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Ex Smokers
Started by: priscus (6030) Report abuse
Do any of you miss it?

Posted by: PeterP (6355) Report abuse
My missus was a smoker (30/40 a day) but she learned the hard way by having a strokeEven now after 4years she says i could die for a fag,she was told after her stroke that if she started smoking again she would be dead in less than a month So yes she misses a fag but she is alive

Posted by: madamehmurray (6008)   Report abuse
i had a craving about it in a dream last night. I have some around but haven;t touched. I have been craving cabbage rolls

Posted by: jathbee (8825) Report abuse
No. I can't even stand the smell of cig smoke.

Posted by: broady (13170)   Report abuse
I can't say I don't like the smell as I have spent a large %age of my life in establishments surrounded by smokers but I am so, so glad I never took up the habit. When I first started work every rep brought in a sleeve of cigarettes. I quickly converted them to bring in a bottle of gin.

Posted by: baker boy (13797) Report abuse
i would love to light a slim panatella,doc says no no.

Posted by: bentlegs (4209) Report abuse
I was a 40 a day smoker, packed up 17 years ago, i miss them like a broken leg, Never think about them now,

Posted by: aussie94 (1646) Report abuse
Miss my Cohiba cuban cigar mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the smell sooooo good

Posted by: Jumpin Jack Flash (109) Report abuse
i miss the click of my zippo lighter and the first smoke in the morning

Posted by: madamehmurray (6008)   Report abuse
there is a guy who loves in our building who smokes and he has the wiondow open to the hall. When he smokes it smells up the whole building

Posted by: scoop (3285)   Report abuse
No Ido not miss it.

Posted by: billy (25996)  Report abuse
always had a case of 6/7 cigars in my inside pocket.
no more, I replace em with a bottle "JIM BEAM/OR BLACK LABEL WHISKEY.....I HAVE A TOT AT MY ELBOW NOW.HICK...HICCC.

Posted by: priscus (6030) Report abuse
I thought you where a Jameson's (Irish) quaffer.

Posted by: nanajacqui (1162)  Report abuse
Never smoked & so glad I didn't.....hubby used to smoke for a long time but now uses VIP cigs but is suffering from long term smoking & has COPD so his breathing & walking are affected

Posted by: broady (13170)   Report abuse
Glad to see you posting. Thought you had done a runner with the guy from number three as he seems to me missing also.

Posted by: spud1 (1664) Report abuse
I smoked about 30 a day,no tipped ones,I reckon it would cost me around 80 - 90 a week now,I packed then in well over thirty years ago.

Posted by: billy (25996)  Report abuse
a muslim doctor across from me told a club mate(78 age)to take a slug of whiskey at bedtime....good for the ticker he said?and a good nights kip.

Posted by: nanajacqui (1162)  Report abuse
Hi Bill..now you know I wouldn't go within 5 miles of number 3 resident & it has been very peaceful the whole of July

Posted by: jathbee (8825) Report abuse
A Muslim doctor telling people to drink alcohol ??????? Must be a conspiracy to kill off the infidels. 🛌 🍾🍺🍷🍸

Posted by: 1934granadascruggs (1104)  Report abuse
I smoke at least 25 a day.
I've no intention of packing them up. It's one of my pleasures This is heaven. Not when I depart!

No other members of my family smoke so I have my own smoking area ( not in the house ) My wife packed in about 8 years ago, she's never touched one since.

However, She is never less than 3 inches away
from that electronic contraption!

I don't go into pubs / clubs now( unless I have to do ie party invite, gig etc ) since they banned smoking.
Its their loss of income

Posted by: broady (13170)   Report abuse
I worked with plenty of 40-60 a day guys older than me who are still knocking about. Mind you I worked with a lot of non smokers who are no longer with us. I wonder if some peoples genes makes them more susceptible to different illnesses??

Posted by: 1934granadascruggs (1104)  Report abuse
I think you have hit the nail on the head there, Bill.

My mother, and her two sisters all died with breast cancer.
Two of them had the odd cig or two. About 3 a day at the most.
Another family member has since died with the same disease. She was a non smoker.

My sister, and my cousin have had their breast(s ) removed.

I also think it's in your genes.

Posted by: henry7 (715) Report abuse
Packed in 40 years ago, but missed it for about a year, I used to dream that I was having a cig. Never think about it now. I think like lots of kids who start smoking they think they look cool and grown up, we didn't think about health issues when we were younger.

Posted by: whacker (584) Report abuse
A recent study (sorry, I neglected to bookmark the source) found that cigarettes are more addictive than heroin.

No, I don't miss them one bit. Gave them up 51 years ago. My smoker friends are all dead from lung related problems.

Started early - 12 - because I thought Humphrey Bogart made it look cool. Found out later the tobacco companies paid studios to have smoking in almost every scene.

Poor Bogie. He died a slow, early, painful death from lung cancer.

Posted by: whacker (584) Report abuse
On the brighter side, it helped kill off Stalin.

Thinking of sending Kim Jong Un a carton of Woodbines.

Posted by: 1934granadascruggs (1104)  Report abuse
Life is a risk.
My tactics are, enjoy yourself while you are alive.

Don't deprive yourself of pleasure. Whatever your pleasure is

Joanne, ( If she sees this ) May post the link for me


Posted by: jo anne (31759)   Report abuse
Granada's Link

Posted by: 1934granadascruggs (1104)  Report abuse
Many, Many, thanks. Joanne
This is paradise Not when we leave this Earth

Some have their five a day, I have 25


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