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fourteen meadows road
Started by: spudmagoo (1149) Report abuse
Can anyone tell me what Wigan Scouncil is doing blocking off a public right of way by concrete blocks that impedes passage by pedestrians? Is this yet another example of the scousecils disregard for public rights of way. Explain.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3069) Report abuse
According to the Council website, Fourteen Meadows Road is closed because of an 'Unsafe Structure' that sounds like a bit of that Eckersley Mill is threatening to collapse into the road

So spudmagoo if yoo was 'walking' past that 'Unsafe Structure' on Fourteen Meadows Road and it collapsed on to yoo and deaded yoo

You would be pretty well peeved about it wouldn't you

So maybe it is just possible that Wigan Council, don't want folk walking past that 'Unsafe Structure' because they don't want any harm to befall such people

Posted by: tomplum (4938)  Report abuse
they have't stopped walkers or cyclists, only motorists and there is no sign saying " watch out for fawin' buildings" so I think the residents have persuaded the council to block it cos they are sick of taxis hurdling down there at break neck speed to dodge the traffic

Posted by: cordyline (4818)   Report abuse
A wall there looks unstable
Previously a wire fence blocked access. Now dismantled and looking distressed
I ride down there on my bike.
No advice intended

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3069) Report abuse
Excuse meeeee......

Spudmagooo, says that [[PEDESTRIAN]] access is being impeeded, he has not said anything about about taxis 🚖 flying down theer....

Posted by: tonker (19743)   Report abuse
Last time I went down there was trying to collect money off Wigan engine services. Unsuccessfully, I might add. The doors were securely locked and a notice, posted by 'the receivers', said "form an orderly queue"!

Posted by: tomplum (4938)  Report abuse
I went down last wik, there a big stone in the middle of the road impeeding there's a good one and a half metres at either side, plenty room for pedestrians and cyclists but a taxi would scrope its paint work at high speed,

Posted by: Zanzibar Spangles (3374) Report abuse
So they can walk right up to where the wall is unsafe from either side of the obstruction and still get squashed

Posted by: Zanzibar Spangles (3374) Report abuse
If it was about safety no one would be allowed anywhere near

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3069) Report abuse
According to Mr Plum, it is all the fault of the taxi drivers 🚖

Posted by: tomplum (4938)  Report abuse
Not you Tommy 2 stokes, only some people type, taxi drivers and 'bad uns', yooo are a knight of the road and a


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