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Ex Smokers
Started by: priscus (5785) Report abuse
Do any of you miss it?

Posted by: PeterP (5900) Report abuse
My missus was a smoker (30/40 a day) but she learned the hard way by having a strokeEven now after 4years she says i could die for a fag,she was told after her stroke that if she started smoking again she would be dead in less than a month So yes she misses a fag but she is alive

Posted by: madamehmurray (5848)   Report abuse
i had a craving about it in a dream last night. I have some around but haven;t touched. I have been craving cabbage rolls

Posted by: jathbee (8035) Report abuse
No. I can't even stand the smell of cig smoke.

Posted by: broady (12320)   Report abuse
I can't say I don't like the smell as I have spent a large %age of my life in establishments surrounded by smokers but I am so, so glad I never took up the habit. When I first started work every rep brought in a sleeve of cigarettes. I quickly converted them to bring in a bottle of gin.

Posted by: baker boy (13654) Report abuse
i would love to light a slim panatella,doc says no no.

Posted by: bentlegs (4167) Report abuse
I was a 40 a day smoker, packed up 17 years ago, i miss them like a broken leg, Never think about them now,

Posted by: aussie94 (1506) Report abuse
Miss my Cohiba cuban cigar mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the smell sooooo good

Posted by: Jumpin Jack Flash (94) Report abuse
i miss the click of my zippo lighter and the first smoke in the morning

Posted by: madamehmurray (5848)   Report abuse
there is a guy who loves in our building who smokes and he has the wiondow open to the hall. When he smokes it smells up the whole building

Posted by: scoop (3283)   Report abuse
No Ido not miss it.

Posted by: billy (25751)  Report abuse
always had a case of 6/7 cigars in my inside pocket.
no more, I replace em with a bottle "JIM BEAM/OR BLACK LABEL WHISKEY.....I HAVE A TOT AT MY ELBOW NOW.HICK...HICCC.

Posted by: priscus (5785) Report abuse
I thought you where a Jameson's (Irish) quaffer.

Posted by: nanajacqui (914)  Report abuse
Never smoked & so glad I didn't.....hubby used to smoke for a long time but now uses VIP cigs but is suffering from long term smoking & has COPD so his breathing & walking are affected

Posted by: broady (12320)   Report abuse
Glad to see you posting. Thought you had done a runner with the guy from number three as he seems to me missing also.

Posted by: spud1 (1607) Report abuse
I smoked about 30 a day,no tipped ones,I reckon it would cost me around 80 - 90 a week now,I packed then in well over thirty years ago.


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