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Noel Chadwicks Standish
Started by: mindar (523) Report abuse
I think I'll be giving this place a miss on my next visit. Poor lad got sacked for posting about Fresh Meat Packs North West to girlfriend on social media.

Posted by: Stardelta (6209) Report abuse
Its no big deal.

Most employment contracts these day state that if you go slagging off employers or releasing confidential or sensitive info on social media that you will face disciplinary action or dismissal.

He may have done serious damage to his employers interests or reputation. Put yourself in Chadwicks position.

No sympathy.....He should have been more responsible and get his mouth shut. If he had he would still have his job.

Posted by: lectriclegs (3120) Report abuse
But Chadwick lost the case, did he not?

Posted by: gaffer (5972)   Report abuse
Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of the case there is no excuse for an employer not facilitating an appeal by an employee against a disciplinary action.It is a fundamental principle of employment protection legislation.
Although, having read the summary of the tribunal's findings, I'm sure the lad would still probably have won his case had he been granted an appeal by his employer.

Posted by: Stardelta (6209) Report abuse
The outcome is irrelevant.

The lad did what he had agreed and was legally bound not to.

If I thought his actions had damaged or compromised the interests of my business I would have done the same thing..... on the spot......seeya

Posted by: tuddy (927) Report abuse
The tribunal judge stated that the lad "was not in breach of any social media policy" so he didn't do what he had agreed and was legally bound not to. And if you or any other employer had done the same thing, they'd have found themselves on the wrong end of a £6,000 fine, and a shed full of bad publicity for their business. Well done to the lad for having the bottle to take on a bullying employer who thought that they were above the law. Let's hope that this case encourages other employees to do the same.

Posted by: dave© (3406) Report abuse
The chap was lucky to have £1200 in savings to finance the Industrial Tribunal costs, I took a case to a tribunal back in the 80s, and won it, it was free then. I hear that the the tribunal fees have now been scrapped, good!

Posted by: grimshaw (1019)  Report abuse
Well said dave.

I also understand that millions will need to be paid in compensation to the ones who had to fund finance their own costs before this was scrapped .
The justice minister who introduced this was i believe chris grayling who was warned at the time how unfair it was but still went ahead

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Same mon what claims that the North does not need electric trains!

Posted by: upthetims (6459) Report abuse

If stardelta was an employer

god help his workers

19th century mill owner comes to mind

Posted by: wigvet (3310) Report abuse
The Claimant was

i) Not issued a written or verbal formal warning, despite requesting one,
ii) Not given the opportunity to have someone with him at his meeting
iii) Not given an explanation regarding his actions.
iv) No appeal was arranged within a few weeks of his sacking

Chadwicks appear to know the law to stop people parking on their property but have little or no grasp of HR law!!

The judge adding the claimant was dismissed summarily in a process that was ‘reprehensible’

Posted by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
Fresh Meat Packs NW are definitely worth a look if its meat and chicken you eat

Posted by: mindar (523) Report abuse
Some really good deals on their website at the moment. Good if you want to stock your freezer. They even do ready cooked turkeys for Christmas.

Posted by: nanajacqui (1268)  Report abuse
Well he's done me a favour as I'd never heard of them & I've just ordered my first delivery for Saturday 19th...I'll let you know if it's good

Posted by: Stardelta (6209) Report abuse
Employee takes the pi**

Employer acts accordingly

Employer is the villain

Looks like he didn't follow the correct procedures though. But If he had and the outcome went in his favour....would he still be the villain?

I think most in here would still say yes

Posted by: gaffer (5972)   Report abuse
The tribunal hearing the Chadwick case will have considered the spirit in which the disciplinary action was taken. Employers who ignore the fact, because it is not a legal requirement, that disciplinary procedures must have a spirit of good intent between the two parties are likely to be on the losing side at tribunal hearings.
In one case I was responsible for the tribunal chairman accepted that the disciplinary procedure was correctly and fairly carried out in the spirit of the legislation. However, given that the employee, in his view, had limited opportunities for other employment I should have made extra efforts to find him alternative employment. He then went on to award compensation of £7k.

Posted by: PeterP (6402) Report abuse
Not much privacy on Facebook/Other media when a personal message from man to girlfriend is open for his employees to use against him

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
I still blame Labour Gov for not amending the law when they had the chance. Time was when one was sacked and the person took an employer to an unfair dismissal tribunal, if the appellant won his case he/she would be offered their job back ,then the swine party got in with Thatcher and one of the first laws they changed was ,even if a person won their case for unfair dismissal the law was that the company were not forced to offer them their job back , This is something iv' NEVER forgiven LABOUR for because it happened to myself and 3 of my colleagues .
As for this case if ( WIGVET) is correct the bloke was onto a winner but what i have just been saying is it shows to what depths these rotten tory employer's will try .

Posted by: Stardelta (6209) Report abuse
Tory employers?

How do you know Chadwick supports the Tories?

Posted by: spiderwoman (856) Report abuse
People should be very careful when posting things on social media. No doubt the employer would not have been happy to see one of his employees posting about another firm's fresh meat products when they are trying to sell their own fresh meat. It's common sense really.

