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More bloody money
Started by: peawapp (4841)  Report abuse
I see the engagement has been announced of Harry and Meghan ,bloody hell the biggest spongers in the country they are ,who is paying ,(no prizes) I only hope James hewitt pays his bloody share

Posted by: PeterP (6145) Report abuse
Another jumps on the royal gravy train to be paid for by you and me

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (1846) Report abuse
It'll be a loverly wedding

Posted by: 0 years (2489) Report abuse
Congratulations to the happy couple.

Thanks go to Harry for his service in Afghanistan whilst the real spongers were sat on their ar*es doing nowt (and I don't mean the rest of the Royals).

Posted by: upthetims (6412) Report abuse

Two more parasites creating more parasites,when will people ever learn.Media indoctrination in full flow now,makes me vomit

Posted by: grimshaw (765)  Report abuse
U T T .

Posted by: laughing gravy (2850) Report abuse
hear hear 0 years

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1298) Report abuse
More chance of me being shot in Wigan than he wits lad

Posted by: laughing gravy (2850) Report abuse
1st tour he was on the ground actively fighting, 2nd tour he was flying a apache helicopter..

Posted by: 0 years (2489) Report abuse
Quite LG,

Also, Harry's support of the Invictus games should attract nothing but admiration for his efforts.......unless of course the judge of these efforts is ignorant.

BTW, did you get my post on another site last night?

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (1846) Report abuse
The yanks are going to go mental over this, because he is marrying an American woman, because it is said that our Queen is the unofficial Queen of America, because the Americans are potty about the British Royal family, so come wedding time, there will be thousands of the buggers over here and it comes at a good time, with Brexit happening and all that and us wanting to trade 'directly' with the rest of the world, I noticed in the interview they gave that the 'Commonwealth' was mentioned, as in the 'British Commonwealth' so with us wanting trade deals with the world, especially with America, this could not have come at a better time

And on about who is paying for it, this wedding will bring in billions for this country, from increased tourism, to trade deals etc

It is good news all round for Britain

Posted by: Diston (100) Report abuse
Give it five years.

Posted by: broady (12707)   Report abuse
Congratulations to them both. I am sure some on here would prefer to see Obama’s daughter in the press. God save the Queen.

Posted by: laughing gravy (2850) Report abuse
yeah 0 years lol

Posted by: 0 years (2489) Report abuse

Posted by: aussie94 (1582) Report abuse
Touch yer forelocks get down on yer knees to yer betters as another bludger gets on your backs. harry seems a nice bloke but he is a part of a system that ensures privillege is sustained at the disadvantage of working class. Enjoy the theater you will pay for it . how sad in 2017

Posted by: kathpressey (4281)  Report abuse
but I expect the wedding will bring in lots of tourists...

Posted by: spud1 (1641) Report abuse
It will bring a lot more money in than out,and it's excellent news regarding Brexit.

Posted by: fossil (6572) Report abuse
Good luck to them both,I think we are able to locate parasites a lot closer to home to be honest!

Posted by: Stardelta (5941) Report abuse

Posted by: ena1958 (6297) Report abuse
Great news for the country.

Posted by: tonker (19028)   Report abuse
I'd like to see their faces if she produces a blackie baby in the next couple of years!

Posted by: upthetims (6412) Report abuse


Posted by: peawapp (4841)  Report abuse
Tonker has a point, remember what happened to His mother

Posted by: mindar (137) Report abuse
Wasn't Queen Charlotte of African descent? She presented George 3rd with 15 children.

Posted by: Dave xl5 (291)  Report abuse
My brother is a big monarchist, and when we used to fall out about them, he would always say,
“they don't have the freedom like you have. They can't just go off and shop around Woolworth's like you”. Oh the drawbacks to wealth power and privilege..

Posted by: mindar (137) Report abuse
I dont suppose many of you will be targeted by fanatics. George is just 4 years old. Just imagine him living the rest of his life with this sort of thing.


Posted by: fossil (6572) Report abuse
Peawapp ,I would love to know what happened to tonkers mother as well😀

Posted by: tonker (19028)   Report abuse
Fossil, she died in August, aged 90, as a result of having suffered a brain hemorrhage. But, I can tell you this, she wouldn't have shagged a blackie for a gold pig!

Posted by: whacker (582) Report abuse

Posted by: hugh wilson (43) Report abuse
At 90, probably not - but who knows - maybe when she was a bit younger???


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