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Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
I was wondering are there any WWs members who have read the article this week concerning Britain purchasing steel to build our navy ship's and steel for item's needed by our army from ABROAD??? Well if you have not it is a true fact that our illustrious leaders have done the foul deed yet again, by placing orders for the stuff from abroad , mainly SWEDEN. It beggars believe does it not that after recent troubles in the industry that someone has shot our workers in the back nay also in the front too. We have factories in Redcar, sheffield , s/wales and Scotland ( i think) i would seriously like to confront these TRAITORS i cannot think of a better description for the person/s who have done this.

Am i losing my marbles or what? could some-one please try to explain to me why and how is this good economics???
Since that evil period of thatcherism is it genetic from her, with these tories??? Just what have they got against the working man of this country?
Have they not been taught at Harrow or Eton and all the other snob ridden establishments they attended not read that it was BRITAIN that gave the world the industrial revolution?? Look back at the vast ocean going ship's ,the mighty Naval fleet's of the first and second world wars?? They were built not by the krauts or any other nondescript country, no they were built here by our proud workfoce's. Have they learned nothing from their privileged positions?? Wouldn't this have been an extra bonus for us with us about to leave the stinking E.U. the chance ,the opportunity to do for our selve's??

I am past the working age limit but there is still fire in the pit of my stomach, for it not be for me i write ,i moan. i complain, it is for the future of my children and my grandchildren and so on if they who are responsible for things now ,and do nothing then what will become of them ????? Have a nice day!!

Posted by: aussie94 (1655) Report abuse
Thank blessed Margaret Thatcher for the demise of the Steel Industry and coal and vehicle manufacturing. Great legacy she left. BITCH

Posted by: grimshaw (1082)  Report abuse
G B.

Terrific post .

You forgot Scunthorpe .the town would die without the steel works .Float away down the Trent .

Posted by: baker boy (13908) Report abuse
aussie94 grow up, coal was an unconscionable time a dying,the british car industry makes makes excellent products and how can our steel compete with cheap stuff from china.
what i do think is importing wood pellets from canada by the ship loads daily and passing this off to the EU as sustainable energy is horlicks.
a few weeks ago the biased broadcasting co,sent this drivel out by teletext .britain uses no coal for the first time,it goes on to say 0n a warm day in summer 51% of our energy
was generated by clean methods.wood pelets where 49%.
bearing in mind it was sunny day over britain and blowing a gale,wind,solar,hydroelectric and nuclear power was only used.
nuclear clean,oh i forget, please ignore the endless nuclear clean up bill.
this is what should be happening,open cast coal from our
shores should be generating energy,stop expensive wood pellets imports ,that are just as dirty as coal.
wood pellets are sustainable another tongue in cheek/downright lie from our masters in brussels.

Posted by: Stardelta (6258) Report abuse

Are there actually any British steel manufacturers who can supply the correct types of product and the the required amounts within the agreed timescales at a competitive price?

I think if there was........they would have got the job, don't you......seriously?

Posted by: gaffer (5981)   Report abuse
British mills will supply 35% by weight and 50% by value of the steel required for the new Royal Navy ships.
The specialist thin steel plate making up the total steel requirement will be made in Sweden because there are no British mills equipped to provide it.
Shipbuilding has moved on since the days of bog standard specification steels. Currently the copper nickel clad steels used in offshore structures is being evaluated for use in the construction of the hulls of large ships.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2500) Report abuse

"Am i losing my marbles or what?"

Yes most definitely

Posted by: cordyline (4465)   Report abuse
Quite right too gaffer; copper nickel hulls are not new
Some trawlers, I think Italian were using them in the 80s
Probably too expensive although it has excellent anti- fouling properties

Our friend aussie84 likes to gob off about subjects he knows little about -- usually without accuracy

At the moment his Prime Minister M Turnbull; is over here sucking up to our leader Mrs May

Posted by: cindy (5590)   Report abuse
I think it was Harold Wilson who started the demise of the Steel industry when He Nationalised it in the 1960s.

Posted by: cordyline (4465)   Report abuse
Yes Cindy, Wilson and Blair have a lot to answer for

Posted by: spud1 (1681) Report abuse
I could see what was happening with our coal industry in the 60s when I worked for the NCB at Parkside,Parkside was mainly staffed by miners from local pits which had closed,there were lots of pits closing in the late 50s and 60s,I could see then what was happening so I left in 1967,if you were to ask anyone,if you could get your gas supply at a third of what you pay,but it comes from Argentina,would they agree to swap.!

Posted by: broady (13352)   Report abuse
Of course. And they watch Sony TV's, drive Mitsubishi cars and shop at Lidl, Aldi, Netto etc. Never mind the local corner shop or local farm selling veg. Way of the world I'm afraid. All want hens to run round a field all their life but only want to pay coppers for a chicken. Can't be done.

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1330) Report abuse
Far better to line the pockets of bankers and share dealers I think we would all agree the the north of England is a far better place for our kids and grandkids to grow up in

Posted by: broady (13352)   Report abuse
Blair and Scargill seem to have done OK. There are Labour Party card carrying millionaires, Managing Directors etc. If the UK haven't the capability to make the steel ( for whatever reason) then they have to shop elsewhere.

Posted by: baker boy (13908) Report abuse
the labour party as moved on, the working class are wondering why and where.

Posted by: aussie94 (1655) Report abuse
Ok I bow to the wisdom of the people

Posted by: cordyline (4465)   Report abuse

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse

Now now Tommy mate you have just stepped over the white wash carry on and i will have to put you across my lap for a spanking!