Posted by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
I'm all in favour of healthy competition.

Posted by: upthetims (6459) Report abuse

Is sd for real?????

Posted by: gaffer (5972)   Report abuse

Had Barbara Castle's proposed legislation 'In Place of Strife',supported by the PM Harold Wilson, not been scuppered by Jim Callaghan the winter of discontent would not have taken place. In that event it would probably have ensured a Labour victory at the 1979 election. The subsequent legislation introduced by the Thatcher government was more of less the same as that envisaged by 'In Place of Strife.'
Your facts re being offered their job back are not correct.
Employment protection legislation has always allowed employment tribunals to order reinstatement. The employer, however, could legally refuse. A refusal usually carried a doubling of the unfair dismissal compensation.

Posted by: upthetims (6459) Report abuse

Seem to remember Grunwicks where a so called Labour Home secretary set his SS (OOPS) I mean the SPG free to cause mayhem on the picket line.A foretaste of what was to happen in the miners strike.Akin to Hitler blooding his military in Spain

Posted by: Stardelta (6209) Report abuse
The miners were not exactly angels now were they UTT?

I seem to remember 2 of them going down for life for dropping a lump of concrete off a motorway bridge onto a taxi, killing the driver.

Posted by: tonker (19297)   Report abuse
The Story - as referred to by transformer ^^^^

Posted by: broady (13247)   Report abuse
Haven't 't seen his comments for a few months but in answer to your question sadly he is but he is for real.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2420) Report abuse
Those Chadwicks sound like really nasty people

Posted by: lectriclegs (3120) Report abuse
Posted by: pisolivadi (1811) [View pisolivadi's page] [1,000+] Report abuse

I suppose I ought to start this tale with a bit of empathy for the Chadwicks, because I can understand how annoying it would be to supply a car park for your customers which gets (ab)used by drivers who've no intention of using the shop.
But what about haranguing customers who've just spent 33 quid on ribeye and chops.....?
... A few summers back now, three friends set off on a glorious, blazing June morning for a spot of fishing in the Dales. They'd packed a few stubbies and a bottle of red to wash down a selection of fine cheeses, crackers and dips.They were for the passengers, but the driver had only a bottle of jusoda and little else.
Just passed Boar's Head , he says ''I've got one them throw away barbies in t'boot but we met not catch owt.

I'll stop at Chadwicks and get some meyt. Great idea, beltin. They threw a tenner apiece in; two of them went in the shop and the other said, I 'll just nip up street for some sun cream . We'll be brunt deeyeth if I don't.

There was guy on picket duty refusing the sun cream buyer exit to the street.
'' S'okay pal, we're spending 30 quid in your shop, I'm just off for some sun cream''
YA CAN'T! he said
Why's that? don't they sell it in Standish? he asked, and, just thinking the picket wasn't a full shilling, strolled passed him and out the car park.
Suncream proved indeed hard to buy , so he bought a daily mirror instead and hurried back so as not to hold up the trip. His pals were still in Chadwicks shop, but now the picket had been joined by two others.
WHERE'S THE SUNCREAM THEN?! You've not got any!
Sorry? Oh they didn't have any.
Ya NOT allowed to leave the car park!!
But me friends are still in your shop spending thirty quid.
THATS not the point!!!
The guy got in the car whilst the tree of them continued to shout abuse at him.
''Lets get gooin' quick he said when his friends returned, '' they're bloody crazy'''.

They pulled away,gingerly, but knowing it was now three against three and from inside the motor, he rather cheekily gave the fingers to them out the back window.

They never got a bite in the Dales and Chadwicks steaks were lovely , but three days later , the proprietor WROTE to the driver demanding an apology from the guy without suncream.
Well, I can tell you, that proprieter will be waiting a while yet.

Replied: 9th May 2011 at 16:10
Last edited by pisolivadi: 9th May 2011 at 16:22:19

From here

Posted by: upthetims (6459) Report abuse

frittening broady!!!

Posted by: Stardelta (6209) Report abuse
I don't think they are nasty at all.

They just choose to robustly defend their business interests and are not swayed by insignificant public opinion that obviously matters not a jot to them.I see it as something to be admired in this day and age.

Everytimne I visit the place is bombed out, they must be doing something right.

Posted by: mindar (523) Report abuse

Let us know about your meat order from Fresh Meat Packs North West Njackie. I'm looking to stock my freezer in the coming months. Delivery as well cant be bad.

Posted by: nyce horse (3352) Report abuse
"People should be very careful when posting things on social media."
Especially when it is peoples names, posted on here without their permission.

Posted by: nanajacqui (1268)  Report abuse
Mindar I'll tell you next Saturday after my delivery

Posted by: ayrefield (4435) Report abuse
Some folks against and some folks for, though Chadwick's are the true winners with all the free publicity they are getting on here.

In Standish every time we go through, and we go through regularly, the restaurants, cafés and tea shops are always full to capacity, are customers the folks from those new houses with expensive kitchens they're frightened to use or is it that a lot of folks in Standish just can't be bothered cooking.


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