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Started by: Dave xl5 (473)  Report abuse
Is Britain,(Wigan) becoming lawless?

Posted by: kathpressey (5108)  Report abuse
I don't suppose it's any worse than it's always been, unless you live in London perhaps.

Posted by: tomplum (6140)  Report abuse
Yes, I does seem that way Dave, Anyone got a photo of a policeman ? We don't see them anymore, do they still have a pointy hat ?

Posted by: PeterP (7614) Report abuse
They are into their 2nd week of drink/drugs/driving campaign same at Christmas what about the other 48 weeks of the year?
Always said the police is top heavy with brass .Only last week I was watching (fiction) Jack Frost and part of the story was his boss "fisher" at a meeting with senior management where there was at least 50 senior officers all from the same division. This was recorded over 15yrs ago but in real life still goes on today.Amalgamate some of the top brass from the different divisions(manchester/liverpool/Chester and the money saved could put more grass route bobbies on the beat .

Posted by: broady (15730)   Report abuse
I believe you said on the sports page you lived in Plymouth. Just have a peek at the latest figures. Some baddies there. Would suggest the streets arenít as safe as they were especially for the female gender.

Posted by: tonker (21250)   Report abuse
"Is Britain, (Wigan) becoming lawless?" - asks Dave xl5.

Well, you cannot compare Britain with Wigan. Wigan is a nice, quiet town. Leigh is as rough as a bears arse!

As for 'drink driving', speeding, bald tyres, wrong number plates etc. etc., as much as it's wrong, against the law and all that, it's a 'cash-cow' for them.
It's about time they spent more police time sorting out CRIMES!

Instead of recruiting academics, with loads of useless qualifications but who can't get proper gainful employment, they should employ men (yes, men. Not women or soft sods) who can gain, and retain, control over the criminal shite.
Anybody caught breaking the law ie: committing proper crimes, should be given a severe beating to within an inch of their life. The penny will eventually drop!
They do it in Spain, why not here?

Posted by: broady (15730)   Report abuse
Glory be. I find myself in agreement with Tonker. (Almost 100%) The police over here are much more pro active. If they get a call to say a gang of youths are even forming they go and move them on. No backchat. Mind you the temps of -20 do dissuade gangs from forming.

Posted by: baker boy (15426) Report abuse
tonker i dont know about the beatings but some stiffer penalties instead of slapped wrists may not go amiss.
i have to be honest ,the police think motorists the most dangerous criminals in the world.
top brass laughable lot, only interested in keeping their heads down an collecting their mega pensions.
one Mg over the limit a very dangerous character, fine them heavily and make em lose their jobs.muggers who rob oap,s let off with a caution.
the british justice system biggest joke going.

Posted by: momac (10729)  Report abuse
Too true Tonks,the criminals (thugs) don't half play on the human rights
angle now..I'm afraid this country has lost it..said it before,if I was younger
and well off ..I'd be over in Spain to stay.

Posted by: baker boy (15426) Report abuse
florida for me.

Posted by: basil brush (13811) Report abuse
All the country is Lawless, no deterrent, IF, the coppers arrest anyone, when they get to court the incompetent judges slap their hands, that's all

Posted by: jouell (4705) Report abuse
I remember years and years ago, My parents, ( both deceased many years ), would say, the Cat o 9 tails should be brought back, that would teach them to not do wrong again..

That does seem a bit barbaric, but nothing today is working, I do read the British news and crime really is so very much worse than when I lived there, so something of a serious nature needs to be done..

Posted by: PeterP (7614) Report abuse
If convicted of a crime and sentenced to say 2 years then it should be 2 years not 6 month If they will not fetch the death penalty back make a "life sentence" a life sentence not let them out after a few years no deterant there at all.

Posted by: Pi Eta (16) Report abuse
To endorse PeterP's comments I would adopt the following (accepting the death penalty will never return) -

: Anyone sentenced to life in prison dies in prison.

: Anyone sentenced to a custodial sentence serves that sentence. i.e. sentenced to 5 years serves 5 years.

: No time off for good behaviour, time added on for bad.

: No sentences to run concurrently all sentences consecutively.

: No suspended sentences

I rest my case.

Posted by: nanajacqui (2918)  Report abuse
And when they have been arrested & being questioned why are they allowed to say "No comment" ?

Posted by: laughing gravy (5865) Report abuse
nana sadly its because the law says you have the right to remain silent..


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