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Started by: priscus (7618) Report abuse
were so loud, I could not hear the bongs of Big Ben, even with volume on telly full on!

Our Parish Church has become a Minster, and has some additional bells (gift from other churches). Needless to say, could hear nowt of them either.

ps Happy New Year, one and all!

Posted by: PeterP (7253) Report abuse
Start of a happy new year

Posted by: dja (81) Report abuse
When I took the dogs out at six they were still going off.x

Posted by: momac (10173)  Report abuse
They didn't sound like fireworks here last night..it sounded more like Beirut.

Posted by: priscus (7618) Report abuse
It's a relatively recent thing, isn't it.

When I was a kid, I do not recall ANY fireworks at New Year.

We opened the door to hear the sound of church bells.

My favourite was NY, 1980.

Lived in Manc at the time, and was newyearing with some friends in Salford. One opened the door, saying, "Just listen to this"! The night air was filled by the sound of ships hooters in and around the docks. Just a couple of years on, and it was all to be gone! Kinda feel sad they're gone.

Posted by: peter g (2278)  Report abuse
There was no bongs from Big Ben this year priscus they are being repaired so no-one heard them.

Posted by: priscus (7618) Report abuse
Yes there was.

A special arrangement was in place to sound them from a mechanism triggered by GPS timebase, as the clock itself is not currently there.

They did the same on Armistice day, though NOT Christmas, when Rochdale's bells stood in for Radio4 Xmas bongs.

Posted by: priscus (7618) Report abuse
action replay

Posted by: peter g (2278)  Report abuse
Missed it then I was outside setting off me fireworks

Posted by: PeterP (7253) Report abuse
Plugged my headphones in about 11-30 till 12-30 listening to music never heard the barrage of noise from the fireworks

Posted by: cindy (5797)   Report abuse
Read somewhere Abroad They have banned Fireworks that bang to help save the wild life?, I have nothing against fireworks,But Our Dog is terrified when the Bangs start, Perhaps the government could bring some sort law to stop the Bangs.

Posted by: priscus (7618) Report abuse
Yes, I saw a fox, it is one which I see regularly if I look out of my study window at around 2-00am. Last night, it was early. I saw it around mid night whilst all the fireworks were going off, and it was absolutely scarred out of its wits: running from point to point, and finding no sense of safety in any refuge it turned to.

Posted by: berylh (1779) Report abuse
I think the New Years Eve firework only really started at the 2000 celebrations.

I agree that we should not be doing this and especially outside of organised events and preferably not even then, or at least celebrate without the loud bangs.

I stopped going out on the evenings when fireworks were likely to be set off as my pets were very fearful and they were indoors, so it must be horrendous for the wild life who don't know what is going on and have no shelter.

The human race shows no compassion here just selfishness.


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