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Naughty Teacher!
Started by: dave© (3506) Report abuse
Interesting reading some of todays news regarding a certain teacher. This was quite normal for most of the teachers when I was at school. Was it for others?

Posted by: linma (2570) Report abuse
Mr Judson teacher at Shevington Comp used to throw chalk at us and he had a very thick pump which he wasn't afraid of using . If you had misbehaved you were sent to Mrs Ward who used to cane us.

Posted by: kathpressey (5108)  Report abuse
getting a slap on the top of the thighs in front of the whole class was common at Highield infants. It could be for messy work or wrong answers or even not having a clean hanky.Not nice at all.Junior school and secondary was fine.

Posted by: 0 years (3773) Report abuse
We were taught by Christian brothers, one used to throw a wooden board duster at pupils if they misbehaved and others would hit you with a leather strap across the hands for any misdemeanour.

My blazer was always covered in chalk dust and my hands constantly red!

Posted by: bentlegs (4513) Report abuse
We got caned for missing mass or for going to second mass ,i got my dad to take me away from that school, went to none religious school,

Posted by: laughing gravy (5865) Report abuse

Posted by: gideonfel (316) Report abuse
0 years. I remember the Christian Brothers well from my time at John Rigby. One form of punishment was the ruler on the knuckles, but not the flat part of the ruler - the edge! Oh how we laughed!

Posted by: alan lad (443) Report abuse
You are right linma owd Juddy took no prisoners when giving us lads the pump but you little miss would get a slight tap on the palm of your hand

Posted by: 0 years (3773) Report abuse
Yes gideonfel, that's where I had the dubious pleasure.

Posted by: jathbee (10127) Report abuse
Joe M'Cardel, at St. Cuthberts was a vicious, nasty little shit. He was indiscriminate with the cane.

Posted by: bassman (3591) Report abuse
It was for me...but todays snowflake brigade can't handle any type of discipline...soft sods.

Posted by: dave© (3506) Report abuse
I read somewhere that a lot of "so called" teachers after WW2 hadn't actually got any academic qualifications, there being a shortage, many were from the armed services background. I know this to be the case in one instance, he was a woodwork teacher, in WW2, his job was writing down Morse code transmissions.

Maybe it's gone full circle, we had some gruesome teachers and we want to protect our own from vile teachers as they were.

Posted by: ayrefield (4465) Report abuse
It's true dave, the teachers at Pem were all ex services, no wonder the majority were sadists, they did their training here.

washington Hall Chorley

Posted by: jarvo (29625)  Report abuse
There were 'cowboy' male teachers in all secondary schools after the war and well into the mid sixties. Some were gentlemen with lots to offer; others were well out of their depth and did nothing but cause misery and fear.

We had a wonderful Art teacher, who, I suspect, had limited academic qualifications, but had a profound influence on every boy he taught. His talent for creativity and painting was second to none. And his stories of wartime Britain were a joy to hear.

R.I.P. John Heaton (Monty)

Posted by: linma (2570) Report abuse
That's were my son did his training ayrefield, a Lancashire firefighter for 15 years now. Loves his job.

Posted by: peter g (2348)  Report abuse
At the Cardinal Newman in Hindley we used to get the wooden blackboard cleaner chucked at us by a Mr Naylor in maths, be caned with a 3/8'' piece of dowel by an aggressive Scotsman called Mr Wilson in woodwork and the most sadistic of the lot was by english teacher Birtwistle who really enjoyed dishing it out for next to nothing. He always asked which hand you wrote with and caned the other. I used to go home to my dad and tell him about it and all he said was "You must have done something to deserve it". No pity in those days.

Posted by: dave© (3506) Report abuse
I remember one young feisty female, she'd had a book thrown at her, she threw it back at the teacher and knocked his specs off, the class roared with laughter, can't remember the outcome.

Posted by: linma (2570) Report abuse
Are any of you watching The Class of Mum and Dad on a Tuesday night"? Brilliant programme filmed at a primary school in Blackrod. The faces of the pupils seeing their mums in school uniform. 👩‍🎓

Posted by: kathpressey (5108)  Report abuse
linma I saw the first episode which i enjoyed. Interesting how the pressure in tests is still felt. I felt very sorry for the autistic boy who came last in his race and how his dad tried to make him feel better. I've not seen the second one yet

Posted by: basil brush (13811) Report abuse
The kids of today wouldn't have lasted 2 minutes.

Posted by: kathpressey (5108)  Report abuse
they would because they'd have to but they wouldn't be as happy in school as children are now. The second episodes talks to 2 dads who were constantly in trouble as children. Mainly because they struggled with lessons and got no support so they played up and acted the fool.

Posted by: upthetims (6530) Report abuse

The kids will be happy nowadays,no respect for the teachers,and think swearing at teachers is normal,the ignorant little shits

Posted by: basil brush (13811) Report abuse
True, they wouldn't have lasted because they're to soft and they'll go running to mummy and daddy claiming that they have been assaulted.

Posted by: michaeljordan9 (32) Report abuse
What a load of rubbish children are no softer today than they were back then. Thank goodness children of today know when they are being assaulted and aren't afraid to speak up. A lot of the bahaviours that are being reminisced about in this thread have no place in a school. These teachers should not have been allowed anywhere near children. I much prefer seeing my grandson enjoying school rather than fearing it. Let's hope we never go back to those old times.

Posted by: lectriclegs (3900) Report abuse
It's Madness I tells ye

Posted by: broady (15730)   Report abuse
I agree with Michaeljordan in that some of the teachers were sadistic bullies but a lot were also dam good teachers and gave us a good education. It is all very good to see your grandson happy in school but it is also vital that the education standards are maintained. From lots of posts I see on various web sites I would say that grammar and spelling levels have plummeted.

Posted by: michaeljordan9 (32) Report abuse
Broady the two can't go together. I would rather have a happy child than one that is bullied into submission as many of us were. How can someone be a good teacher if they were a sadistic bullies. I think you are confusing brainwashing and educating.

Posted by: broady (15730)   Report abuse
I donít think so but you are entitled to your opinion. I think the word brainwashing is totally inappropriate. I accepted and agreed with your view regarding sadistic teachers but to link them with the word brainwashing is way off the mark.

Posted by: kathpressey (5108)  Report abuse
I think the difference is that old school "brainwashing " had great emphasis on rote learning of tables and acquiring facts.We weren't expected to ask questions about what we were told. Today's teachers encourage children to think for themselves through investigation and problem solving

Posted by: michaeljordan9 (32) Report abuse
I know which method I prefer and can see my grandson thriving in an environment where he is encouraged to question and investigate.

Posted by: broady (15730)   Report abuse
Sadly we wonít be around to see if the different methods have borne fruit where they have to which is in the work environment. Do we agree that is the ultimate aim of education?? Get them ready to earn a living.

Posted by: Anne (3765)  Report abuse
I do remember my days at St. Mary's junior, Lower Ince we had two joint sessions called topical talk. There was no fixed agenda the teacher would choose a subject speak for a while then ask "Why do you think that happened?" and so on throughout the lesson. The teachers name was Mr. Asbridge, maybe some will remember him.

Posted by: basil brush (13811) Report abuse
Today's kids are to pampered


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