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why is there no white friday?
Started by: laughing gravy (5882) Report abuse
because some bugger would call it racist..

Posted by: firefox (1479) Report abuse
black Friday

Posted by: tomplum (6153)  Report abuse
some might disagree with that

Posted by: priscus (8244) Report abuse
tom, this is WW

You can probably guarantee, whatever the post, somebody will disagree!

Posted by: tomplum (6153)  Report abuse
yep, and then some,,,

Posted by: tonker (21289)   Report abuse
I sometimes disagree!

Posted by: broady (15732)   Report abuse
With yourself?????

Posted by: Platty (226) Report abuse
LG - why is there no "hard remain" only " hard brexit"?

Posted by: Stardelta (7653) Report abuse
The word black has many meanings and connotations, only one of them relates to race or origin. There are also many other words in the English language that have many meanings, for example turkey and Turkey. The first being a type or poultry usualy eaten at Christmas and a country that borders Eastern Europe and Asia

Same word, totally different meaning.

The 'black' in term Black Friday is intended to portray the fact there is little or no profit in a business operation or transaction. It's there in the Oxford dictionary if you care to take a look. Despite the fact the word is also used to describe those of a particular ethic origin, in this context there is no connection whatsoever.

The word black is not in itself racially offensive, However if you want to twist and distort the meaning and context and use it to stir up racial discord and disharmony that is entirely up to you.............and, quite frankly, it comes as no surprise to me that you are doing so

Posted by: peter israel (791)  Report abuse
Stardelta well said

Posted by: PeterP (7621) Report abuse
Were is the PC brigade when people who live in the Midlands are said to be from "The BLACK Country"

Posted by: baker boy (15426) Report abuse
black friday or wonky wednesday makes no odds to me ,i just dont care.just like an scs sofa sale,gone on for far too long ,when i was in business it was just to get rid of the old stock faster.whatever happened to the old firesale.

Posted by: TerryW (4136) Report abuse
"Were is the PC brigade when people who live in the Midlands are said to be from "The BLACK Country"

A question for Lenny Henry I think.

Posted by: PeterP (7621) Report abuse
When it suits Lenny Henry he will try to use the racist cardHe once commented about there being limited choice in acting due to a persons colour

Posted by: TerryW (4136) Report abuse
Don't they all.


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