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Heart surgery
Started by: dazzylatic (784) Report abuse
Hi all I go in hospital at manchester royal tomorrow for operation Monday morning.im having valve replacement via open heart surgery.is there anyone who can give me tips/advice who has been through this.
I'm not too worried at moment though i think by tomorrow i will be bricking it .
Thanks in advance

Posted by: broady (14514)   Report abuse
I had a quadruple by pass in 1998. Done on a Monday ready for home on Friday. Slight setback delayed going home until Monday. No problems at all. Back at work in a month. You will be in good hands. Do as they tell you. I was told to walk as soon as possible. Just increased it to suit and was soon seeing areas of Abram I hadn’t seen since childhood. Good luck.

Posted by: berylh (1761) Report abuse
All the best for tomorrow, you will be in good hands I'm sure.
In the thoughts and if it is ok with you then also in my prayers. Let us know when you are up and about again.

Posted by: momac (9922)  Report abuse
A prayer for you tonight..although you won't need it..you'll be in perfect hands x

Posted by: dazzylatic (784) Report abuse
Cheers broady hope i recover as quickly .beryl thank you so much and any help is accepted xxx

Posted by: i-spy (14443)  Report abuse
I had surgery there and 15 years later I'm still here. They'll look after you.

Posted by: Wigan Rover (742) Report abuse
Hope all goes well for tomorrow Dazzylatic …… a full and speedy recovery to you

Posted by: 0 years (3411) Report abuse
Everything will be fine Dazzylatic, as Broady says, you are in good hands.

You will soon be running around like a young 'un.

Posted by: nanajacqui (2198)  Report abuse
Good luck Dazzylatic you'll be fine & if you're anything like Broady (he walks for miles with his Fitbit on his wrist) & he's a fine figure of a man

Posted by: lisalee (12104)   Report abuse
My dad had a triple bypass in 1993. He was more bothered about the fact that he had a massive tattoo of a golden eagle with its wings spread across his chest. The surgeon promised him he would do his best to line it up and he was true to his word.

My dad died nearly 5 years ago age 71 and his quality of life following the operation was so much better.

Health is wealth dazzylatic and wishing you all the very best for your procedure.

Posted by: baker boy (14464) Report abuse
its quite natural to feel anxious,i have had four lots of surgery, some minor, some unfortunately not so.
just try and keep as calm as possible over the weekend ,easier said than done ,but you will wonder why you worried later next week when you come through it ok.

Posted by: dazzylatic (784) Report abuse
Lots of lovely well wishes and advice staying as calm as i can tonight.thank you all .I promise to update you all as soon as I can xxx

Posted by: broady (14514)   Report abuse
As some of you know I even managed to run as far as Canada.

Posted by: jo anne (32037)   Report abuse
All the best, Dazzylatic.

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4618)   Report abuse
Good luck Dazzy everything will be fine .

Posted by: basil brush (11804) Report abuse
All the best daz, hope it goes well, your in the best hands

Posted by: jathbee (9501) Report abuse
I have a good friend who had a quadruple bypass 10 years ago and has never looked back. I hope all goes well for you and you make a speedy recovery.

Posted by: grimshaw (1677)  Report abuse
The best of luck tomorrow .

Sure to be in good hands .

Posted by: jouell (4654) Report abuse
Best of Luck Dazzy. Prayers going out for you.. xxx

Posted by: raymyjamie (5755) Report abuse
Best wishes Dazzy.
I had a stent fitted at MRI after a heart attack, I had superb treatment, they even showed me ‘before and after’ pictures of my blocked and unblocked arteries on an overhead screen.
You are in the best place you could be for your op, they are fantastic professionals there.
Good luck for a speedy recovery.

Posted by: cindy (5751)   Report abuse
Best wishes Dazzy, Will say a Prayer for You.

Posted by: FAT MICK (132) Report abuse
From Cyril on the Forum with love

British Heart Foundation. Heart Valve Replacement. How Do Replacement Heart Valves Work.


Posted by: ann-spam (3401)  Report abuse
Good luck you'll be in safe hands

Posted by: mrs m (210) Report abuse
My brother had surgery at MRI in Jan. 2018 and has his specialist there. He received excellent care and the staff are great.

Like the others say, you are in good hands. Now just get well!

Posted by: ann-spam (3401)  Report abuse
Any update yet hope everything went well for you .

Posted by: Dave xl5 (304)  Report abuse
Mate, eight years ago I had a quadruple heart bypass done at MRI Manchester after two heart attacks, and having a stent inserted as well. All I can tell you is the ward I was put on the night before my operation wasn't the best, or maybe it was just that I was scared at the thought of tomorrow. The intensive care unit, you won't remember much about, but the general ward was fine, and the staff were brilliant with me. You'll soon be home and sore, so don't worry too much. PS, must be honest the food is much better at Wigan. lol

Posted by: berylh (1761) Report abuse
I hope all went well yesterday dazzylatics I was thinking about you.

Posted by: dazzylatic (784) Report abuse
Hi all only just got a signal.ive had a mechanical valve put in .woke up to see my best friend and soul mate my wife there .It's been a painful few days but not as bad as I'd expected.
Thank you so much for the best wishes .Just need to get home now xxx

Posted by: tonker (19914)   Report abuse
Try not to cough!

Posted by: baker boy (14464) Report abuse
the physio's make you cough to prevent a chest infection.
just take it easy and get well soon.

Posted by: berylh (1761) Report abuse
Excellent use dazzylatic, really pleased all went well - on the up now

Posted by: tonker (19914)   Report abuse
"the physio's make you cough to prevent a chest infection"

Bloody Philistines!

Posted by: 0 years (3411) Report abuse
Excellent Dazzylatic, it's great to hear you are on the mend.

Take it easy, plenty r and r.

Posted by: basil brush (11804) Report abuse
Excellent, glad you're on the mend


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