs, DISASTER. Soon after the two nearest the TV started to flicker badly. Had the electrics checked over all ok. Any one else had this problem, any suggestions.

Posted by: tonker (19199)   Report abuse
Sounds like a loose terminal. But, you say you've had the wiring checked, so I can only imagine them to be knackered. Try swapping the bulbs with the ones furthest away from the TV and see if it cures it'

If that doesn't work, check the tyre pressures and ensure there's sufficient anti-freeze in your cooling system!

Posted by: lectriclegs (3052) Report abuse
Do you also have an led TV, Anne?

Posted by: peebee (212)  Report abuse
Please don't think I am being flippant, but you haven't replaced them with 'flickering candle' type bulbs by mistake.

Posted by: Anne (3231)  Report abuse
PeeBee.... no.
LL...I think LCD TV.
Tonker.... I have found some old incandescent bulbs, no flickering with those. I have looked on the net only to find some led bulbs can affect a TVs reception but not this way round.
p.s. Have checked tyres, going for M.O.T tommorow afternoon.

Posted by: baker boy (13792) Report abuse
anne did you buy four of the same type ?,i agree with tonker swap them around and see what happens.
as only one bulb went and i presume you did not have the flicker previously ,i doubt very much its your wiring .
did you keep the bulb from the pair that the one failed from,if so remove both new ones and try with original bulb that was presumably still ok.did your man not try that last test.

Posted by: lectriclegs (3052) Report abuse
All led lights flicker to some extent and having them near an led TV which also flickers ( but faster) can cause this effect.

Posted by: Anne (3231)  Report abuse
LL.... I have read how led lights flicker but can't normally be seen so I am assuming it means trying to find compatible bulbs, but how?
To be clearer TV and LEDs emit at different frequencies but how to find both on the same frequencies.

Posted by: billy (25996)  Report abuse
er,,,er..ahem,i knew a lady with the same light prob...living room..bathroom..in fact any room she just happened to be in.......at a spiritualist church meeting, her departed son told her he was responsible for this anomaly???????????believe it or believe it not,but it was sufficient evidence for this lady.

Posted by: priscus (6030) Report abuse
There is a phenomenon called 'beat frequency oscillation', which is a property of wave mechanics. (Unfortunately the Google search findings mostly relate to radio frequencies, where the phenomena is utilised)

Nevertheless, as lectriclegs indicates above, if you have two sources of flickering which are close to each other, in terms of both proximity, and frequency, then although each of these may flicker at a rate that is above your capacity to visually detect, they produce a resultant (beat) which is at a much lower frequency. ie one which you may well find detectable.

It is the same phenomenon as the beats you can hear when you are almost on target when tuning a stringed musical instrument to a reference pitch.

To understand it in non technical terms, every so often, the maximum light output of the flicker from both bulb and TV combine, and mid way between these additive peaks, similarly the lows also combine resulting in the flicker that you can see.

A slight change in frequency may well make the phenomenon disappear, but as I doubt you will find the information concerning this for any particular bulb, I would guess that you are in the land of trial and error.

Posted by: priscus (6030) Report abuse

Posted by: Anne (3231)  Report abuse
Thanks for that Priscus....but as I have already come to the conclusion it's going to be trial and error as more and more manufacturers are producing bulbs with slightly different frequency output.
I'm surprised no one else has noticed this phenomenon. Maybe time will tell. I have used this type of energy saving bulb since my husband insisted and he died fifteen years ago.

Posted by: Anne (3231)  Report abuse
The lights haven't flickered for almost a week. Can't understand it, unless there has been a slight power drop

Posted by: section 8 (2875)  Report abuse
"her departed son told her he was responsible for this anomaly"

Come on, Billy. You need to give us warning before typing things like this.

My laptop isn't water proof and I just spat my tea over it.

Posted by: baker boy (13792) Report abuse
my ex once went to a cyclic meeting,she told her she would never be rich,too true i took half her money.

Posted by: baker boy (13792) Report abuse
my ex once went to a cyclic meeting,she told her she would never be rich,too true i took half her money.


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