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Holiday destinations to avoid
Started by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
Its funny but whenever this subject crops up, people always seem to mention the same two places.
Any ideas

Posted by: chatty (5940)  Report abuse
Mogadishu and West Beirut?

Posted by: broady (13247)   Report abuse
North Korea and Guam.

Posted by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
Guam looks great - not so sure about the other place. I wonder if they'll start doing more repeats of Mash.

Posted by: tomplum (4617)  Report abuse
My tip is stay at home, I never get tired of watching films about airport delays,flight cancellations,rowdy kids on planes,queues for the toilet,poor sanitary,over booked hotels,taxi's over charging,food poisoning,mosquito bites, poor service,nightmares in the foreign A+E,Germans putting towels on sunbeds,lifts not working and noise going on all night,
and when they get back and you ask, " did you enjoy it" the answer is always, " yes we had a marvelous time " Well you can keep it,

Posted by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
Amen to that

Posted by: upthetims (6459) Report abuse

Tom,It's belting belting in Albir

Posted by: bentlegs (4218) Report abuse
Tom, Go on a Cruise, none of the trouble you mention,

Posted by: broady (13247)   Report abuse
I have very rarely if ever encountered the problems you mention. However I do remember travelling up the M6 on a Saturday afternoon and taking over an hour to get from Thelwall to Abram. I also remember leaving Worthing to travel home and watching Concord fly over when I was on the M?? and I knew it would be in New York before I got to Wigan. Four hours to get from Carlisle. Do you get what I am saying???

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2420) Report abuse
That Concorde was 'noisy' I saw it flying twice, each time over Wigan on Grand National day, it were flying over to Aintree to give the crowds there a thrill and when I heard those four Olympus Engines growling overhead I thought it was a Jumbo 747 flying really low, but when I looked up the Concorde look tiny, but those engines were making a right din and they were only ticking over ...

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Boeing got it banned from NY on grounds of it being noisy.

Since in fact it was LESS noisy than the Boeing planes using JFK, the ban got overturned fairly easily.

But the damage had been done: all export orders were lost. Customers exercised their cancel options!

We can look forward to more episodes like this, should we have a trade deal with US.

Was an EXPENSIVE way to cross the pond though, whurnit!

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Tom's post minded me of a sketch (can'r recall ifn it whur Mike Harding, or Billy Connolly) about Brits going on holiday. Described them sunbathing as like big chips, and all thee experience that was inferior to that had by the stay at home folk.

Posted by: lectriclegs (3120) Report abuse

Sonny's pain.

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Thanks, so it whur MH.

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Marathon: now there's a place. I got so bored that I ran all the way to Athens!

Posted by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
I can't believe it. No one's been close yet. And everybody reckon they've been there.

Posted by: chatty (5940)  Report abuse
Rhyl and Southend, Scouseland and Eastenders by the sea respectively!

Posted by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse


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