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse

I apologise most profusely for omitting a grand place as
Scunthorpe or as locals say " scunny" stayed in dig's while working that part of the land back in the 80s, nice folk too.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Afternoon Broady;
I note what you say but is not the truth that because of lack of investment back in those days is one of the reasons we are up the soddin creek without a paddle now ?? You mention all those foreign named business's have you yourself not begged the question or ever wondered why ? Where are all our British entrepreneurs ??? I know this won't wash with you but i tell you the truth every time i wish to buy a product ie as you say tv's /car/groceries,it sickens me to my gut ,yet there is absolutely bugger all i can do except ,dont watch tv, dont go by car grow my own food so you see i want someone to bollock over all this so where do i go?? if TTS reads this careful TOM.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Just like to make a quick point on the issue of COAL, WOW britain boasting about being coal free for first time, yet only this week Donald Trump announced a new programme for making production of the stuff CLEANER and the opening and guarantee for miners, ( Yet we have trillion's of ton's under our feet yet elect to ignore it !!Whilst USA/AUSSIE/MANY,MANY OTHER countries on this planet are still and will continue to mine coal for many years to come so i ask whats good for the goose..........have a nice day!

Posted by: gaffer (5981)   Report abuse

We live in a global economy. British investment abroad and overseas investment in the UK are about equal at 1trillion each way.
Many British entrepreneurial families were seen off with crippling death duties, investment dividend taxes of 92% or nationalisation.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2500) Report abuse

We have got a paddle, we are not paddleless

It is cheeper to import steel, rather than make it here, it was the same with coal, it was cheaper to import coal from Australia, than mine it ourselves, it was cheaper to ship it from tuther side of world, rather than dig it out of our ground, because miners held country to ransom in the 1970's (twice) and brought down a government

And we had to pay those miners what thay wanted, so that whupsy and his mates would not doo it again

I can feel a paddy coming on now

So it is just market forces at work, that is all, so stop panicking about steel ...

Posted by: broady (13352)   Report abuse
Hi GB,
I did preface my comments regarding the shortage of the right kind of steel by saying for whatever reason. It isn't my specialist field but the car industry may have shot itself in the foot with the constant strikes back in the day which coincided with the emergence of Asian countries making better and cheaper cars. I am not saying it is wrong that the car workers wanted more monies but when the market you are in gives workers in other countries a big bowl of rice for a days work you cannot be competitive. In 1982 I wanted a new car and went to Gordon Ford in Wallgate for a new Capri and , despite all the press saying Ford were struggling. I was quoted five weeks to get a new one. I got in my car and drove to Tamar Toyota at Hindley Green and was shown a Carina and when I asked was told three days for delivery. Decision made and I might add that lots of features were standard that were extras at Ford.

Posted by: PeterP (6436) Report abuse
150 Halewood workers sack and work going to Birmingham were it is cheaper to do the job

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Hi Broady
You remind me of something similar in 1984 i wanted a new car for my new job working all over Britain ,i was told then i had to wait a few weeks,i lived up Hindley Green then i went to car place near old Hindley Green Labour club, was it called ( carry'sor curray's name iv'e just can't remember it,any way i got a Rover 1.6 the box type ,so that is a bit of a coincidence do you think?? Also i take on board what you say ,along with the other's ,it's just that i wish things and this country could kinda get back to making things for our selves thats all ok.

Posted by: whacker (605) Report abuse
That is true, Golden Bear, President Trump re-opened the mines Obama had closed and the miners are now back at work by the thousand. And yes, new technology makes coal a very clean product. That, and our natural gas resources and oil - especially from shale, will make the US not only energy independent by the end of next year but also add to our wealth from sales to foreign customers. Poland will be one of the first, and Putin is not happy about that; no more holding Europeans hostage to Russian oil. We are even opening new coal mines, a. big one just last week. Farewell to the oil sheiks of the Middle East.

When President Trump signed the agreement that would build a huge pipeline from Canada to the American south, he asked who was supplying the steel for the pipeline. It turned out to be China. President Trump promptly added a rider to the agreement; the pipe must be made of American steel or the deal would be cancelled. He then turned his attention to government business all around the country and passed new laws; any government contract must from now only use American steel. Similarly, cross border pipes, like the new monster from the USA down into Mexico, must be made of American steel. He is also calling large companies and warning their COOs that any steel they order from abroad may be subject to large import tarriffs by the time it is shipped and they might want to rethink their suppliers!

In short President Trump is putting his country first, something every country head should do.

On the other hand, and I must be fair, Section8 on this site thinks that President Trump is stupid. So you are free to judge President Trump by his actions, or by Section8's feelings,

Posted by: madamehmurray (6045)   Report abuse
Most everything is made from steel over here. You don;t see much stuff in glass almost everything in plastic. Nothing is made here anymore. Shame

Posted by: whacker (605) Report abuse
You and me both, Madamehmurray. That's why it's good to see this announcement from the White House:

"Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump hosted 50 companies from each state to showcase American products as part of Made in America Week, reaffirming his dedication to fight on behalf of American workers and families. Products ranged from sandwiches, to wool blankets, to firetrucks; each business connected by the common thread of American excellence. The President stated that, "When we purchase products made in the USA, the profits stay here, the revenue stays here, and the jobs -- maybe most importantly of all -- they stay right here in the USA".


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