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Supper Market delivery vans
Started by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
I ask you why in 1930 they could afford to go round the streets just selling bread to the public,? I ask why in in this crises with everyone in every street self isolating can all the supper markets not get together out, after all the people buy off them week-in/week-out by doing something like this, not only talking about bread here but other essentials you all know the things people need better than I do

Posted by: firefox (1477) Report abuse
I was only thiking earlier that vans like farmers boy would make a killing just now.

Posted by: tomplum (6145)  Report abuse
Dougie, I think you will also remember those, converted coaches, Slater had one, it was rigged out like a mini Market, Later on the was a few converted ambulances doing the same thing, perhaps we might see them come back,

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse
Dougie, does the Supper Market Delivery Van only come round after 9pm?

Posted by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
Just to clarify they wouldn't take orders just sell off the cuff like the old days by ringing an ice cream bell , as for paying they could give credit say £10 then you would pay only when the £10 runs out so easy

Yes I remember them, but As I see it the van is not to stop anyone going to the shops it would only help them to cut down

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse

Posted by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
I bet you could come up with the profit each Supper Market made last year if you had to prove a point,so I say in these trying times the Government should just make them do it

PS they could hire clean white vans and use volunteer driver to help, not like the one you take to Spain

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse
Definitely - Whoooooooosh?

Posted by: firefox (1477) Report abuse
Maybe they could have breakfast vans and dinner vans as well?

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
supper , bet their a few suppers now confined to home

Posted by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
Shame on you expat but it gets your count up from 2327 t0 2328, even and firefly---pulled me up for all to see are YOU ALL trying to stop me posting in case I make a mistake, I'll be looking to see the number of threads you've started over the last nine years Man, I've looked do you know but keep posting reply's your not the only one to take the mick in a round about way

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4730) Report abuse
Too doo what yoo propose, yoo would need a licence from the council, it used to be called a 'food hawking' licence, and the vehicle would have to pass all the health & safety requirements, and where the foodstuffs were stored would also have to pass those health & safety requirements, and that were the requirements 35yrs ago, I would imagine that there is now a raft of rules and regulations on top of all that

Posted by: firefox (1477) Report abuse
He took that badly. :D

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
Hope you get it reall quick DOUGIE you plonker.

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
I have reflected on your 40221 post DOUGIR my advice to you go and jump in the Dougie

Posted by: peter g (2350)  Report abuse
Is it a bird, is it a plane, No Its Supper Man

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse
A Song, especially for Dougie!

Posted by: jarvo (29627)  Report abuse

Posted by: gaffer (6331)   Report abuse

Ignore the snipers. Youíve made a valuable contribution over the years to WW.
Exponents of lateral thinking will tell you that countless ideas seen as non starters were the foundation for the greater good after brainstorming sessions by lateral thinkers. Many years ago I designed an arrangement for adjusting drawers. It attracted the detractors. It was patented and went to sell more than 5 million sets.
There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has highlighted, like never before, the weaknesses of globalisation. All paracetamol tablets come from India,
many of the basic chemicals used in pharmaceutical products are exclusively produced in China. In every walk of life we have become too dependent on globalisation.
President Trumpís reshoring policy of taking back production of American products back to the US will gather momentum. The same will happen elsewhere.
So Dougie your seed of a bread van will no doubt flower into a bloom of more local production and distribution. It may well be right now that the Amazon/ Morrison tie up is looking to exploit the woeful home delivery performance of the supermarkets at a time when it is most needed.
You may well have the last laugh.

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse
It's all 'tongue-in-cheek fun'. And Dougie knows it is.
We all know Dougie gets about a bit and is a useful source of information.
While we're on the subject of deliveries, Dougie, do they deliver from here?

Posted by: Domino (79) Report abuse
Gaffer,Paracetamol tablets plus other painkillers are made in Westhoughton.

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse
British Made Since 1977

Posted by: gaffer (6331)   Report abuse
They may well produce Paracetamol tablets but where do they get the basic ingredient. China and India account for 84% of the world production of paracetamol ingredients. India relies on China for some of itís supplies.
The last European factory producing Paracetamol from scratch, the Panadol factory in France, closed in 2009.

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse
Even if they could produce from scratch, Gaffer, their output would only cover a small % of demand.

Posted by: priscus (8244) Report abuse
So, China produces them, meaning that they do not all come from India!

Posted by: priscus (8244) Report abuse
Stop using facts to undermine gaffer's attempts to make political capital from a health crisis. In the brave new world, we base our policies on fictions.

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse
(Comment removed because it broke the rules)

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse
I'm goin't'put t'kettle on now!

Posted by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
Thanks Gaffer I call them Knockers some only post one line and most of the time it's a load of Dog Poo,even though I don't say much over the years I've seen the dead wood come and go so it's not hard for me to pick people out.

Posted by: firefox (1477) Report abuse
Is gaffer going to benefit? Is he a shareholder in the parecetamol manufacturing companies?

Dougie, a sense of humour would be required for you to get the joke.

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse

For YOU, Dougie!

Posted by: firefox (1477) Report abuse

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4730) Report abuse
Yoo would still need a licence from the council sell bread from a van

I have a vague recollection from the early 1960s of me mum having a bread man in Bamfurlong, this van was a walk in van, but all the products which were cakes, has well as breads, they were all on these slide out trays, which the man would wazz out using a metal rod, and the smell in that van was really yummy

Posted by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
your right Firefox only thing I see is in your post there's no advertising on Wigan World and he found the back door, not funny in anyway your just stating the fact, sorry could you please explain the joke


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