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Are oven chips really made from spuds
Started by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
If they are, then why can't you fry 'em. And what happens if you do drop 'em in the chip pan

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
I did try once. The outer chip surface got burnt before the interior thaws out.

Posted by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
Silly boy

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
When you have an oven which defies any attempts to clean the bugger, you start to think laterally about alternatives to the oven.

Posted by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
Hash browns drive me nuts as well. Some you can grill, others have got to go in the oven. And you can't shallow fry. Its got to be deep fried. Crazy

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
Are there no self cleaning ovens in the UK?? We just hit a button on ours and it locks the door and then heats the oven to a very high temperature and when it is finished you just have some powder to brush out.

Posted by: i-spy (13504)  Report abuse
Where's the fun in that

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
If it were not pouring down here at the mo, I would be toasting my 'Damper' on the camp fire out-back!

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
I suppose you could do it the traditional way if you wanted to have " some fun". Enjoy.

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Aye, broady I made a very bad purchase with this one. A fan oven, which draws grease into inaccessible ducting space about the fan.

Very poor performance in other respects also.

At the moment, I have limited kitchen space. Living in what was the servants' quarters of a dilapidated large building.

Hope main kitchen will be restored next year, so new cooker/oven then.

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
Good luck with that. Check out the self cleaning ovens. You can be doing something constructive as the oven is cleaning.

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Thanks for the advice, it is something which I certainly intend to do.

Posted by: henry7 (715) Report abuse
I bought a halogen oven from Ideal World only 59 and it's great. You can bake, grill, do casseroles in it etc. Never use the main oven now apart from the hob.

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Yes, I use one of them too, to avoid using the aforementioned horror.

Posted by: PeterP (6402) Report abuse
I still use a chip pan and buy frozen frying chips which cook in about 5mins

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4602)   Report abuse
PeterP your right .halogen ovens are great.

Posted by: berylh (1617) Report abuse
Comments on here about Halogen ovens have persuaded me, I have toyed with the idea of one so decision made - Thank you

Posted by: priscus (6054) Report abuse
Good luck with you purchase, berylh.

I use the 12 L. Andrew James model, but have not experience of other brands for comparison. Is OK, but do not use it a lot.

It is though, a bulky item to store.


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