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Marus Bridge Roundabout
Started by: Tommy Two Stroke (2945) Report abuse
Do you miss the old roundabout or do you prefer the new traffic light controlled junction ?

Posted by: turbo (2133) Report abuse
Roundabout, hate these lights, made congestion far worse IMO

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2945) Report abuse
I think it is swings and roundabouts (pun) traffic flowing along Warrington Road moves better, traffic on Poolstock Lane and Highfield Grange, moves more slowly ...

I wonder if folk would like to go back to the free for all chaos, which there was at the roundabout at peak times, because if you got behind some timid old lady at that roundabout, she could really cause a traffic jam behind her

Posted by: turbo (2133) Report abuse
Ban timid old ladies, back to a roundabout, problem solved

Posted by: PeterP (6816) Report abuse
Best of both worlds they should have kept the round about and put lights on it

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2945) Report abuse
I have said this many times before, but if they ever build that bloody road from Goose Green to Chapel Lane, then the way that junction functions will alter drastically, because most of the Poolstock Lane traffic will stop on Warrington Road and go down the new road, to Chapel Lane, which is what the idea of changing the junction to traffic lights is all about, because the flow of traffic can be controlled remotely, either by computer monitoring traffic flows or by a human operator viewing the junction by CCTV and altering the flow of traffic, by taking control of the traffic lights.

Posted by: roylew (2980) Report abuse
The jam started on the M6 last week...that never used to happen...lights on roundabout would have been fine between 3pm and 7pm and 7am to 10 am...not needed otherwise

Posted by: PeterP (6816) Report abuse
In the WEP yesterday resident saying accident waiting to happen on the M6 Junction 27 Standish due to traffic stopped in the 1st lane trying to get off the motorway. Spokesman for Highways England says they will look at the Junction and if need be install traffic lights on the islandI thought this Junction already had traffic lightsProves how out of touch some Dept are

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2945) Report abuse
People forget that for traffic coming down from the motorway, it is the traffic lights at the entrance into Wheatlea (Sainsburys) which holds up the traffic ...

Posted by: roylew (2980) Report abuse
It didnít happen before the Marus bridge junction was created...A massive mistake

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
good bits and bad, first the good bits,,,NONE,,
now the bad bits,
accidents, before 0 after, countless
congestion, worse than ever,
local flooding, before 0, after, 1 major flood
getting through at late night,
before, flew through, after, stopped at lights with empty roads,
It did't work, we know that,they ( traffic planners) know that and the cost was broosters,
Some one who is highly paid should compensate us for their mistake, they are quick enough to have a plaque made for a good project, ( southgate) but will we see smiffys name at marus bridge ? I don't think so,

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
further bad points, the yoooo turners, you can stand at that rather large tarmaced area of no mans land which could have been used better, and spectate ( as I do for entertainment) a larde number of near misses as yooo turners have near collisions with traffic coming out of Poolstock Lane, Car horns and screeches of tyres are a common sound as people have trouble understanding who is right and who is wrong,

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
Santa Pod,
the waiting traffic at the lights ( 4 minutes) spin wheels and jet off from the lights at neck breaking speed to make up their resting place,

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
The deadley two way traffic trap on Poolstock Lane,

Poolstock lane is mostly gridlocked now, If you want to go straight up to highfield grange or right on to Warrington road, You have a 5/6 car window as the lights change, So if you are 10 cars or more further back, you won't get there, So the jimmy jets and pizzalong pete's do a, full on opposite lane fly on past the queuing traffic to catch the lights,

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
The pavement mounters,

queuing traffic in Poolstock lane wanting to go left into Marus Avenue will mount the kerb and run up the pavement to shorten their time in the queue, anyone coming round that corner in a disable scooter or with a pram will get mown down, because mounting the kerbers go like sh1t off a shuffle round the bend,

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
public transport on Poolstock Lane
Its dissapeared, no buses run up or down now due to queueing, there's a bus for students in the morning, Then people who live on Poolstock Lane have to go to Warrington road or Carr Lane, Ok its not too far it you are fit, but I know people who need to get to the clinic near the Tippings and have to get a taxi because there are no buses,

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
skool chaos in highfield Grange

on skoolday mornings and evenings the traffic to the special skools, mini buses and taxis have a night/daymare getting across the lights, only 6 to 8 vehicles, depending on the drivers alertness will get across, then coming out, its the same ole queue,wait,stop ,go, for a five minute drop off and get away, its 40 minute job,

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
and finally,

thanks to Tommy 2 stroke for winding me up, he knows I like to make others aware of the total mess up and misappropriation of public funds,,,ye ye TTS I know I know I know, its from the Mancs funds, But its still our money, Yoooo and me pay tax,insuance and more tax, and thats where they pluck it from, the workers, the pen pushing desk jockeys and the taxi drivers, we all pay tax, even the pesioners,the sick and the unlucky benefit claimants pay tax on all we buy, tax tax tax, they even get a last chace when yoooo snuff it,cos your funeral is taxed, and thats what pays smiffys high eanings,

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2945) Report abuse

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2945) Report abuse
Bus disappeared from top part of Poolstock Lane, when 610 and 631 services were merged, yoo had the 610 which only went up, it never went down, it went up to the Ben Johnson and then back down Fullbeck Avenue and then along Carr Lane, turning right on to Poolstock Lane on a circular service, it's not my fault that services were merged and you lost your bus service ...

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2945) Report abuse
Oh yes,, just been reminded that the 631 went up and down Poolstock Lane

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2945) Report abuse
Tomplum as lost one and a half bus services 🚍

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
And What happen to the counties attempts to encourage us out of our cars and onto public transport,thats proof if ever proof was needed that the council are not singing from the same hymn book as the government,They give us pensioners a free bus pass, then make it impossible to get on a bus, Blimey o riely, They take away the bus routes and let the 'smart traffic lights" control the traffic, If those lights at Marus Bridge are smart I should be in mensa, They stop traffic even when the roads are empty,

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2945) Report abuse

Well it snot my fault so stop shouting at me a bow tit ...

BUT yoo have a good point, because when the bus station closed and they moved the buses back on to the streets, were they were originally, before they built the bus station, then could be seen the difference from the bus services in he mid 1980's to what there are today and there only a fraction of the bus services today, as there were 30, 40, 50 years ago ...

If you think about it back then, the bus stops were located in a big circle encompassing Library Street, Station Road and Market Place and then they were also down Market Street and then on top of those bus services, there was the Ribble Bus Station as it was known on the old Market Square ...

The Town as gone backwards and I think that this new bus station is going to be a pink elefant, like The Galleries, to big for the town and it will be under yoosed

Posted by: tomplum (4895)  Report abuse
I'm not shouting at yoooo Tommy, you're my favorite taxi driver, I'm just highlighting the problems in Wigan with their approach on transport,
Sledge and his team of Frank Spencers have spent spent public money on making thing worse, If I was on the planning committee, My Motto would be,

Trouble will come anyway, Lets not go and buy it,

Posted by: baker boy (14070) Report abuse
Tom civil servants never make mistakes,never lose their jobs or gold plated pensions however costly their blunders. They were merely badly advised.


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