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Just filled in my Diary
Started by: FAT MICK (1056) Report abuse
Tuesday 17 March went to Tesco

Wednesday 18 March stayed in

Thursday 19 March stayed in

Friday 20 March stayed in

Saturday 21 March stayed in

Sunday 22 March stayed in

Posted by: jarvo (29627)  Report abuse
No more vids then?

Posted by: FAT MICK (1056) Report abuse
I think Ive still got one in Haigh platations to make and then theres yesterdays done in the garden of me keeping trim by Hula Hooping

Posted by: jarvo (29627)  Report abuse

Posted by: berylh (1902) Report abuse
The only thing now in my diary is forward planning, that is:-
end of week one
end of week two
end of week three

Posted by: tonker (21280)   Report abuse
I think we should have a 'Nacky Hula Hooping' competition.

Tomplum can go first!

Posted by: TerryW (4136) Report abuse
My mate did the nacky relay race and got dragged for two hundred yards.

Posted by: momac (10736)  Report abuse
Hope he takes his guitar with him though.

Posted by: firefox (1477) Report abuse
Naked star jumps.

Posted by: arrow (886) Report abuse
The diary was the first book to be sacrificed when the loo roll ran out.

Posted by: FAT MICK (1056) Report abuse

Posted by: tomplum (6145)  Report abuse
I don't do nakky videos but my greenhouse dweller shocked me one time
he plays the organ

Posted by: FAT MICK (1056) Report abuse
Tom showing his Bum

Posted by: FAT MICK (1056) Report abuse
1st April 2020

Cleaned my Bike

Posted by: FAT MICK (1056) Report abuse
2nd April 2020

Blocked up, so took a suppository.

Posted by: tomplum (6145)  Report abuse
for what good they do, you might as well as shove them up your backside,

Posted by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
Old days Mick/Tom, they would have a bottle of Double Diamond it works wonders, if you want to shift a blockage drink the sediment from a bottle of Red Bass now that works wonders as normally you left the sediment in the bottle, it was OK to drink all the Blue Base as it did't affect you that way,sometime we got them mixed up but you found out the next morning

PS. said before everything had to be past down ,no Google

Posted by: FAT MICK (1056) Report abuse
Yes Dougie I remember people poring out Bass slowly so they didnt disturb the sediment.

I wonder what the different was in Blue and Red Bass was

Posted by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
True this a few years ago went for Prostate blood test it was high so was refaired to a specialist Mr Hussein cut along story short, he was giving me a flow test I said my flow test would be fine,he then asked have you had one no, but when I went to the club last week this old chap said i'll give you one as soon as you've finished that pint, right go into toilet the long pipe that flushes the wall pee over it count past 5 there's nothing wrong with your flow, can you count past 5 never heard that before but a good test, we'll still have to have the test, - Everything got passed down in them days

Posted by: tomplum (6145)  Report abuse
Dougie, Am I reading this right, you hve to pee over the pipe that flushes the urinals for 5 seconds minimum ? What if you're a short arse like me, could I stand on a stool ?

Posted by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
That's right Tom in the club it's a long metal one urinal fastened to the wall you'll have seen the type just, hejust said count to 5 but yes it would be about 5 seconds but you cant pee, look at you watch, and make sure you didn't pee through the window can you,

Posted by: sonlyme (2577) Report abuse
I have a PSA test for prostate every year.I've also had two biopsy's which were both negative.Not a pleasant experience but still necessary.

Posted by: dougie (4281)   Report abuse
Yes I've had three two 8s one 12 all clear but my psa is high should be going April but I'll put it off

Tom we had just had the new club built with a separate disable toilet, anyway two old Plumbers was in the group of us talking , I said that new tap in disabled toilet you only talk to it, hot water please or cold water please there's only one top none of them had seen this new tap, they called me all sorts of names I eventually got one man to come with me to show him I did a good job, then it was him trying to convince them but the two Plumbers wouldn't good for over an hour thinking I was trying to take a rise out of them

Posted by: priscus (8244) Report abuse

When you severely reduce the time you spend in physical activity, (even though you might have brief periods of work-out exercising) constipation is commonplace. It is a big problem when folk who have been quite active are hospitalised.

Unless you have any circumstances which contra-indicate, you might find Senna much gentler on your system.


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