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electric cars
Started by: baker boy (14776) Report abuse
if the planned phasing out of petrol,diesel and lpg powered vehicles goes ahead in say 2030.whats the likely outcome for electric vehicles.road tax ,road usage tax?.someone as to make up the huge losses in revenue. does clean mean cheaper?.
whats your view.

Posted by: Anne (3527)  Report abuse
If/when all vehicles 🚗 🚚 🚃 🚝 🚒 🚞 🚜 in the future are electric powered what kind of fuel will be used to produce the vast quantities of electricity needed, today's fossil fuels as we know them? If so would that not produce almost as much pollution? I have read there are ways of cleaning fossil fuel but by how much?

Posted by: peebee (321)  Report abuse
Dont worry about it, all the posters on here will be dead and buried by then , probably taken to church in an electric hearse.

Posted by: priscus (7439) Report abuse
Minds me of the 'Necromobile'!

Creation of a French humorist, whose name escapes me. (Say if you know)

Was a steam powered hearse which derived its power from the on-board cremations.

Posted by: derek (369)   Report abuse
Electric cars are here to stay and its about time. The internal combustion engine has gone as far as it can go in terms of improvements. Its basically not changed since its invention over 100 years ago. Electric cars are being sold to us as "new technology " its not electric vehicles have been around over 100 years and regen braking is old technology as well forklift trucks had regen 30 years ago. What is new is the battery performance that's the only thing that's held back the electric car. Electric motors are cheaper to make have only one moving part and have more power. And I am a petrol head.

Posted by: hugh wilson (55) Report abuse
So how will the National Grid cope when everyone comes home from work at the end of the day and plugs their cars in to chargers all at the same time? Apparently it's bad enough when electric kettles are switched on during TV commercial breaks.

Posted by: hugh wilson (55) Report abuse
How will those people who live in houses with no driveway/parking space, or those that live in flats and apartments (2nd/3rd floor upwards) re-charge their vehicles. A long lead through an open window?

Posted by: priscus (7439) Report abuse
And, we STILL need a primary energy source from which to generate the electric power!

Wind does not ALWAYS blow.
Sunlight not always available.
Fossil fuels have been shunned on account of greenhouse gas production.
Tidal has not been pursued because of wildlife protection concern.
We could become over dependent on nuclear generation, which, despite all promises to the contrary, thus far has always ultimately, been a very expensive option.

Posted by: derek (369)   Report abuse
I believe that tidal power is part of the answer. The tide comes in and out twice a day every day, there is a massif amount of potential power available in the tide. Its clean renewable and predictable. Surely its not beyond the whit of man to harness this power. Although I don't know anything about nuclear power I believe that nuclear fission is going to be safer and has more power than the reactors we have at the moment. Just on economical justifications alone electric will kill petrol and diesel engines. Just think how long we sit in our cars in traffic jambs or at traffic lights stationary with the engine is burning fuel all the time, when an electric car stops it uses nothing. The only down side of electric is the recharging time. When they overcome this I will be selling my diesel disco and buy one.

Posted by: baker boy (14776) Report abuse
tidal barrages where considered for the severn and morecombe bay in the 1960,s /70,s but being a good idea they where dropped in favour of nuclear power and HS2.

Posted by: priscus (7439) Report abuse

ZETA (fusion reactor), in 1957.

"Front-page articles in newspapers around the world announced it as a breakthrough towards unlimited energy, a scientific advance for Britain greater than the recently launched Sputnik had been for the Soviet Union."

And, 60+ years on, they still achieve fusion at the expense of putting more energy in than can be got out!

Remember all the 'Cold Fusion' hype back in the 1980's?

Posted by: derek (369)   Report abuse
A large container ship has a gross weight of around 100,000 tons. Now imagine how much power would be needed to lift 100,000 tons 20 feet up then the same amount of power would be available for fee when being lowered. Thats what power the tide could provide. Now if you had 100 boxes the size of a container ship that weighs 100,000 tons you have 100,000,00 tons of potential energy. FOR NOTHING everyday twice a day. I think I am to something here.
HS2 is the daftest and biggest waste of money that's ever been suggested. The trains are a disgrace the government need to nationalise the trains and sort the service we have got now before building HS2.

Posted by: baker boy (14776) Report abuse
HS2is a white elephant as been since its inception ?and will be ultimately dropped after spending millions on its so called development?.the tidal barrages should have been in action for fifty years generating green energy.like all good ideas we shelve them for stupid ones like HS2.
any one remember the fabled jet TSR2 that never left the drawing room after millions wasted on its development ?.
we need politicians with commonsense not idealistic claptrap about social utopia.


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