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no more billionaires says jeremy
Started by: baker boy (15249) Report abuse
thejeremy vine show this morning shows pictures of various wealthy men,one of whom is lord sugar.
corbyn is putting an end to billionaires in his latest hot air offering.
did lord sugar make a contribution to the labour party and was he made a lord by one gordon brown in 2009.who made him the enterprise zsar.
ten years on and lord sugar has been gently pushed to one side as not now needed by a hard left socialist organisation, who presumably are far too well off to accept "gifts" from wealthy entrepreneur,s.
you can almost smell the hypocrisy.

Posted by: Anne (3643)  Report abuse
What happens if I were to win zillions on the lottery then the interest/ investments etc. makes me into a billionaire? Would I have to move to other shores?

Posted by: Anne (3643)  Report abuse
Double post.

Posted by: whups (4357)   Report abuse
no anne you would open a shell company offshore & put all your money,house & everything else into it then after making yourself sole director you would then rent it back to yourself so the taxman cant claim it then you draw your money back as a loan & then claim tax relief on it & make the taxpayer fund your loan . thats how big businesses & the rich do it .

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4243) Report abuse

I can assure that I have done none of those things, I am as poor as Lazarus, I have not got two pennies to rub together

I am not a billionaire ....

Posted by: Anne (3643)  Report abuse
Ahhh well, so long as I know who to ask for advise if it ever does happen to me.

Posted by: priscus (7781) Report abuse
Vote for the Nasty party

and keep your tax havens

just in case you might become a billionaire!

Posted by: priscus (7781) Report abuse
Billionaires tend to have their wealth creation in one legislature, stash their accumulated wealth in a second country, and actually live in a third country. They are not that vulnerable to being heisted by bodies such as courts or governments.

Posted by: TerryW (3110) Report abuse
I don't think they will be bothered by what Corbyn has to say. He's on his third wife maybe one day he may get something right.

Posted by: baker boy (15249) Report abuse
if any one on these pages had made a great deal of money through your business acumen would you want to lose it.
for someone to say well done now give it to the inland revenue.
its the politics of envy,goading everyday folk into thinking greedy sods getting away with murder.
i worked for my money and i wanted to keep as much as possible,whats wrong with that.

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1580) Report abuse
Don't know why anyone wants billions you can't spend it all

Posted by: whups (4357)   Report abuse
money often acrued is from the backs of the working man .just look at amazon .

Posted by: TerryW (3110) Report abuse
I thought the working man was very well looked after with all these socialist leaders making sure no one has more than anyone else as all are equal. Especially Jeremy and his millionaire wife, I wonder how she accrued her wealth?

Posted by: aussie94 (2313) Report abuse
Terry W , A good question , perhaps by ripping off low paid workers who produce coffee ? Surely not,;

Posted by: whups (4357)   Report abuse
this tory party has the most millionaires in it than ever before .

Posted by: elmos (2779)  Report abuse

Last nights outburst by one shows
Corbyn not a bad judge

Posted by: TerryW (3110) Report abuse
This Labour party has the most champagne socialists in it than ever before. All living in high end properties and living the high life, yet their supporters are using food banks and living on benefits. Looks like Jeremy will offer them the world to get his treacherous backside in No 10 then leave them high and dry just like Tony Bliar did.

Posted by: fedup (156) Report abuse
Agreed TerryW- Labour Party no longer fit for purpose!

Posted by: baker boy (15249) Report abuse
money made on the backs of coffee farmers by one mrs corbyn,i did post you could almost smell the hypocrisy.
i was waiting for one of our far left posters to drop jeremy right in the pig crap,wow what a smell.

Posted by: TerryW (3110) Report abuse
I do like reading how Whups keeps falling down the well after his ridiculous comments.

"money often acrued is from the backs of the working man .just look at amazon ."

I thought you were Corbyn man, Whups, did you not know about his Mrs and her coffee empire? Or in true socialist fashion did you just overlook her money making scheme because she's married to the toss pot who has accrued a nice lump for himself.

Posted by: ashtonman01 (146) Report abuse
You may not be aware, but alot of the richest people in the world work in what's called The City of London, a financial district which is a small area in the city centre. It even has its own police force and own government believe it or not, and is the epicentre of finance and banking. The laws that affect the rest of the country regarding tax don't apply to the City of London. This is why the richest people are able to hide their money in off shore tax havens.

Posted by: whups (4357)   Report abuse
as long as i,m not like you i,m happy at that . and i dont fall down the well where the tory party is concerned unlike you.

Posted by: gaffer (6228)   Report abuse
Ashton man

You ought to read this,


Posted by: Stardelta (7293) Report abuse
Given that the top 1% of highest earners in the uk pay over a third of all income tax you have to ask how the figures will stack up if those individuals leave the uk tax system and, perhaps more importantly how the shortfall will be met.

Posted by: ashtonman01 (146) Report abuse
Gaffer that's what they are telling us, but it doesn't mean that's what they're actually going to do. I wouldn't necessarily trust a government source for truthful information.

I think you ought to look at this as well. The relevant part starts at around the 17:55 mark:


Posted by: TerryW (3110) Report abuse
Whups. That's one thing you won't ever be not even half way there.

Posted by: baker boy (15249) Report abuse
sd for once i fully comply with your clear cut reasoning.

Posted by: whups (4357)   Report abuse
so it,s safe to say they have been doing it all along ? .

Posted by: broady (15327)   Report abuse
Comment removed. Not worth the hassle.


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